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My Beautiful Wife

drew newt
Aug 20, 2020 - permalink
My wife is naturally strong. We are age 35. She was a great volleyball player at a small high school over 15 years ago. After high school, she got into jogging and she had a nice body when we got married. Once she gave birth to our son 10 years ago she stopped exercising and she got over-weight. She would diet and exercise on occasion but it never lasted for more than a few weeks. She was having trouble feeling good. Sometimes, after eating she would even feel sick in her gut. That's when she decided to go to have a detailed food allergy test. She found out she has a mild allergy to all mammal meat, cow's milk, and gluten. She started to change her diet to fruits, veggies, fish, and poultry. She started exercising again. She started to lose weight. Then, one day I saw protein powder in our kitchen cabinet. I didn't say anything, but a few days later I noticed dumbells in the house too. Soon, she started getting up earlier to work out for one hour every morning before school (she is a teacher) and she would also work out after school for 30-60 minutes. Over the last few months, her legs have gotten really strong and toned, her core and mid-section are strong and solid, her shoulders and back are strong and toned too. She has become much more confidant in bed. Even when I am on top and she is on the bottom she can control my body with her strength. It is amazing. She wraps her legs around my legs, holds my shoulders down against her with her hands, and raises her hips up off the bed - moving my whole body back and forth. Even with this level of strength, she is not slowing in her pursuit of health and strength. She has started a new work out focusing specifically on upper body strength like biceps. She has started flexing her arms in front of me and in the mirror. Some times she tells me to feel her arms while she flexes. I can still bench press and curl more than her, but she has become stronger than me in some other areas like legs, abs, and I think her hands are possibly stronger than mine now. At this point, she is stronger than any other woman I know and I feel like she is stronger than most men. She has lost over 50 lbs since she started working out yet she has actually gained inches in her chest and biceps. She is the kindest, sweetest woman ever but in the bedroom, she had become a total beast and I love it. I am afraid to admit it, but I love it when she picks me up in her arms (even though I weigh 60 lbs more than her) and when she takes the lead in bed. It's a total turn-on. The women in the Titan Games remind me of her body type.
Aug 25, 2020 - permalink
You are a very lucky man.  I hope you enjoy every second of it!  Any chance of sharing a pic?
Oct 27, 2020 - permalink

Hello friend, you are undoubtedly lucky. You are envied by more than one member of this group. Having a woman like the one you describe is a dream. Enjoy it !!!!
Nov 23, 2020 - permalink
You are truly a lucky man. How does that stronger upper body (especially hands) translate to possibly armwrestling? Since you said you were still stronger, maybe another female or male friend? may be interesting to look into lol.
Dec 20, 2020 - permalink
Will be interesting to see a photo of your wife ;D
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