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Top 5 Favorite FBBs You'd Love One Night With

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Let's be real here, who wouldn't want one night with at least 99% of FBBs?

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Sue Myers, great choice, and she could really get ripped. And when you say Sue, it reminds me of 2 others Sue Gafner and Sue Price. (I could probably have 5 girls, just named Sue, if I thought about it.... LOL) And then mentioning Sue Price always reminds me of Michele Ralabate. They were 2 of the top girls facing off against one another on a few occassions. Then that makes me think about the sexy Laura Bass!!

Jodi Boam is also a good one not only does her body rock, but she's so cute and seems to have a really great personality from seeing her in some of her videos.

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Let's be real here, who wouldn't want one night with at least 99% of FBBs?


I can't name a top 5, but here is a short (not comprehensive) list of FBBs who always make my libido rage, in no particular order:

Margie V. Martin

Steph Park

Jodi Leigh Miller

Mindi O'Brien

Charla Sedacca

Erika Darago

Suzan Kaminga

Denise Masino

Bakhar Nabieva

Jodi Boam

Emily Brand

Shannon Courtney

Rachel McLish

Natalia Trukhina

Brittni Kent

Michaela Aycock

Melinda Lindmark

Anastasia Leonova

Julia Vins

Alina Popa

Dani Reardon

Heather Policky/Armbrust

Kyla Ford

Rachel Scheer

Shanique Grant


Li Shuo

Elisabetta Palmieri

Jubes Mez

Lauren Findley

Crazy Cam Nurse

Sarah Backman

Eleonora Dobrinina

Raluca Raducu

An Da Jeong

Micaela Viscido

Valentina Mishina

Christa Bauch

Ana Lausa

I could go on.

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And on and on. M76 is absolutely correct! A night with ANY FBB would be a night to remember!!!

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  1. Tomoko Kanda
  2. Natalya Trukhina
  3. Suzan Kaminga (on her prime)
  4. Jessica Sestrem
  5. Alessandra Alvez

Just to name a few.

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  1. Samantha Kelly
  2. Natalie Coehlo
  3. Margie Martin
  4. Natalia Trukhina
  5. Kiera Aston
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Aleesha Young Monique Jones Natalya Kovalyova Natalia Coelho Betty Viana Shanique Grant Margie Martin Alessandra Alves Angelica Enberg Rachel White Cris Goy Jessica Reyes Padilla Marcelene Cabral Kristina Nicole Mendoza Denise Cadenas 200+ others...

All these fit women and more are fucking awesome, just glad any of them exist lol!

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1-Emmanuela Pintus 2- Eunhee Kang 3- Ashley Soto 4- Victoria Dominguez 5- Mavi Gioia

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Sandy Riddell, Joanne McCartney, Erika Mes, Ashton Penney, Ericca Kern, to name a few more that I'm surprised no one has mentioned!!

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There are a lot of great ones out there so here is my top 5 1. Debi Laszewski 2. Annie Riveicico 3. Denise Masino 4.Jana Sipple 5.Collete Guimond

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