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DOMINIKA! (FvsM Pro Wrestling Story)

Sep 13, 2020 - permalink
Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I've written a few stories that may be applicable to this site and some here may be interested in and enjoy. They are mainly focussed on FvM fighting and femdom rather than muscle, but it seems many here like that too and I do describe muscular females in my stories.

Let me know what you think and I will post and write more if requested.



So last Friday night my best mate Ant and I went to a pro-wrestling event here in the south east of England.

Although I haven't really been into pro-wrestling since the days of “Stone Cold” and “The Rock”, Ant and I often reminisced, when we met up at the weekends for a beer or three, about the good old days of WWF wrestling - back when we were at school together a couple of decades ago. The late nineties, the early naughties. The Attitude Era. Our Era.

When Ant produced a small printed flyer from his jacket the other week, advertising a local Indy wrestling promotion, it seemed like it'd be good nostalgia trip to check it out and to attend a wrestling event again after all these years.

Being a good Uncle I offered to take my little 10-year-old nephew, Robbie, with us.

We had been to a few of these indy events before in our late teens. The event was held in a Bingo/Dance Hall, seating roughly 200-300 people. Okay, so it wasn't the heights of the WWE, but there was a gritty, grass roots and most of all, fun, feel to these kind of events.

Ant had got us some kick-ass seats; front-row, right at ring-side. The crowd was lively, mostly young lads and Mums and Dads with their kids as well, which I was partly relieved to see – not wanting little Robbie to go home telling my sister stories inappropriate for children.

The action soon got under way and the sights and sounds of body-slams and elbow-drops held our attention for the next hour or so. I have to say once again how grateful I was to have a front-row seat, as it was so often my luck at live events, the cinema, or wherever, to get stuck behind some 8-foot tall behemoth and spend the entire evening hearing just sound while all the time wondering what the bloody hell was going on in front of his giant head.

There were five matches in total on the card, three down, including a very nice women's tag team match and I had counted all of women listed on the card, except one.

For the penultimate match, a sprightly young whipper-snapper, introduced as “Smoke” made his way to the ring. Wearing a smokey-grey wrestling singlet, he was full of energy, bouncing from side to side off the ropes, climbing the turn-buckle with his hands aloft, working the crowd. Putting him in his early-to-mid twenties, Smoke reminded me somewhat of myself. At 5'8” and a slim build of no more than 11.25 st. (or 155lbs/72KG if you prefer), he had light but identifiable muscle tone to his physique - maybe a year or so of serious weight lifting behind him.

The lights dimmed and an eerie slow-paced theme tune I was unfamiliar with hit.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” The ring announcer called. “Bow your heads and kneel... Presenting the AWESOME, SUPREME... AND UNDEFEATED... DOMINIKA!!!”

A tall woman dressed in a long red robe began making her way slowly, menacingly towards the ring. Behind her were two short, meek-looking shirtless male aides, holding the trail of her robe. As she arrived at the steps to the ring, the two aides peeled back her robe, finally removing it to reveal the imposing figure underneath.

Dressed in tight one-piece red leotard with shiny red boots, Dominika was truly an impressive physical specimen to behold. I am not great at guessing ages, but she looked younger than me (28), maybe in her early 20s. Standing at least 6'2” tall and weighing no less than 13 st/ 185lbs / 84KG with dark blonde hair scraped into a strict bun, I think I heard just about everyone in the crowd swallow a collective dry gulp as she made her way authoritatively up the steps and into the ring.

Her two puny male aides scurried away with her robe as she looked at her opponent, and from side to side at the crowd, as if they were all something she had wiped from her shoe.

Clearly she was playing the “baddie” or “heel” in wrestling terminology.

She was a vision of power as she stood in a wide stance, hands on hips with her strong, chiselled, model-like facial features unflinching. Red lipstick coated her full, thick and luscious lips and her eyes were a penetrating crystal blue.

As I traced my eyes over her body, my heartbeat involuntarily quickened as I noted her athletic, muscular physique that put both her opponent and mine, to shame. She was truly genetically gifted with every muscle in her body large, clearly defined and visually mesmerizing. From her impressive V-tapered upper body to her broad shoulders. Her trim waist exploded out into wide, strong, feminine hips. Her calves stretched her shiny red boots leading up to her huge thighs. Thick, densely muscled quads, hams and amazing bowling-ball like glutes.

Her red, open-back leotard had a diamond-shaped 4x4 inch cut-out over her belly, exposing her perfectly symmetrical six-pack washboard abs. It also had a deep and teasing low cut V-neck, exposing her ample and very natural looking DD-cup cleavage.

