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so sweet, true

Jun 26, 2020 - permalink
It's 4:00am. A cat is demanding to be let in. She jumps to the window screen and uses her claws to get my attention. I was mad and cussed a little bit. I said to my wife "what a way to start the day, completely depressed". Another screen has been damaged. I said "I would sure like to have something nice someday". My wife rolled facing me and started flexing like crazy. Her strong upper body and legs were big and hard. I wrapped two hands around her biceps and triceps said something like "JESUS GIRL!!" My wife normally helps people with physical chores. The relatives always need her for something. This year she's not as strong as last year because of the stay at home thing, but she's still busy around here. She pumped her muscles for the longest time and did not seem to get tired. When it was over I said "I don't think I'm in a bad mood anymore" 
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