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Beauty,Strength and Attitude!!

May 14, 2020 - permalink
  My stories are real life events that happened with a little of that special F.M.G. spin on them               
                                                                                Crystal-The Love Hate Meeting??

Part 1

This story begins like many others when it comes to finding the 1, or in this case finding the 1 and not having a chance to deny this person being the one. Bernie(played by me), and Crystal (the security guard girl) who Bernie thought would never ever give him the time of day. While I haven’t written anything since the Harvey Hurricane that turned my life upside down.Just so you know my stories are a straight reflection of the GREAT Paul Smith. This writer has the same imagination as i do when the girl is just STRONG from the beginning, but I like to do flashbacks to show at least why they are the way they are.

O.K. here goes nothing..
Our story begins 7 mths ago when a lone delivery driver was working his route on a busy day in downtown Houston. Bernie was waiting for the freight elevator down at the dock as the building had one down for maintenance. Getting excited cause the 1 elevator finally ding where he could get on with his work. While riding the elevator up to his 1st stop he’d seen all kinds of people getting on and off, but one girl stood out from the rest(cause she wore normal clothes, unlike the construction workers and other delivery drivers). This girl was Bernie's ideal woman of HIS dreams,and with his unique taste in women(beauty, muscles and strength)..he just knew this was her..

Part 2..

Bernie couldn’t believe his eyes as this 5’7 150 lb ebony beauty was wearing a sleeveless yellow top with a knee high skirt showing off strong muscular legs, and his personal favorite those sculpted muscular arms. His attraction was in overload cause he was a shy guy,and just sitting in the back of this elevator full of people and with his height(6'2) he could see exactly what he knew that everyone else couldn’t see..muscles and a coke bottle body with curves on curves(36-24-36).When they finally reached the dock level and everyone was exiting the freight elevator, he just stared at the way her muscles moved with every step she took, and when he thought it couldn’t get any better she started fixing her hair and he was instantly aroused cause he couldn’t believe the size of the bicep that she just casually flexed, where it showed a great peak and a vein. In Bernie’s mind he knew that 1)he had to find out more about her, and 2) she did look really strong..but unbeknownst to him..HE HAD NO IDEA JUST HOW STRONG THIS GIRL WAS…

Part 3...

Now, it’s been about 2 weeks since Bernie saw the girl of his fantasies, during this time however he turned over every rock, and favor that he had from anyone that worked Downtown. He was greatly rewarded when one of his informants knew exactly who he was talking about, and even better they knew she had no boyfriend. So now he knew that she worked as a head security officer in the Mall downtown. Knowing this he walked to this Mall just to see if everything was true about what he was told. What’s good about this Mall was it was very busy, so it was easy to blend in with the crowd so he wouldn’t look like a stalker while walking back and forth. Bernie found out that the security office was located on the 4th floor near a Starbucks.

He planned everything on his day off and around lunch time. Nervous as he was ,he still couldn’t wait to see this girl again. Lunch time came and he made his way over, blending in with the Starbucks  cround, while turning to his left he saw the sign that said Security Office. His hands started getting sweaty as he looked over and saw her, the girl was sitting at the front desk. He could only see a part of her cause of the big enter security office sign,but what he did see confirmed what he saw that 1st time, was exactly what he’d seen.So now with this info running thru his head, he left and went home imagining those crazy fantasy thoughts of if she was as strong as she looked or even stronger.His drive home was very slow and eventful, he didn't notice when he got home he had a huge erection just thinking about her being super strong, and his girlfriend/wife..hmmm

Part 4….

Fast forward to when fate intervenes on Bernie’s behalf. Being a delivery driver downtown he always hoped and wished that the security office was on his route so he could have an excuse to get a chance to meet his dream girl. Well that day came on that Friday, he looked down at his paperwork that morning and couldn’t believe that the security office ordered 10 cases of paper. He made sure that this would be his last stop of the day, so he could talk and get to know her a little bit. The route was light and he knew that if he got the chance to talk and open up to her while using the delivery as an opening to chat, that it would be the chance of a lifetime. Finally It’s his last stop and he's loading the paper(40lbs each) on his dolly, He didn’t think about what if she wasn’t there, cause he made this his last stop of the day. So he just says, let fate takeover if it's meant to be...