She was simply big in all departments and totally dwarfed her male opponent.

The referee finally signalled for the bell and the match was under way.

Smoke paced nervously from side to side as Dominika stood, power-posing, in the centre of the ring.

Finally the young man with buzz-cut dark brown hair offered out a hand-shake to which Dominika snubbed. Instead she pointed down at her feet, her long finger capped with red nail polish gestured for him to kneel and kiss her foot. He shook his head and circled around her, occasionally yanking the ropes and clapping to get the crowd involved. Dominika simply kept her predatory eyes locked to his with an arrogant look of superiority on her gorgeous face.

“Who do you want to win?” I leaned down and asked little Robbie as I had done for all previous matches that night.

“Smoke.” He excitedly chirped.

“Me too.” I replied. "Lets cheer him on then!" I encouraged... Despite a distinct feeling Robbie was going to be disappointed come the end of this match. Very disappointed.

...With most of the crowd clapping in unison with Smoke, he finally worked up to coming off the ropes with a standing inside forearm smash to Dominika's chest, which had absolutely no effect. The big blonde continued to stand with her hands resting on her hips as Smoke fired a right hand to her face and another … and another. All three strikes she did not sell at all. As Smoke went for a fourth strike, she cut him off with a kick to the mid-section.

Clutching his mid-section, Smoke was backed up onto the ropes and Dominika fired a hard right hand of her own, snapping his head back. She then set him up for an irish whip onto the opposite ropes.

Coming off the ropes, Smoke used his speed and ducked under Dominika's intended clothesline as she again occupied the middle of the ring.
Coming off the ropes again with even greater momentum, I guessed she was about to leapfrog him but instead opened her arms and jerked her body forward to meet him with a ridiculously stiff body-block. Their bodies clashed with Smoke naturally coming off worse, crashing into her much larger body like it was a brick wall, before collapsing to the mat with a genuine look of discomfort and disorientation.

Dominika circled his prone body for a couple of laps before reaching down and cupping his head, twisting his neck and forcing him back, unwillingly, to his feet.

She backed him into the turn-buckle and nailed him with a left and a right hand followed by an elbow to the top of his head. She then spread his arms aside, over the top rope and yanked and jerked at his singlet, pulling down one strap and snapping the other until his bare chest was exposed. She wound up and delivered a hard, audible knife-edge chop across his chest, electing a loud “OOOooooooooooooooooooh” from the crowd.

Smoke brought his arm across, favouring his stinging chest before Dominika pressed her body against his, forcing his arms aside once more and delivering an even harder, louder chop to his poor chest.

“OOOooooooooooooooooh!” The crowd cooed again. I looked at my mate Ant with a mock grimace on my face, which he returned. She was clearly working very stiff in the ring.

Dominika once again spread Smoke's arms, slowly, almost delicately across the ropes once more, giving her access to his sore body. Sitting at ringside, not more than a few feet away from them, I heard Smoke plead “no more” to which she replied, quite sensually “C'mon, don't be a bitch” softly into his ear, before drawing back and slapping an immense, full-force, ear-ringing chop across his chest, which had him fall quivering to the mat, face first, clutching his burning skin.

Standing authoritatively over him, she toed his head as he attempted to get up, shoving his head back down humiliatingly.

Smoke rallied, waving his fist in the air to garner some more crowd support, before pawing his way up her long thick, powerful legs, that made his own look like match-sticks. As Dominika went to pull him back to his feet, he surprised her with a jab to the stomach, followed by another, allowing him back to his feet.

Left, right, left, he backed Dominika onto the ropes, the big girl was reeling for the first time as the crowd came alive, particularly the young boys cheering their man on. She abruptly ended his offence however, with a rake to the eyes. He turned and fell to his knees in pain as she received a telling-off from the ref, to which she gestured her innocence. The crowd booed her sneaky heel tactics.

Dominika went after him again, grabbing a handful of tights with one hand, she swirled him around and tossed him unceremoniously through the ropes and outside the ring. His body crash-landing right in front of the railings where we were sitting.

Little Robbie reached through and patted him on the shoulder, “C'mon Smoke” he whimpered, fearing the big bad woman was going to beat him.

My heart began racing even faster as Dominika's insanely long legs stepped through the ropes and came outside the ring, over towards us as well, stalking her opponent. I got a very up-close and personal view of just how magnificent she was, how flawless her slightly perspiring, tan coloured skin was. I could even smell her perfume. Yes, she was wearing a light, girly perfume.

