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Teenage Girls have Surprising Potential

drew newt
Jun 05, 2020 - permalink
Brian's story from the other day reminded me of a personal story. Thanks for sharing your great story, Brian. It reminded me of when I was 20 years old coming home for fall break. I was a sophomore in college and played on the golf team. I hadn't been home for more than an hour when my mom asked if I'd want to surprise Shelley, my sister, by picking her up from volleyball practice at the high school. She was a junior and played on varsity. I showed up and Shelley was waiting outside with her friend Kayla. Kayla was a senior. Shelley said Kayla's car wouldn't start and her dad was at work but he called a wrecker to come and take her car to the shop. It was going to be about 30-45 minutes until the wrecker could get there and Shelley didn't want to leave her friend alone. She asked if I'd mind hanging out with them until the wrecker got there. So, I parked the car and got out to check out my old high school for a few minutes. We were walking the halls talking about my old teachers and swapping stories. Kayla and Shelley started walking in front of me and I couldn't help but notice that Kayla had an incredible body for her age. She looked hotter than most of the girls at college - nice ass, thin waist, and full breasts. In her snug sweatshirt, her arms and shoulders even seemed to be a thinker and wider than most college female athletes her size. I'm guessing she was 5'11 or 6'0" and maybe 160 lbs. She glanced back smiling at me a couple of times as if to see if she could catch me looking at her ass. Just then we got to the old gym and I decided to impress Kayla with a few 20 lbs. dumbbell curls. I pumped out 10 reps with both arms and tried to act super casual about it. Shelley wanted to try and I told her to try a lighter weight but she wanted to try the 20s. I laughed and said whatever. To my surprise, she repped out one, and then another, and next thing I know she actually had a nice bicep showing under here t-shirt sleeve. After 10 reps with each arm, she stopped and looked at me. She started laughing. I must have had a look on my face. She asked, "Suprised?" I told her she sure had got stronger since I'd been away at college. She said the girl's sports teams had started lifting and she and Kayla were really getting into it. Kayla asked if the three of us wanted to have a competition. I asked what she had in mind. Kayla suggested we each take turns curling 10 reps with a 50 lb. curl bar and see who lasts the longest. I pointed out that maybe the girls should use less weight to make it fair but she was like, no - I want to try it like this. So, we racked the bar, and Kayla started with 10 reps that seemed easy for her. After her reps, she pulled off her sweatshirt and just had her sports bra on her top half. Her body was incredible - tight waist, nice full breasts, and naturally thick arms. You could see she had nice biceps, even with a relaxed arm. After a few rounds, I was surprised the girls were still hanging with me. Shelley was slowing down on her 5th set and Kayla seemed to still be doing alright. Shelley had started sweating and so she pulled off her shirt too. In mind I was like, damn, even my litter sister is hot. Going into the sixth set, the biceps on Shelley's bare arms were like softballs. I was really impressed. I didn't want to be weird about it but it was impossible not to notice. Kayla caught me looking as said, your sis is hot, isn't she? I'm sure I must have started to blush. I felt embarrassed for sure but in my mind, I knew my sister was hotter and stronger than I would have imagined. Shelley probably felt awkward, started laughing again, and couldn't finish her 6th set. Kayla knocked out her 6th set and she seemed to be feeling confident. While curling, her bare biceps seemed thicker than Shelley's softballs. Kayla's total-package body, plus her confidence was honestly starting to confuse me. Should I be intimidated? Was it strange that I found her so hot? I was feeling a major burn in my arms and knew I could not last much longer after my 7th set. Shelley said, the tow truck will be here soon - you guys need to wrap it up. Kayla added ten pounds and said, maybe this will speed things up. She repped 60 lbs ten times. Her soft young skin covered a strong confident body. I slowly got to 7 reps before I desperately tried to complete my 8th rep only to fail. Kayla offered a smile of self-satisfaction and assured me I did better than most of her male classmates would have. Just then Kayla got a call from the truck driver who said he had pulled up outside. She told him she'd be out in 5 minutes. After she got off the phone she told us she wanted to do one more thing before we went back out. She asked my body weight and I told her about 170 pounds. Kayla proceeded to put a 25 lb. weight on one side of the squat bar. She got under the bar in ready position for a squat while telling Shelley to sit up on the side with the 25 lb plate and told me to sit upon the opposite side with no other weight. I was like, yeah right - someone will get hurt and I'll probably get blamed for it. But, Shelley and Kayla were both wanting to give it a shot. They talked me into it. Approximately 385 lbs were on Kayla's shoulders when she lifted us off the rack. I was thinking, wow, I can not believe this hot 18-year-old girl can lift us and hold us. To my surprise, that's not all she had in mind. She proceeded to squat the bar, Shelley, and me 3 times before setting it back on the rack. We got down and I was speechless. Kayla gave a flex of confidant superiority. Her hard nipples were trying to press through her white Nike bra. Her body and persona were both powerful and attractive. I must have been staring too long because both girls giggled, put on their shirts, grabbed their bags, and ran out the door to the parking lot. After a taking moment of reflection, I caught up with them and waited with Shelley while Kayla signed some paperwork for the truck driver. After the truck driver had everything he needed and was ready to tow Kayla's car off we headed off to take Kayla home. The girls decided that we'd had fun and we should go on a double date with my friend Patrick at the rock climbing gym on Friday - the night before I had to go back to school. Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you about that date night sometime soon.