Dreading that thought he just pushed his load across the street to the mall entrance where the elevator would take him straight to the 4th floor. Pulling all that paper on the mall carpet was a lot harder with 10 cases on it. Nervousness started creeping in when he was only a few feet away. Turning and opening the door, he looked and saw her actually getting up to help him hold the door. Now I have to tell you what I saw made my dick hard instantly. She wasn’t wearing the usual security uniform, which meant she was actually an office admin for security. Never mind that, she had on a buttoned down white blouse with short sleeves, and some 2 inch heels with a blue skirt. When she came from around the desk, the first thing he saw was her very muscular legs. Next came her upper body and she didn’t disappoint. She was as he suspected 36-24-36 body of a goddess. Now here is where the story gets Paul Smith Good...ENJOY!!!

Part 5…..

The girl(Crystal)introduced herself and we both looked at each other like we've seen each other some place before. Now I knew where I 1st saw her, but i didn’t know that she would ever remember me, but that's exactly what happened and for a brief moment,  I saw a totally different look come over her, something like a predator seeing what it can take, because she was just that confident, and I also believe that she might have seen the tent in my work pants that told her that she had me excited . Next, she does the unthinkable and grabs my dolly with her left hand( she's right handed) and pulls the entire load on the same carpet that I  struggled with all the way to the breakroom. She’s smiling the whole time like this weight is so insignificant that it doesn’t strain her one bit. WOW!! I said a little louder than I thought, but then she really blew my mind and picked up 2 CASES of paper, one in each hand and playfully curled them to her chest, then set them on the floor. Then she asked me,did I like what she just did?? I could only nod my head cause the blood used for answering questions had left my brain, and went straight to my penis.

 Crystal took this as a great sign that I was different from other men that she had met, cause she must usually get the type of men who were either afraid of her strength, or just plain not man enough to be with a girl who’s stronger than them. She smiled at me, then walked over to her desk, and picked up a stapler in her left hand(she's right handed remember)...then she slowly held it out in front of my face. I was so excited that I almost closed my eyes in anticipation of what I thought was only on fantasy story websites like(saradas😉).

Then I watch her small hand close around the metal stapler, then hearing small squealing sounds, I watched as she slowly started crushing the stapler. She just smiled at me looking directly into my eyes to gage my reaction. Crystal not only crushed the stapler, but she continued to magled it into a warp looking metal ball the size of a ping pong ball. I’m damm near about to explode,when she then replaces the crushed stapler back on her desk and peers down at my erection, and grabs me by my belt and curls me off the ground into a kiss with me dangling a couple inches off the ground for at least 30 seconds.

Part 6…...

Still holding me in the air, she tells me that I’m a great kisser, then promptly lowers me back to my feet. My mind is blown, so I just blurt out what's in my head..Crystal was holding me up even remotely difficult for you? She just smiles and says, honey if that turned you on, then i would just say that little feat I did..I was doing that in grade school to students, and teachers alike. Now I do want you to know that I’m not always this cute, friendly girl to everyone, but for some strange reason I think you would love to see my other side..then I’m like what other side are you talking about?? All she said was to watch and learn,and that when you're as beautiful, and athletic as I am you can get and take anything you want whenever and wherever,  but what I really love to do is intimidate ,cause I know I’m way,way,way stronger than anyone else. I take a big gulp and tell her that she is so right. She says good, cause I’m in the mood to have some fun using my strength for you.

I stand there watching as she goes into the breakroom and picks up the microwave, she holds it out infront of her with her hands on each side then presses her hands together slowly so I can see that this isn’t hard at all for her to do.Now the microwave is getting compressed to the size of a textbook, then she turns it long ways and rips it completely in half. She throws the two halves of crushed metal and plastic on the ground, then she walks up to the refrigerator and standing on her tiptoes where i could see those diamond shaped calves bulge out, she puts both of her hands on the top, and starts pressing down, the metal and plastic screams as I watch this huge fridge getting crushed down flat to the floor wear I see the tiles around the fridge cracking all around, but she not only crushes it flat to the floor, she even pushes it through the floor where I could only see the top of it. Dam Crystal I say, that was awesome, and you made it look so easy.To me, it was honey, I’m so much stronger than this.