She slowly stalked her prey with deliberate and menacing steps towards him as he crawled on his hands and knees. Without warning she viciously punted poor Smoke in ribs with the tip of her boot.

“Arrrrggghhh!!” he cried out, crashing back down, out-stretched on the floor before us. Dominika then cruelly applied her weight onto his head, mashing it under her big size 12 boot as she arrogantly eyed the crowd right in front of her.

I could see that little Robbie was in fact shaking in fear, no doubt very afraid of this imposing, dominant and sadistic woman. I quickly leaned down to him and encouraged him to start booing her, giving her the thumbs down myself.

OMG – I got her direct attention. Those penetrating blue eyes locked to mine, my heart began racing a mile a minute. Towering above me, she scowled at me, before striking a biceps pose, awesome peaks of muscle erected before me.

“Feel muscle, boy.” She spoke in a sexy Eastern-European accent. Czech? Maybe. From my trip to Prague I remembered how gorgeous most Czech women are.

Well, with her holding the pose and her eyes flicking down to say “go on”, I didn't need a second invitation. I reached out and pawed her biceps. They felt so amazing, her skin was so soft and smooth yet the muscle beneath so hard and strong. Her biceps must have been around the 15-16 inch mark, and I was definitely jealous at how much of a “peak” she had to them. From my own weight training, my arms had got bigger, wider, thicker, maybe around 14 inches myself, but even when I diet down and become very lean, I still can't achieve such impressive “peaks”. She had superior genetics, I guess.

Man, do I even lift? I thought to myself with frustration.

“Think what muscle do to you, boy.” She teased me again before taking her arm away from my grasp.

She finally released Smoke's head from under her boot as the referee reached 8 with his laughably slow count. Smoke attempted to crawl away as she pursued him, teasing and scaring some of the smaller kids in the crowd.

“Maybe I do this to your Daddy next.” I heard her say to two young siblings, a boy and a girl, who both immediately began tugging on their Dad's arm, to get him away from the big bad woman, who no doubt could, in fact, beat up their father... If she wanted to... Scary thought when you're a kid.

The big blonde finally got hold of her smaller male opponent and whirled him back into the ring. She slithered under the bottom rope with finesse like a deadly, venomous serpent.

Back in the ring, she executed a couple of power-moves; first a body-slam, scooping him effortlessly and slamming him to the canvass with authority. Bringing him back to his feet, she then lifted him for a suplex, holding his prone body high in the air for a number of long, agonizing seconds in an impressive display of strength, before falling back, crashing to the mat.

She brought him back to his feet once more, twisting his neck. The only way to alleviate the pain was to follow the direction she pulling him. Smoke was really starting to look beaten up by this stage with Dominika's big boot prints on his head, his singlet half torn away and his chest glowing bright red from her earlier chops.

Standing dazed and confused before her, the powerhouse of a woman locked her arms around him and lifted his smaller, weaker body into a strong bear hug. His face contorted in agony as he reached back and tried to prize her grip apart to no avail. The hold was tight with his feet dangling 4-5 inches off the ground. The ref came in close and lifted his arm to check whether he was able to continue. Smoke fought through the pain of the bear-hug and I heard them talking again, him telling her to let him go.

“Put legs around me, bitch.” She whispered back to him.

He seemingly refused, mashing his palms into her temples as a response for her to break the hold. This only served to anger her, as she cranked up the pressure, shaking him from side to side in effort before he finally did as he was told, lifting one leg and then the other around her wide hips.

This sight made him look even more feeble and pathetic in comparison as she held his body off the ground with his skinny legs wrapped around her huge hips. She inched him up higher and higher with a couple of little jolts, before marching him over and perching him on the top turn-buckle.

As she went to climb the turn-buckle too, Smoke finally rallied with a couple of shots to her body. He then booted her away from him, sending her reeling out into the middle of the ring. Smoke stood up on the top turn-buckle and leapt high coming flying through the air for a body-press to cheers and applause from the crowd, followed a huge gasp as Dominika simply caught the man in mid air, effortlessly, like he were as light as a feather.

She even sauntered around the ring holding his helpless body, before dropping him across her knee, his back bowing at an unsightly angle. She let him dangle there for a second, before shoving him off her bare thigh like a piece of garbage, rolling him onto the canvass.

Finally she took mercy on him and lay on top of him, a lateral press going for the pin fall at last. The ref came in and slammed his hand down on the mat.

“ONE!” The crowd chanted.