Jun 06, 2020 - permalink
Great story.  Please continue
drew newt
Jun 08, 2020 - permalink
After dropping off Kayla, on the way home to Mom and Dad's Shelley said, "I can't believe how strong Kayla is getting. At the beginning of the season, we were lifting partners and similar in strength but I feel like she has taken things to the next level." I agreed, it seemed like Kayla was much stronger than any 18-year-old girl I'd ever come across - even stronger than most 18-year-old boys. But, I wanted Shelley to feel good about her new-found strength too. I said, "Shelley, you seem to be a lot stronger than I remembered. I know you've got to feel like you're making good progress too." She agreed that she had gained quite a bit of strength too. She laughed and said, "You should see me in the lunchroom. I can actually beat most of the senior guys at arm wrestling." I asked, "Really?" Shelley said, "Yeah, at first we would just be messing around, flirting with the guys but I started beating a couple of them near the beginning of the school year. After Kayla and I started lifting more we actually did some internet research about arm wrestling strategies because we wanted a way to get an advantage - just a way to mess with the guys." I asked, "So, I guess it worked?" Shelley said, "Yeah, I mean Kayla and I practiced against each other until we felt like we were getting better, plus with our lifting - by the time we arm-wrestled the senior guys again we actually surprised ourselves. Just last week we were beating over half the guys on the football team. Some won't even arm wrestle us anymore. I guess they feel too embarrassed to get beat by a girl." I thought about what she had said for a moment and with a smirk on my face I asked, "Have you challenged Dad to a match yet?" She said, "No way. I doubt he'd approve of my strength - plus, he was a good athlete. He's probably way stronger than me." I reminded her even though he had been a college athlete - that was like over 20 years ago, plus he was a runner and a soccer player. He had great cardio and endurance, but they probably didn't work their upper body much. She said, "that's true, plus he is left-handed, so maybe I'd have a chance if we did it right-handed. She thought about it and said, "Maybe one day, but I don't think I want to mess with Dad right now. He's been in a bad mood. You remember his temper?" Yes, I had tried to forget but Dad did have a temper. Shelley made a good point. Even if she beat Dad, he might take it too hard and get mad.