Part 7…...

 With all that noise and destruction she was causing,brought her supervisor running in wondering what all that racket was about. Crystal just glares at him coldly ,then he looks at me then at the destruction all around the room, and starts apologizing to her cause he knew he had messed up, but it was too late. Crystal walked up to him, grabbed him by the neck with her right hand and started choking him as she lifted him up and stared him in the face. Look here Fatass,you don’t ever barge in here and tell me Shit cause you know what happens when you don’t respect my space.Now don’t you remember what happened last time you did something like this?? He looked down at his dangling feet with tears running down his face, yes i remember ..that's when you wrecked my office by grabbing the doorknob to my office door and pulling it off the hinges, then you held the door up in front of me and broke it in half like it was made of cardboard across your muscular leg.

I’m in awe watching this huge man(6’3 250lbs) dangling in the air by his neck, crying uncontrollably as he recalls what she did that day. Her supervisor then continues..then you walked in and leaned over my desk while grabbing the front side with both hands and then pulling my desk apart with everything falling off and hitting the floor, but that still didn't settle your anger down. While my desk was laying in pieces,you placed your hand under my chair and held me waist high so you could tell me too my face that you will destroy everything i love if I didn't do whatever you wanted from now on.Then Crystal told him for invading her space that she will start with his company truck for starters...Now he's a complete wreck as this is going on, but I'm loving every minute of it. She looks up at him and shakes him side to side making him pee in his pants.

 OMG!! A grown man just peed on himself. I'm trying to hold back my laughter but i can't so that just makes it worse for him. She throws him across the room and tells him to crawl over and lick his pee off the floor like a dog. I watched as he crawled on all fours and bent his head down and started lapping up his piss like a good doggie. Crystal then takes off her right hi-heel shoe,and places her foot right in front where he's still licking,now barefooted she tells him to clean her foot up too, then she looks at me with a mischievous grin and slowly starts pressing down with her foot on the tiled floor. At first it just seemed like she was stretching her foot out and i could see those beautiful muscular calves tensing very slightly, but then his eyes got really big when he saw the spider cracks forming around her foot, then she pressed down even harder and we both gasped as her foot went through the tile and the cement up to her ankle. She then took her foot out and held it up high enough for him to see the dirt, bugs, and even little pieces of cement and tile stuck to her right foot..

Part 8…….

She demands that he lick up everything on the bottom of her foot, and whatever's in his mouth he BETTER SWALLOW and he better keep it down without throwing up.He looked up and saw some of the bugs still moving around and he almost vomited but he was able to swallow it back down. Ewww i said cause i didn't think he could go thru with this, but she changed his mind real quick when she placed her hand on the wall behind her and he saw the cracks starting from the floor to the top then we watched as she pushed her hand right through the wood and plaster all the way through the other side like it was nothing..

I have to tell you,this man licked like his life depended on it, (in a way it did) I thought to myself.Crystal took her hand out of the wall while still balancing  on 1 hi heeled shoe. I walked over and bent down and wrapped my hands over her left calf, and felt the harder than steel muscle that I probably could grade a pool ball to dust on. Touching her calf had me forgetting about her supervisor servicing her foot,and looking up I told her I was ready to go get something to eat. Well she knew my happiness was what was most important, so while he was still licking her underfoot she held it up higher where he couldn't reach it and told him to swallow and open his mouth...WIDE..

Part 9..

I was like what is she thinking about doing now, then I saw that look in her eyes again..this was for my enjoyment before we left. As he opened his mouth as wide as he could she slowly started inserting her foot in inch by inch till he started gauging. At first he was just sobbing but now he actually tried to use his 2 hands to pull her foot out, which only made what happened next that much better. Still on 1 foot she started raising her foot and leg up with her foot still in his mouth. Watching this feat in real life, is night and day compared to reading about it on Saradas. He was literally holding on for dear life, first his head came up, but then her leg flexed a little and his chest and waist started raising up also, i thought since he was 6'3 that would be it, but no she had something else in mind..