“THR...Ohhhh” A two count only as Dominika cruelly jerked his head and shoulders off the mat, waving her finger in a “No, No” expression with an evil grin on her face.

As she brought him back to his feet, something unscripted was obviously happening as Smoke desperately held both her wrists to thwart her from doing whatever she was intending. She angrily forced him back into the corner as their determined struggle continued. Smoke gritted his teeth in effort to proportion his weight to stop her either taking him down or picking him up. It was very real, MMA style take down defence as he used all his strength and might. She was obviously too much for him however, and began wearing him down with knees and even a stiff elbow. I heard him grimace the word “no” a number of times.

The referee finally came in to separate them. I heard the word “stop it” as the short, tubby middle aged ref finally did manage to get the two to separate. Smoke quickly began firing punches and kicks. I heard the ref tell her to sell the strikes and she did, reeling back into the centre of the ring. Smoke, seemingly running on desperate adrenaline fuelled auto-pilot at this point came off the ropes with a clothesline which again only had her reeling. He leapt up and nailed her with a standing drop-kick as the crowd came alive again, cheering on Smoke.

He still could not get the big girl off her feet, however. As quick as a cat, he climbed the top turn-buckle and came off with a missile drop-kick and finally she was down. He then even scoop-slammed her with an impressive body slam, followed by a “rolling thunder” style running back-splash into a cover.

“ONE, TWO!” The crowd of boisterous males, young and old, chanted.

But no, Dominika kicked out.

I have to admit, this match was the most lively of the night. As much as I drooled over Dominika, my male pride was squarely aligned with Smoke.

He brought her back to her feet as her thick dirty-blonde hair began to fall from her tight bun in messy strands sticking to her perspiring skin around her neck and heaving chest.

This slobber-knocker of a match was building to an exciting and unknown conclusion...

“Let's go Smoke! Let's go Smoke! Let's go Smoke!” The crowd cheered as Smoke backed the dazed Dominika into the corner, before setting her up for an Irish whip into the opposite corner. She turned her body as her back slammed into the turn-buckles.

Still working the crowd, Smoke charged in after her, spearing his shoulder into her mid-section as the crowd cheered their approval. He then followed up with a couple of standing shoulder spikes for good measure.

With Dominika still immobilized in the corner, he climbed to the second turn-buckle above her and began to rain down short, stinging punches.”

“1... 2...” The crowd chanted as each blow connected.

“8... 9... 10...” They continued, before Smoke finally climbed down to much applause.

Dominika groggily staggered out of the corner before Smoke quickly secured a reverse head-lock on his opponent and dropped back, nailing her with a DDT.

“YEAH!!!” Little Robbie cheered along with many other males in the crowd as Dominika rolled onto her back, her heaving chest rising and falling as the fast pace of the match took its toll on her heavily muscled physique.

“Pin her, pin her now!” Robbie screamed anxiously.

Smoke however, had other ideas. He brought his finger aloft, pointing to the ceiling as he looked high.

“He's going up top.” I said to little Robbie with a excited grin, giving his shoulders a playful shake to work the youngster's excitement as I read the wrestler's tell-tale sign.

Sure enough, Smoke followed his gesture by stepping through the ropes to the apron, and climbing all three turn-buckles, before he came to rest on the top rope, looking down at his grounded foe.

Dominika still hadn't made an attempt at getting up as she lay on her back in the centre of the ring.

“I bet he misses.” Ant teased Robbie with evil know-it-all grin.

“Noooo!” Robbie protested his prediction as he brought his hands together under his chin, interlocking his fingers in a mock prayer. “Please don't miss, please don't miss!” He pleaded.

Finally Smoke composed himself like a diver on the edge of the platform, bringing both hands aloft... And then he jumped...

All eyes were on his flying body as he performed a breath-taking shooting star press.

“YESSSS!” Robbie exclaimed as his wish was granted. Smoke landed the high-impact manoeuvre with his body splashing down onto his opponent's with a loud crash-bang as the ring shook.

“Wow!” Ant sounded, obviously in shock that Smoke had actually connected.

Smoke stayed on top of Dominika as he hooked a leg, looking for the pinfall.

“ONE...” The crowd began to count. Robbie once again clasped his hands together in hope that Smoke would prevail.

“TWO...” They continued.


...No! Amazingly, Dominika kicked out with her thick powerful legs breaking Smoke's grasp and her left shoulder rising from the mat at the last millisecond.

At that moment I heard the distinct sound of some high-octave cheers coming from the females in the crowd who were aligning themselves with their fellow woman in this battle of the sexes.

