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When two guy's aren't enough part two.

Jun 19, 2020 - permalink
       A little while past since that amazing night but I was really looking forward to tonight cuz it was just going to be me and veronica with nothing much to do. While I was cleaning up an area I noticed veronica on the floor doing pushups and was easily impressed she was just pumping them out and her movement was constant. I walked over to her and said do you ever get tired?  No not really how about you how many can you do? Well I said maybe a few. So try she said. Well I guess so so I got on the floor and started I got about 12 then my body couldn't do any more. Wow that's not to bad for a guy with no muscle she said. I have something there as i flexed my arm. Sad she said as she flexed hers I put my hand out to feel her bicep I tried to squeeze it but it was just to damn hard.

      It would be cool if we arm-wrestled I said. She said oh yeah you would like that would you as she smiled. Ok then she tulk my hand I'll count to three. But before she started counting I went for it full strength to put her down. Her arm went down about three inches then all of a sudden it all stopped.  Are you trying to cheat she said as she stared at me with hir baby face and big brown eyes. You couldn't beat me if you cheated as I tried so hard to move her arm her bicep popped up like a baseball. Shit what chance do I have so I put my other hand on her's not that it made a difference.

        Still I struggled I even got on my knees to try to push her down. She ended up pushing me over and put my hand down. I was exhausted well at least you tried she said. As I was trying to catch my breath I started to look at her massive glutes as she flexed them. She new I was looking and continued to flex. It's ok Joe you can touch my ass so I gave it a firm squeeze as she continued to flex it was rock hard she was just like those Brazilian girls with the huge legs and ass it's like steel I said. She giggled It's so easy to work my upper body hear but not my lower body. I need You're help joe ok I said we walked over to a bench and she kinda put her back on it get on top of me she said so I sat myself on her hips and stomach. Then she started to do hip thrusts with me on her all I could do was hang on as I put my hands on her abs. I loved the feeling of my body just being used as a weight as she started to do them faster. She was pushing me up so hard I thought I was going to fly off her. After about 40 times she stopped she sat down as I slide down her waist  I ended up wrapping my legs around on of her thighs like it was a horse she noticed my dick was hard.

      You're so bad she said as she started to bounce me up and down on her massive thigh.  She bounced me so hard I fell between her legs and as I tried to get up she wrapped her huge legs around my midsection. Then this painful numb feeling came on me as she squeezed . Then I couldn't breathe and the pain was unbearable I try to pull her legs off but no way I could break free. Then I started to pound my fists on her thighs but it was pounding a brick wall. I looked down I couldn't even see the lower half of my body just two massive legs. Then she leaned back and put her legs in the air lifting me of the ground just dangling me as she squeezed me I thought I was going to die as I started to lose consciousness.
          Then I felt my feet touch the ground as she let me go. But my body was like jelly and she cough me before I could fall lifting me so I could wrap my legs around her waist.  my body was in such pain but I was able to pull myself together and all I could see was he beautiful face. Then I noticed my pants were unzipped with my junk in her hand pull my shirt down she said so I did exposing two perfectly shaped tits. She lifted me higher to put my junk between them hold on she said as she started squatting me very quickly. This girls strength was such a turn on she didn't stop she was probably at 40 and she was still going strong  it came to a point were my nut just busted then she lifted me a little higher and said let's keep this between us.
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