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Your favorite Pec flex vids?

Jan 07, 2021 - permalink

What are your favorite pec flex vids? I like it when a pec flex is done with a little attitude or sassiness.

Like Vanessa Domingues in this clip:

Jan 07, 2021 - edited 6 days ago - permalink

I mean like, who doesn't love Angela? Fr

Jan 08, 2021 - permalink

Angela is amazing. She really loves to show of those pecs.

Here is another one, from Brittany Watts. I just love how she goes..."boom boom boom BOOOOM"


Jan 08, 2021 - permalink
Deleted by drakdale
Jan 08, 2021 - permalink
Jan 09, 2021 - permalink

Tish Shelton and Samantha Kelly are two of the most INSANE pec bouncers out there. To me, it's hard to pick a favorite video from either of them.

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