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did I just see her?

Aug 07, 2020 - permalink
 Year after year an elderly woman runs the 7.5 mile Bloomsday course with amazing speed, especially since she's in her mid 80's. I have never seen a picture of her, only her record setting times. Then when recently returning from an errand an amazing woman passed by me. She was jogging with huge weights on each arm. They looked to be around 10 pounds each. She was in the middle of a hard workout and drenched in sweat. She did not even look real. Grey hair and all. She was not big, but extremely muscular. Don't get me wrong, she had muscles, just not huge muscles. The vascular muscularity was sight to see. Probably about 5'5" tall and around 135lbs of solid muscle, perfect body for a runner. Could it have been the one? I'll probably never know.
 Here's a related story of a woman who's raced every Bloomsday race for 43 years. She ran the first Bloomsday in 1977 at the age of 40 years old and is now 83 years old.

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