“Come on Domi! Show him girls are tougher!” A young girl's voice could be heard from behind us.

Back in the ring, Smoke looked perplexed. What did he have to do to put this Amazon away?

He wearily rose back to his feet, pressing himself up from one knee as the effects of this hard fought match visibly showed.

Dominika meanwhile rolled onto her side. She raked the loose strands of hair from her face back over her head. While she was down, Smoke moved in and quickly applied a sleeper hold.

The hold didn't appear to have the desired effect however, as Dominika rose to her feet as the girls in the crowd continued to cheer their approval.

Smoke was lifted off his feet, refusing to let go of the sleeper as Dominika rose to her full hight. With Smoke riding a feeble piggy back, Dominika reached back over her head and secured him in place before violently dropping to her butt, her legs wide apart as she delivered a powerful jaw-buster to break the hold as a loud pop erupted from the now highly vocal minority of females in attendance.

Dominika got back to her feet first as Smoke writhed in agony. She cupped his head with both hands and forced him up. Suddenly, Smoke exploded into action again, swinging and nailing her with a right hand to the face. Dominika quickly retaliated with a swinging right of her own as the two combatants went back and forth.

When Smoke landed a punch, the guys cheered and when Dominika hit back, the girls cheered.

“Yeah... YEAH... YEAH!!!” The cheers grew louder before the girls eventually won out as the bigger, stronger Dominika backed her male opponent against the ropes, landing three unanswered punches before lifting a stiff knee into his sternum, electing a long groan of agony. She then secured a Muay Thai clinch and powered another unsympathetic knee, this time slapping into his face with an audible smack.

His body crumbled to the mat once again as she stood over him. A vision of glistening, statuesque feminine power eyeing her prey as the hot bright lights reflected from her rippling muscles.

She cupped his head once more and slowly, cruelly brought the man back to his feet. She slapped another hard knife-edge chop across his sore chest as he reeled back, coming to rest in the corner as she slowly stalked him down, seemingly enjoying his suffering in addition to the male pride in the crowd that was also taking a hammering.

Trapped in the corner, she pressed her large body against his, before securing his arm and jerking him out with a hard Irish whip, torquing violent energy into his body as he whizzed across the ring in a blur, sling-shot into the opposite corner like a rag doll.

Dominika took a brief moment to drink in her authority before charging in after him with a running corner splash. Her soft, ample breasts mashed into his face as the rest of his meek body was crushed under the force of hers.

She moaned, exhaling softly into his ear as she kept him trapped in the corner.

“I finish you now.” I heard her say, her voice a mixture of seductive authority.

Dominika backed out of the corner, as Smoke staggered out himself, so beaten up he barely knew where he was as each punch-drunk step led him closer to his tormentor. In a fluid motion, she leaned down and lifted his limp body off his feet, over her head, before pressing him high, locking her strong arms out straight with his body high in the air as the crowd gasped in awe of her power.

She paraded around the ring like a wild huntress with her helpless prey as a trophy, an evil smirk on her face conveying the ease in which she was holding him aloft, before unceremoniously tilting him over and letting him free-fall, crashing down onto the mat as the pain jarred through his battered body.

“Come on Smoke!” Robbie half-heartedly whined.

“She's too big for him, mate.” Ant replied. “She could kill him, if she wanted to.”

Smoke pawed over Dominika's shiny red boots as pity from many in the crowd began to set in.

She then reached down and attempted to pull him back to his feet for more punishment, but as she cupped and twisted his neck, the young man was non-compliant, he was spent, beaten up to the point of no return.

Dominika was unrelenting however, and simply forced him. Her big biceps swelling to incredible peaks of muscle again as she forced him to his feet against his will.

Uncompromisingly having her way with him, she appeared to be setting him up for a pile-driver or power-bomb as she tucked his head between her thighs, but suddenly, Smoke's body broke into a spasm, fresh jolts of pain surged through his limbs as she had him trapped in a tight standing head-scissor.

Sheer desperation set in as his arms flailed and pawed at her giant, densely muscled quads and hamstrings. His legs began to quiver and what could be seen of his head was turning an ever deeper, darker shade of crimson red.

The ref moved in, looking for signs of life from the young man as she continued to hold him in the vice grip of her head-scissors. She looked down with an evil grin before crossing her feet and cranking up the pressure.

It was at that point it was clearly all too much for poor Smoke, and he feebly tapped out a painful submission against her huge thighs to the loud, wild cheering of nearly every female in the audience while the boys fell silent in collective defeat. Little Robbie was on the verge of tears.

