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New year, new forum!

Dec 31, 2020 - edited Dec 31, 2020 - permalink

Welcome to the new forum! This is something I've been working on for the past two months and I'm excited to finally share it with you.

What's new

The biggest benefit of the new forum, and my main reason for making it, is that it's now fully a part of the main site. You no longer need a separate account to use it. I'm hoping that over time, this will increase forum participation as this particular obstacle that may have deterred some people from joining is now gone. This also allows for the integration of features between the rest of the site and the forum, for example to display recently active forum threads on the front page.

New features:

  • You no longer need a separate account for the forum; you just have the one GWM account for everything
  • You can subscribe to threads, and then you'll get notified whenever someone replies to the thread (this happens automatically whenever you reply to a thread yourself, much like how commenting on an image on the main site works)
  • You can subscribe to a topic (board), in which case you'll get notified whenever a new thread is posted in that topic
  • Threads you have posted in recently show up on your user profile
  • Better attachment support than the old forum; attached pics/videos are embedded directly into your post, and can be thumbnailed or full-size
  • Support for mobile/smaller screens, like the rest of the site
  • Clearly marked adult topics (18+), where adult content is allowed (and any content about minors strictly forbidden). These topics only show up for users who are logged in.
  • Ability to suggest a new topic (board) (see the button at the bottom of the home page)

How do I get my old posts back?

tl;dr: Use this page: https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/users/link_o...

There was no way for me to automatically import your old forum posts and link them to your GWM account. While in most cases people's old forum username matched their main GWM account name, I couldn't just assume that this is always the case.

Your old comments have been imported to the new forum under your forum username, but aren't associated with your GWM account until you use the above linked page. Once you enter your old forum username and password, you're proving that you're the owner of that particular forum account, and the site will associate all of those old posts with your GWM account. At this point they will show up on your profile and you will be able to delete them. (For technical reasons, posts imported from the old forum can't be edited.)

If you have forgotten your old forum password, the old forum is still up only for the purpose of password recovery here: https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/oldforum. You should do this soon because I'll probably delete the old forum in a month or so.

That's it, enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions. Also, in case the forum update caused bugs across the site (these might not be limited to just the forum) (inconceivable, I know) please report them here or in the Bug Reports topic.

Jan 02, 2021 - permalink

Amazing work, Chainer! It took me several years to finally sign up on GWM (sorry about that) and would have taken another many years to sign up in the forum too. Bringing everything together was a great and important step to bring more life into the forum and user interaction. Will definitely check it out more often!

Jan 02, 2021 - permalink

While I Appreciate the work, this looks seriously detrimental to the look and usability of the forum. It just looks like a message board from the dark ages of the internet now.

Jan 02, 2021 - permalink

Thankyou for all the work, this new forum is better and simpler

Jan 02, 2021 - permalink

Thank you Chainer

Jan 02, 2021 - permalink

Thanks Chainer.

Jan 04, 2021 - permalink

This is amazing. Great work!

Jan 04, 2021 - permalink

Thank you Chainer ......Great job

Jan 05, 2021 - permalink

Great job chained like usual !

Jan 05, 2021 - permalink

I'd suggest a change, that bellow the threads don't show the OP, but the last user to post in the thread.

Jan 05, 2021 - permalink

The new forum is amazing, will see a lot more activity here now that it's more integrated

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