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When two guys ain't enough

May 26, 2020 - permalink
I've been working at this shoe retail store for a while now and one thursday night business was really slow and it was prett much me and two other workers. Which I was very happy cuz one of them was a smoking hot Latina veronica even only19 year's old she had the body of a goddess she had a tiny little wast with fully sculpted six pack abs. Her ass is absolutely rock solid and her thighs are absolutely massive every time she walks you can see her leg muscles wiggle around.sometimes it could be hard to work just watching her walk. Sometimes when I stand next to her I end up looking down comparing my legs to hers and for real there is no comparison. And this girl is no small girl being 6 ft tall 173 lb she definitely out sizes me me being 511 137 lb. Its even worse for my co-worker alfredo es only about five nine and 130 lb. And she loves to wear heels so she's walking around about six foot three. With no customers around you're pretty much really bored I was looking at her standing next to Alfredo. The size difference was just absolutely crazy she seemed to have more muscle in one leg then he did in his entire body. I was sitting on this big steal ladder we have near the wall just watching them joke around. She end up having her elbows on one of the shoe bins resting her head on her hands and you can see the definition and her forearms and biceps what looked like baseballs. And Alfredo trying to be funny he put his arms next to hers. She just looked at him and giggled what are you doing with your toothpick arms? With a bit of a insulted look on his face he said what you mean? Im literally stronger then both of you I can easily squat 400 pounds which is probably more than both of you weigh together. Both me and him went silent she was right both of us would probably just be a warm up for her. Then she demanded he sit on the ladder next to me so he did both of us were barely skinny enough to squeeze in but we did. Then she walked towards us with a smile on her face and her leg muscles moving around. She was wearing white spandex and a thong so you can make out every detail in her legs amd glutes. She's stood in front of us and bent down are you ready she said? Before we could even reply she grabbed the bottom handles of this old 200ibs metal  staircase on wheels and lift it off the ground. She proceeded to curl the staircase without letting it touch the ground.

I felt like we were on a amusement park ride this thing we're sitting on was being thrown around up and down and she just smiling and giggling at us with her baby face and beautiful eyes looking at us. She did  this about 10 to 12 times then she put us down. That was good she said now it's time for something else. We were still pretty shook of just what happened but she quickly demanded that I stood up so I did and she quickly put me over her shoulders but she told Alfredo to stand up hen to lay on top of me. And so he did and after she made sure we were both secure on her shoulders she kicked off her heels and started to walk around. You guys are so scrawny and light she giggled as she walked around the store. And after a minute of solve walking around she came to a stop. She started to squat us and was doing it quickly too. She was even putting some calf raises when she got up. I end up putting my hand on her giant quad feeling her muscle pulsate. Even though were both pretty skinny guys her physical strength is insane.  This barely 20 year old girl has two older guys stacked on her shoulders like two bags of potatoes and she's just squatting them like nothing. She did this about 20 times before she let us go to stand on your own two feet. And both of us were just blown away we wish it was going to last forever but unfortunately more customers were coming in and had to come to an end. But she said she had more in store for us very soon

May 27, 2020 - permalink
If only true  :-[
Jun 01, 2020 - permalink
Im excited for the next part.  Awesome story
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