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SuperBuff - Coming On Strong

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SuperBuff - Coming On Strong

Chapter 1 - Penny For Your Thoughts

Kristen came home from school with a new friend, who she introduced as “Penny.”

“It’s short for Penelope,” she added, with a grin. Penny gave her a look, she didn't like for people to use her whole name. Kristen teased more than she should sometimes. “Penny, this is my dad, Richard. Some people call him Dick, but he doesn’t like that.” It was her dad’s turn to give Kristen a look.

He said, “Hello,” and shook her hand. Some of Kristen’s female friends thought it was weird that he shook hands when he met them. He could always tell, because when they shook, they sometimes gave him the dead-fish grip. But, Penny was matter-of-fact about it, and even gave his hand a good squeeze. She had a strong grip.

“Hey, dad, can we use your gym?” asked Kristen. Rich had converted an old shed in the backyard into a gym for himself. He had been in sports since elementary school, was an amateur bodybuilder, had won some contests, and had even considered turning pro. Kristen was athletic in her own way, being in dance since elementary school, but showed little interest in his gym. He had offered to let her use it whenever she wanted, just to be nice, but he was glad that he always had it to himself. He liked to get really stoned and workout. When he got a good pump on, he would masturbate. His pumped up muscles along with the pot gave him an all-over body high, and he had erections like he hadn’t felt since when he was a horny teenager.

As they walked away, he overheard Penny say, “Your dad’s kinda hot.”

“Ew,” replied Kristen.

This made Richard curious, so after a while he decided to go out to the gym with the excuse that he would remind the girls to put the weights back in their proper place when they were done with them. He put his hand on the door, but froze when he looked through the window. Both Kristen and Penny had taken off their dance squad sweatsuits and were in matching shorts and sports bras. Kristen looked like an ordinarily athletic teenage girl, but Penny – Penny was jacked. There were a lot of girls with muscular legs on Kristen’s dance team (and Rich noticed all of them), but Penny was built like the kind of bodybuilder and cross-fit girls he liked to stroke-off to. And, while Kristen’s abs were lean, Penny had an obvious six-pack. What impressed him most, though, was her upper body. She had highly developed shoulders, chest and arms. And, she was all of 5-foot-nothing. She was laying on the weight bench doing presses with 70 lbs dumbbells. He heard Kristen exclaim, “You’re stronger than my dad!”

He immediately walked away. He had always been into fitness and bodybuilder types, and when he first met his wife, Kate, she had been into fitness too, but stopped after Kristen was born, and then gained weight. Richard didn’t mind chubby, but she had pushed it past where she had lost a lot of her physical attraction. Penny was on another level, though. An elite type of body like he had never seen on such a young girl. It had jolted him like a shot of adrenaline. Every time he blinked he saw her sweet young face on her muscular body.

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Nice start. More please!

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SuperBuff - Coming On Strong

Chapter 1 - Penny For Your Thoughts

Part 2

For about a month Penny was coming over two or three times a week. Richard tried to make himself scarce when she was there. He found it hard to keep his cool the few times they interacted. He also sometimes noticed her checking him out. He could tell she was making weekly gains, and he upped his own training regimen, partly to look good to Penny, but also because he was worried, fascinated, and turned on by the fact that she might be getting, or already was, stronger than him. He had all but stopped masturbating, which was weird for him, but Penny’s appearance had turned his emotional life upside down.

He wondered just how old she was. Being on a team sport as a freshman at the local community college, Kristen had friends in a range of ages. Then, one evening, Rich found that Penny had left her purse in the hall bathroom. It looked like it had tipped over and some of the contents had spilled out. Most importantly to him, he saw her wallet laying half out of it. He mostly liked to use his own bathroom, since the hall bathroom was Kristen’s domain. He looked up and down the hall, then stepped in smoothly, closed the door, and locked it. The bathroom blinds were open, which was unusual because, although the windows were frosted, Kristen always kept the blinds shut. He slowly pulled the wallet out, and opened it – she had just turned eighteen. Rich let out an audible sigh of relief.

Penny stood just outside the gym door, watching the house. She saw the lights go on in the bathroom window.

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Please continue

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Yes continue.......

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Can't wait for the next part

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Sounds like a story that would be posted on wb270 from the late 90's

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Thanks for showing interest in my story. I shall continue.

SuperBuff - Coming On Strong

Chapter 2 - Dr. Liz

It was midnight, but Penny couldn’t sleep. She was on the floor doing pushups trying to exhaust her energy. She knew she shouldn’t have taken that dose of SB so close to bed, but she was not thinking rationally. Her parents were upset with her, and convinced she was on steroids. They made her go see the doctor, and Penny agreed to be examined. She had heard that SB was not detectable, but like most information about it, controversy and rumor surrounded the subject, so Penny was nervous and unsure of what was true.

Penny asked to speak to the doctor alone. Dr. Liz, as she liked to be called, had been Penny’s doctor since she had been an infant, and Penny and her parent’s both trusted her. She decided the best course of action was to be up front with the doctor. They walked into one of the exam rooms that was painted in bright colors for the little kids. It made Penny feel weird about what she was about to show the doctor.