We went inside. Shelley helped mom get dinner ready. I remember the temp was cool inside the house that evening. Mom and Dad were frugal and never turned their heat on until later in the fall, so I put a sweatshirt on. I sat with Dad watching TV. We visited until the girls told us dinner was ready. It was a great home-cooked meal that I hadn't had in a while: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies, and rolls. Once dinner was wrapping up, Dad said, "You know, our son is home from college and he's almost 21 - let's break out a special treat. He got up and pulled out a bottle of Makers Mark - high dollar stuff by my dad's standards. He poured a glass over ice for himself and me. He offered a glass to my mom but she declined. She said, "I don't think we should encourage our son to drink, especially before he is 21." She proceeded to get up and grab a sweatshirt for Shelly and herself before starting to clean up dinner. Dad didn't offer Shelley a glass, I'm assuming because she was only 17. The three of us sat around the table visiting, Mom nearby, Dad and I sipping our glass. He poured himself a second. I noticed Dad was handling his alcohol good enough, but he was starting to feel the effects. Strangely enough, Dad was usually more laid back after a couple of glasses instead of being easily irritable. Maybe I was feeling a little loose myself because next thing I know, I piped up and hollered to Mom, "Hey Mom, out of every here, who do you think would win an arm-wrestling competition." Shelley immediately kicked my shin under the table and gave me a look of disapproval. Mom wiped her hands as she walked back over to the table. She said, "I don't know, you're all pretty strong. It might be close." Dad butted in saying, "You mean, Drew might be getting to where he can give me run at the title." Mom said, "No, I think Shelley is stronger than you realize too." Shelley seemed surprised by Mom's endorsement. Mom noticed the look on both Shelley's and my Dad's face. My dad was thinking 'yeah right' and I think what my mom said actually made Shelley believe she'd have a chance. Mom said, "Fine if you don't believe me how about the three of you each arm-wrestle each other and see what happens."

First, I squared up with Dad. We started the match and it was a struggle but I was able to pin his hand down. It was the first time I'd straight-up beat, my dad, in a feat of strength. He dismissed it saying, "Well, he is a college athlete - he should be able to beat his old 43-year-old dad. I could have beat my dad when I was a 21-year-old college athlete too. Plus, it was right-handed. He had every advantage." Mom, who had assumed the role of referee waved off Dad's comment and told the "old man" to take a breather. I took off my sweatshirt before Shelley and I squared up our elbows on the table and clasped our hands. I was feeling a bit nervous because even though I had proven to be at least a little stronger than her at the weight room, I knew Shelley was really strong and she knew some arm-wrestling technics - plus Mom and Dad were watching. The match started and I couldn't believe it, even after what I had seen in the weight room at school, moving her arm was like trying to bend an iron pipe. It was a stalemate for the first few seconds. I started to feel a burn in my arm. I might have been a bit fatigued after arm-wrestling Dad first, but either way, I was afraid that I might be in trouble. Shelley got an angle with the turn of her wrist and started to slowly put me down. It's cool that my sister is strong but now I was wishing I hadn't brought up the arm-wrestling idea. Even if I could find a way to rally back my parents would know that my sister, 3 1/2 years younger than me, could evenly match me - or at least almost. I gave it another strong effort with all the strength I could muster but she just held me with a smile a self-satisfaction. It didn't help that blood was rushing to my penis while she slowly pulled my hand closer to the table. Even with her sweatshirt on I could see that here swollen bicep was pressing against the inside of her sleeve. At this point, I couldn't tell if she was having trouble finishing the job or if she was just enjoying the moment. I was still giving it all I could, but she was in total control. Just then, she pressed the back of my hand against the tabletop. It was over. My mom jumped up and clapped. My dad was trying to pick his jaw up off the floor. I couldn't say anything except, "Wow. Good job Shelley", as I got up and sat in a chair close by to catch my breath and watch what was unfolding.

I could only imagine Dad was trying to think of any excuse to get out of arm-wrestling Shelley. Mom said, "Okay, time for the last match - Shelley v. Dad." My dad piped up, "That was a tough match with Drew, Shelley and I better switch over and use our left arms. Shelley rolled her eyes but said, "Fine, whatever you want." She peeled off her sweatshirt and sat her elbow on the table. The v-neck tee she was wearing was honestly probably a size too small considering her full natural breasts and thick arms. Her sleeves were short enough that her majestic arm was hanging out of the short sleeve for all to see. Even while relaxed, her left arm looked strong and capable Her v-neck allowed her breasts to show their cleavage as she leaned forward. My dad tried to act confident but I could tell he was uncomfortable. He got himself in position. My mom held their hands together up top and made sure both were ready to start. Once everyone looked ready she said, "Go!", as she let go of their hands. I was curious how this match would go considering my dad was desperate to win a match, plus he had the left-hand advantage. He grabbed the side of the table with his off hand to brace himself. He seemed to move her arm slightly and have an early advantage. Shelley's softball-sized bicep reappeared as my dad's momentum stopped. She looked at me with a grin as she turned her wrist and slowly started to pull Dad's arm back towards her right side. He grunted and strained but Shelley's slow steady pull did not stop. My dad started to look desperate and upset. I thought maybe adrenalin might kick in a give him enough strength to get back what little momentum he had earlier. Shelley however did not allow a change in momentum. I could not believe my 145 lb., 17-year-old sister was actually going to beat my 180 lb., 43-year-old dad. In the final moments as the back of his hand was inching closer and closer to the tabletop Mom said, "Well, I guess I was right again." Shelley pressed Dad's left hand against the top of the table. He couldn't handle the humiliation. He quickly stood up and walked away into his bedroom down the hall and closed the door. Mom said, don't worry about him, he's a sore loser sometimes. Shelley said, "I can't believe I won!" Mom said, "I know who I'm coming to next time I need help moving heavy stuff." We laughed and after visiting a while longer, the three of us headed off to our separate bedrooms for the night.

