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Defunct paysites?

Jan 05, 2021 - permalink

I know the rule about not allowing material to be posted from paysites. And that's reasonable.

But what about defunct paysites that no longer operate and therefore their material is no longer accessible by payment?

I suggest that pictures from paysites that have been offline and out of business for over a year be allowed.

6 days ago - permalink

So shall I take your silence as consent?

6 days ago - permalink

I noticed most photos from such sites rarely if ever get removed. However, they are still copyrighted and the original owner can submit a DMCA takedown at any point (though that's probably rare).

I know that old magazine photos were explicitly stated to be allowed in the past, for similar reasons.

All that said, it's possible Chainer may not want to explicitly advocate posting such photos here for legal reasons, but may still have an unspoken tolerance for them by not commenting here.

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