Dr. Liz shut the door behind her as she entered the examination room after Penny. “So, what’s up, Penny? Is there something wrong?” she said in her neutral doctor’s voice.

Penny took a deep breath. The doctor would be the first adult that she talked to about SuperBuff and her muscles. “Well, I don’t, uh, don’t know if something is wrong, or just the opposite.”

“OK, take your time and start from the beginning.”

“At summer camp I became friends with someone named Jaclyn.” Dr. Liz was familiar with the annual summer camp. It was a specialized dance and gymnastics camp, and Penny always got an exam before going every year. “I would always see her in the gym. She was really strong, and pretty muscular.”

“You told me before that there were couples at camp. Did...”

“No!” Penny blushed. “I mean, that’s not where this is going. I mean, she liked me that way, but it was completely platonic...”

“OK, sorry I interrupted, go on.”

“Um, so when I say that Jaclyn was muscular, I mean like between a fitness competitor and like a light-weight bodybuilder. She told me she was into bodybuilding, and we started working out together. One day she asked me if I was taking any supplements. I told her I wasn’t, and she said I should try the one she was taking. She gave me a protein drink.”

The doctor’s eyebrows shot up. “You took it?”

“Yeah. Well, she told me that it wasn’t steroids or anything bad, and that she had been taking it for a few months and hadn’t noticed any bad side effects, just, like, having a lot of energy, and building a lot of muscle.”

Suddenly, Elizabeth realized the thing that had been lurking in the back of her mind: Penny looked different—her shoulders were broader, and her leg muscles stretched out her tight jeans more.

“Penny, will you please remove your jacket, and show me.”

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More please. I hope theres a sex scene and a She Hulk or FMG sequence next.

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Loving this story

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SuperBuff - Coming On Strong

Chapter 2 - Dr. Liz

Part 2

Penny took off her windbreaker. Beneath, she had on a tight t-shirt that showed her incredible upper body development. Her wide, muscle capped shoulders, thick chest, and big biceps stretch out her top. Her pecs were beefy, and her v-neck revealed a little of her muscle cleavage. She lifted the front of the shirt, and revealed her six-pack abs.

Although she was blown away by Penny’s appearance, Elizabeth kept her outward demeanor low-key. “Ok, and how do you feel?”

“Great!” Penny enthused. “I love how I feel, and how I look!” She flexed her biceps. Up popped big, round balls of muscle, with one vein each across the top.

“I have a lot of questions about the...”

Penny pulled a packet from her pocket, and handed it to the doctor. Elizabeth shook the contents out onto a tray. Plain white powder, no oder. Her first thought was that it was probably sugar, and that Penny was working out extra hard because she believed it was giving her extra energy—a placebo effect.

“Does this stuff have some kind of name? Do you know if it has any kind of chemical name?”

“It’s called SuperBuff, or just ‘SB’. I don’t know the chemical name. The way Jaclyn described it, it kind of does what steroids do, but... on steroids. She told me it was completely natural and safe. She also said that it helps your body process protein, so it’s less stressful on your body to have a high protein diet. I don’t know if that’s right or not, but look at my body!” She flexed her biceps. “Do I look unhealthy in any way? I feel strong, and honestly, pretty sexy.”

“Penny, I’m glad your parents insisted that I see you, and I’m glad you’re putting a lot of trust in me. So, that is why you deserve my professional opinion. I have a lot of questions, so let’s just take it slowly. What is the dosage? That is, how often do you take it, and how much?”

“I mix a tablespoon with a protein drink, and take one before during and after my workouts.”

“How often do you work out? And, for how long?”

“Right now, two 2-hour workouts a day. But, I just added an extra workout on Friday nights, and I’m hoping to bring it up even more over the Summer after school’s out.”

They were both quiet while the doctor wrote down some notes.

“Besides energy and accelerated hypertrophy, what other effects have you noticed?”

Penny blushed again, “I masturbate a lot more than I used to. I can’t really think of anything else. My mom and dad are worried about me, but I feel perfectly healthy, even better than healthy. I feel strong and confident like I’ve never felt in my life. “

“Since you started taking them, have you tried to stop? Or, have your parents tried to take them away from you?”

“Um... my parents don’t actually know about it. They just think I’m working out a lot, which I am. I did stop for a month one time because I wanted to see what would happen, and nothing much did. I kept working out, it wasn’t quite as much fun without the SB, but I still felt motivated to work out. The most noticeable effect was that I didn’t gain as much strength and muscle.”

There were some moments of silence while the doctor took some more notes. “I want to take your measurements and BMI so we have an accurate way of measuring your muscle growth.”

“Fifteen inch biceps, when flexed,” declared Penny proudly.