I could not stop thinking about what had happened. Not only was I amazed, but I was also, in my mind, finding Shelley attractive. I laid there in bed, thinking about what to do with my thoughts for several minutes. Just then I heard a soft knock on the bedroom door. The door was already cracked open and Shelley stuck her head in the opening. She asked to come in and I said, "Yeah, come on in." She came in wearing a short robe and I'm assuming pajamas underneath, but I couldn't tell. She said, "Thank you for tonight." I was like, "What do you mean? I didn't let you win on purpose." She said, "No, not that. I mean, thanks for making me take on Dad." I quietly laughed and asked, "Why would you thank me for that? I thought you'd be mad at me for initiating it." She said, "I was at first, but now I am glad it happened. I haven't told anybody this before but ... ever since I turned 17, Dad started looking at me differently. He's been interested in spending more alone time with me than usual, especially at the pool last summer. He's been saying things about how I look nice and stuff that makes me uncomfortable. Late this past summer when volleyball practice started we had to watch a video about how to protect ourselves from sexual predators. It taught us about warning signs like what a man might say if he was trying to groom us and stuff like that. The more I watched it the more I felt like it was describing how Dad had started acting towards me." I was shocked to hear he say this but as a thought about it in that split second, thinking about how dad had acted around my high school girlfriends, I could see what she was describing our Dad. I looked in her eyes and said, "you should have told me soon so I could have helped you." She said, "I know but I didn't want you and Mom to be mad at Dad." I thought if I'd just stay away from him and made sure I was never alone with him it would be okay. ... That's why I started getting into lifting so much with Kayla. I wanted to be able to protect myself if I had to." Shelley was almost in tears standing at the foot of my bed when she looked up and smiled at me sitting up with my feet hanging off the side of the bed. She sat down at the foot of my bed and said, "That's why I wanted to say thank you for tonight. You helped me see that I can stand up against him." I scooted next to her to give her a hug. I told her, "Let me know anytime someone is messing with you. Even though I live 3 hours away I'll be here ASAP, and I've got buddies in town that can be somewhere right away anytime you are in trouble." Shelley hugged me tighter. I could feel her breasts pressing into me and her strong arms around me, squeezing me hard. Just then we hear a knock in the hallway. Shelley quickly stood up and started to step away from the bed. That's when I realized that while we were hugging the corner of her robe must have got caught under my leg because her robe pulled open as she stood up. Like watching a NASCAR wreck, I couldn't help but watch as her breasts were exposed. She was only wearing black underwear under that robe, and the robe was just hanging down off her shoulders and along the outside of each magnificent breast. As she scrambled to cover her self up, I move towards the door to see what was going on in the hallway. I motioned for Shelley to hide in case someone was coming into the room. As I got to the door I saw my dad stumbling to the kitchen, probably to get another drink. I quietly closed the door. When I told Shelley what I saw, she realized that as long as he was in the kitchen and living room she wouldn't be able to get back to her bedroom without him seeing her. We listen to Dad pour another drink and turn on the TV. I whispered, "Sounds like he'll be out there a while." After thinking for a moment she leaned in close to me, her breast pressed against my arm. Blood again was rushing to my penis as she softly asked, "Can I stay with you until the coast is clear?"
Jun 14, 2020 - permalink
Loving the story!
Jun 26, 2020 - permalink
It's great :) Looking forward to the next part :)
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