Crystal must have been a gymnast or martial arts blackbelt, cause she was actually able to lift her leg straight up to the ceiling with a grown ass man hanging from her right foot. Taking it all in from her muscular thighs to her diamond shaped calf, then her 6 pack abs where her blouse lifted up. She looks absolutely divine in this position of power. She looks down at my dick and licks her lips, then casually flicks her foot and sends him flying across the room into the opposite wall. Before she put her foot down I ran over and grabbed some paper towels and started drying her feet of his nasty ass saliva. She held it up like a karate kid crane kick until I was done.

We walked over too where her supervisor laid in his own puddle of his tears and urine crying uncontrollably. She looks down and tells him that we're leaving for lunch and that too make sure she gets paid for the whole day even if  she comes back today or not, and he needs to call maintenance to get this place cleaned and fixed up by time she gets back. With that said, she grabs my hand and leads us out the front door. She stops and puts her hand down my pants and grabs my dick with my semen all on it and puts her hand to her mouth and licks her hand clean, man this girl drives me wild. I'm at full mass just looking at her, then she faces the door way and with each hand gripping the wood and metal of the doorframe on the left and right side she just stares at her boss and pulls the door frame closed while pulling the walls together where he couldn't leave until she wants him too.

Pieces of ceiling and plaster are falling all around the inside of the office from where I'm looking at her strength making short work of these walls. Satisfied with her little demo,we make our way down the mall hand and hand, sometimes with me letting her walk ahead so I  could  watch that Ass sway so seductively side to side, as I'm hypnotized by it. This girl is put together like a tank mixed with a cross fit girl with curves in all the right places.While we're walking,I see this news magazine store where I can get a drink and snack since I'm starving. We walk in and there's a long Ass  line..an elderly couple, some want to be high school boys, and an old lady with one of those mobile carts. We go and get my drink and candy, and while waiting in line she sees those metal cars that people collect.

Part 10..

With that mischievous grin, she reaches down and grabs one in each hand. The one in her left hand is a solid steel ford truck, and in her right hand, she held a 1968 mustang. She turns to me and says those fake bitches on the internet gotta take it apart piece by piece then try and crush the frame. Well with my incredible strength I just..then I look down at her hands and hear the squealing of metal then see how the car and truck just gets squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. I can see that the front and back ends of each car seem to get bigger, but that's because she has crushed the middle so small that she can now close her hand over the both of them. Then to show no mercy,she places each car together in both her hands then she compresses  them together to the point that they look like one unrecognizable vehicle instead of two.Dropping the lump of metal on the floor, she notices that the 2 teenage boys in front of us ,was filming her feat with they're I phones 11's.Now she gets irritated by this cause this was only for my enjoyment...

Crystal moves far quicker than any of us can see and snatches both of the teenagers phones from there's hands.Calmly speaking, she tells them that they shouldn't never spy on other people,cause you NEVER know how they will retaliate. The boyz looked confused and dumb founded that this girl was talking to them like that.Next thing i saw was Crystal raising both phones up so they can see what happens when you upset a very,very,very strong girl..Holding her hands palms up so the can see that there little I phones are standing straight up. She says i know you've seen this before, but that's not the way i do things..Closing each of her hands, she slowly collapses the phones as the screen cracks then explodes, they watch bugged eyed as there phones are folded in half by this beautiful well built girl.but she not only folds them in half but continues to grind them to pieces to the point where the boys started crying.

She drops the crushed phones into there hands, and tells them to turn around back inline and shut up and don't say a word.They turned but grumbled something under there breath. Now the line was long and when your as strong as she is, you can pretty much do whatever you want.I watched as she reached forward and grabbed the back of there pants and lifted them up and carried them to the back of the store next to the rest rooms.. she holds them up side by side then knocks there heads together, not cracking there skulls, but effectively knocking them out cold. Then she comes back to me still upset cause there was still an older couple and an old lady riding in a mechanical shopping cart still in front of us. I can see she's losing her temper, cause in her anger her muscles are tensing and stretching her clothing very tight.I start seeing small stitchings coming apart in her blouse.
Part 11...contains gore..