Dr. Liz took her measurements, and made notes. She had already had good look at her upper body, and could tell that Penny’s legs were big, but after the teenager pulled her pants down for Liz to measure her thighs and calves, she was blown away by their thick, powerful appearance, and hardness. She could almost feel the sexual energy radiating from Penny’s crotch.

After a while of taking more notes, she turned to Penny. “I don’t recommend taking supplements at such a young age. I think you should, at the very least, stop taking them while I get them tested. I know you’re enjoying the effects, but steroids or not, they could have bad side effects, like on your liver or other organs. Also, there is such a thing as working out too much. Four hours a day of weightlifting is lot, especially for someone your age. You can still build muscle, but slow and steady growth is healthier. I want you to get your blood tested, and then come back and see me. In the meantime, I’m going to get this substance tested.”

“Are you going to tell my mom and dad about the SuperBuff?”

“For now, no. Believe it or not, this could just be the placebo effect. I will tell them I’m concerned, and that I recommend that you cut back on your exercise routine. I do want you to stop taking this stuff for now, though.”

Dr. Liz called Penny’s parents into the examination room. “I’m concerned about Penny’s level of hypertrophy, but it could just be that she’s genetically gifted.” She handed Penny’s mom a sheet of paper. “This is to have her blood tested. I’ll let you know once I get the results, and then we’ll schedule a follow-up visit.”

Penny just didn’t believe that something that made her look and feel like a superwoman could be bad for her. But, then again, here she was at midnight working out, violating her doctor’s orders. She had just started working in the kitchen at a pizzeria, and the school year was almost over, and then she could work full time and afford to join a gym. She had plans to go out of state to college after she obtained her associates degree, and this would be her last summer at home. It felt to her like she was about to leave her friends behind and start a new chapter in her life.

If she was honest with herself, though, she probably could afford to join a gym, it was just that she didn’t want to stop working out at Kristen’s gym, because that was the other thing — Richard. She hadn’t been kidding with Kristen when she told her that she found her dad attractive. And, it was nearly impossible for him to keep from looking at her whenever she was around, so she knew the feeling was mutual. She didn’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt, but like taking SuperBuff, she couldn’t stop herself. She also noticed that he had changed the way he dressed—his clothes were tighter, like the other day, she noticed that he had on an extra tight polo shirt, and tight slacks. The shirt was unbuttoned, and his chest stretched open the neckline, so that that the top of his pumped pecs were visible. The way his powerful legs and ass stretched out his slacks made her want to jump him right then and there.

She really wanted a more challenging workout, and it was late. I could sneak into Kristen’s gym. The thought sent a little thrill through her body. Another thought occurred to her, but she dared not dwell on it: What if he’s there?

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Loving every second of this story

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Thank you, Brian.

Everyone, if you are enjoying my story, please leave a positive comment, even just a smiley. :)

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Loved your story.......more please

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Excellent. I want to know what will happen. Please continue!

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Really enjoying it - looking forward to the next installment!

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G'damn. This is really good.

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I want to read more!

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this is exciting

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Thank you all so much for your positive feedback. (Quick note: I went back and edited the previous posts to have more consistent titles.)

SuperBuff - Coming On Strong

Chapter 3 - A Restless Night

It was past midnight, but he was still feeling restless, so Rich went out to the gym. He had just taken his shirt off and was about to start his workout when someone knocked on the door. He figured it was Kate wondering why he was out there so late, so he opened the door without looking. Penny stood there in sweats. Pot smoke drifted out of the door, filling the night air like a Harold and Kumar movie. He was so stoned that, for a quick second, he wondered if she was a hallucination. He looked confused, and didn’t speak.

On the way over she had practiced what she would say if he was there, so she went first. “Um, Kristen said I could come by and use the… the gym sometimes. Well, uh, I guess she meant I should check with… with her first. But, I’m here now, so… so like, mind if I join you?” She stammered her way through it.

Rich was relieved by her stammering. It hadn’t occurred to him that a young woman with a body like hers was anything but confident in everything that she did. He didn’t want to say “no”, but he also did not want to say “yes”. “It’s kinda late,” was what came out of his mouth.

It was her turn to look confused. It hadn’t occurred to her that his answer would be anything other than an enthusiastic yes, or a firm refusal. “I was kinda hoping to get a workout in before bed tonight…. C’mon,” she said taking off her sweatshirt. Richard’s heart skipped a beat. Her form-fitting t-shirt hugged her chest, delts and upper arms. He had seen her a couple times a week since she had started working out at his gym, but she suddenly seemed much bigger and more muscular than before.

“Uh, um, uh, ok.” He stuttered. His mind was completely gone.

Her confidence restored, she pushed past him into the room, and he caught a whiff of her perfume. The scent redoubled his erection, and made his heart beat just a little faster. She turned and smiled, “You know, this shirt used to fit loosely on me just a few months ago. But, I just keep getting bigger and stronger.” She slid her sweatpants off, revealing her amazingly sexy and muscular legs and ass, clad in only the tightest and tiniest of workout shorts. “So, let’s work out.”

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Great story, what happens next!

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Keep up the awesome work

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