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The Story of Your Session

Jun 10, 2020 - permalink
As part of my new non-fiction female muscle book I'd like to incorporate stories about sessions with women too. Of course I'll give you an alias you desire and re-name the session girl - but I think it wold be interesting to get people's expectations, what happened and reflections afterwards. If you are interested in participating please email me at jgmuscle12@aol.com.
Jun 15, 2020 - permalink
Also would be interested in the best session you've experienced and why.  Here are the questions:
1. If so can you describe your feeling leading up to and decision making process
2. What happened in the session?
3. How did you feel afterward reflecting on it?
4. Have you done others since? If so can you reflect upon them and discuss some of the most memorable events?
5. Is there someone you go back to as a regular? If so, why?
6. How important is chemistry during sessions?
7. What do you think the women think of the male patrons?
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