The ref signalled for the bell, which rang out, sounding Dominika's victory, but she did not relinquish the hold.

“YES! Ha. Ha.” The girl behind us cheered. “That was awesome. SHE made HIM submit.” She gloated with pure glee.

Back in the ring, the ref joined Smoke in desperately trying to pry apart the compressing pillars of dense muscle that were Dominika's thighs. But it was to no avail. She tilted her head back and softly exhaled, arching her back and maintaining the crushing head-scissor. Smoke's vision dimmed, his spasms softened and his limbs grew weaker. His arms flopped like noodles and his legs became limp and unresponsive as she humiliatingly relieved him of his consciousness. It soon became apparent the only thing holding him up was her legs as she held his head between them. She was so tall that his arms merely dangled, swaying back and forth and his was head so high and tightly secured between her legs, that he was unable to drop to his knees, his legs merely drooped pitifully under the might of hers.

And then, when she and only she was satisfied and ready, she released him; ejecting him like a discarded piece of gum. Chewed up and spat out.

His flaccid, unconscious body flopped to the mat like a sack of potatoes.

She then moved away as the ref worked on the prone, defeated wrestler, trying to work some life back into him. A collective sigh of relief could be heard as Smoke finally came around, his eyes bulging and his mouth taking gulps of air. His arms flailed lethargically as his brain slowly reconnected with his body after being squeezed unconscious by his female opponent.

I heard the ref telling him the match was over, although Dominika moved back over him.

She placed her big boot on his chest and ordered the referee to count. With an intimidated look in his eye, the middle aged man dutifully complied. Dominika struck a double biceps pose as the ref slammed his hand down onto the mat three times. Smoke was too badly beaten to offer any resistance as he submitted to her for the second time, simply letting her pin him without resistance.

In a surprising move, Dominika then dropped down and straddled him, mounting him with those deadly thighs either side of his chest. She leaned down and rested her forehead against his. With one hand, she held him by the throat as she spoke down to him. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but she was clearly giving him a telling-off. She finished by giving him a not-too-hard, but still harsh slap to the face, pointing a finger in his face.

It was at that moment something happened that I would never have expected. Smoke reached up and tried to kiss her. She angrily pushed him back down and stormed off, out of the ring and backstage in a flash. Smoke quickly took up pursuit, crawling, staggering back to his feet like a drunkard to the backstage area.

The crowd was pretty dead for the final match, even though it was a championship match between two very good wrestlers – King Willy vs The Concorde Kidd. The Concorde Kidd prevailing with his signature move, a flying head-butt from the top rope.

As we were getting our coats and readying to leave, the events of the inter-gender match were clearly still playing on little Robbie's mind as he looked up and inquisitively asked “Uncle Jimmie, do you think you could beat Dominika?”

After getting over the shock of his question, I looked down at him.
“No.” I replied honestly as we made our way outside.

As we were making our way through the car park, we suddenly happened upon some commotion coming from one of the cars.

It was Dominika and Smoke. There was a small group of 4 or 5 people around them, but they were in a world of their own as Dominika had him backed against a Red VW Golf GTI. Her legs were in a wide stance, bringing her down to a height only a couple of inches taller than him as both her arms rested on the car she had him backed up against, effectively caging him. It was now obvious these two were a couple, and whatever had been going on between them before their match had spilled over into their match, resulting in Dominika showing him in no uncertain terms, who's boss.

But now, they were clearly in the process of making up. Their tongues danced in a hot, deep french kiss as Smoke's hands wandered over his girlfriend's huge thick glutes that were giving her tight denim jeans about as much mercy as she had given him when she had him trapped in her head-scissor earlier.

“Why are they kissing?” Robbie asked with confusion.

“Come on young man... It's getting near your Bedtime.” I said, ushering him into my own car.

As I got busy warming up the engine and scraping some ice off the windows of my car on this cold, frosty evening, I noticed Ant had wandered off and was in conversation to a guy standing amongst the crowd.

When he returned, he had the full story on Smoke and Dominika. “Well...” he began, as we set off for the journey home.

The story basically centered around another girl in Smoke's life and a disapproving mother, but Smoke had obviously made his choice.

“Do you think you could beat Dominika, Ant?” Robbie continued to press the question.

Ant simply laughed. “I wouldn't even try. She could crack a guys skull between her thighs if she wanted to.”

Ant then looked at me, continuing to laugh. “Mind you, it wouldn't be a bad way to go though, eh.”

-The End-
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