Then, RIPP!!! I see the back of her blouse open up in the middle, tnen tear its way down to her Ass. Suddenly she grabs the old couple by the back of there necks and lifts them both up while squeezing her hands around there old brittle necks. I hear 2 cracks and watch as there heads roll off to the side. What the Fuck Crystal, you killed them because what..they were waiting in line ahead of us or what?? She said NO,I did it because I can, and that the old lady in the scooter is next. She walked to the restroom holding the couple in the air, then thru them inside, then she took hold of the door handle and crushed it flat so NO ONE could get in..at least until we're gone..i thought.

Walking back to me barely wearing her blouse anymore, she turns her back to me and does a most muscular pose which finishes off the blouse, and my dick at the same time. Turning around I see that she has on a black sports bra that's holding in those beautiful round 36 DD's. Her abs are flexing slightly with her breathing as I put my hand over each ab of her  6 pack.Uh ohh instantly hard again..after this i will be needing a protein drink. She just smiles and ask me did I  have a quarter for her to use. I said sure and handed it ,to her. She said watch lover boy what else these abs of steel can do. Placing the quarter between a set of abs standing up, then she flexes down on it, and the coin is folded in half so easily I would have thought the coin was fake.

She saw the look of unbelief on my face and took it out of her abs and held it up to my face between her two fingers and squished it even flatter, then turned it sideways and squishes it again. Now does that look fake ,too you? No,i said..(was she reading my mind..how did she know that's what i was thinking)..Hoping that this would distract her long enough for the scooter lady to finish her purchase, but it wasn't to be.Frustrated that the old lady was still there, she walked over to the counter and told her to move the fuck out of the way now, or be destroyed..The cashier started giggling which made the old lady chuckle also. I knew this was really bad for them, so I  stood back and in anticipation and watched what my extremely strong girlfriend was gonna do..

Part 12..contains gore..

She didn't say anything, then she reached down and picked up the old lady by her face out of her scooter, and held her up so that the not laughing anymore cashier could see that she not only can threaten  with her words but also put those words into action. The old lady was trying to mumble something,but since Crystal had her entire face in her hand you couldn't make out what she was trying to say. She looked straight at the cashier and told her you're next, then I heard..CRUNCH, CRACK,SPLAT ..went the face of the old lady. Still looking at the cashier she turns the old lady where she's cradling her like a baby, then proceeds to fold the old woman in half to wear I see her feet touch her head, or what used to be her head. Eewww, i say, but not done yet she places the folded up old lady in the basket of the scooter, then picks the scooter up and compresses it together with the old lady into a large lump of steel and blood. Dropping the gory remains on the floor with no remorse whatsoever.

Now the cashier is shaking and crying uncontrollably,  but this only enrages Crystal even more. She tells me to go let the gate down, and put up the closed early sign. I ran over and did just what she said. Now, I'm having mixed feelings right now.cause on one hand there's this gorgeous girl with the body of a playboy fitness centerfold,but that same girl has a temper that can't be controlled and on top of that she's the strongest person on the planet. Who am I kidding ,I basically have a fine ass girlfriend with the strength to do whatever I want her too, no questions asked. As I'm walking back to her, I see the cashier pleading for her life..but Crystal doesn't care one bit. She looks at the cashier and puts her middle finger down on top of the counter then pushes down slowly, first cracking thru the wood then continuing to bury her finger not just thru,but all the way down which pulls the entire counter apart.

Shoving the right half out of the way, she pushes the cashier down, and grabs the cash register. Holds the big metal machine over her head a smashes it to pieces where bits of it was falling and hitting the cashier in the head and face. Dropping the crushed lump of metal and plastic between her legs on the floor, she grabs her by the ankle and with a firm grip with her right hand she squeezes until you hear it break with a sharp..SNAP!! sound. Now,she wants to scream from the pain, but she doesn't want to make her any angrier. Now I'm wondering where she's dragging her till she comes to the men's restroom door. While bending over and reaching her left hand underneath the door palm up she pushes it up and folds the steel door up like a curtain. The screeching metal whines in protest of her great strength, but is no match at all. I follow them thru, looking up with amazement as this metal door just got accordion into the top of the doorframe…
Part 13..really gory(was drinking Crown Royal while writing this..

Continuing to drag her across the floor to the row of urinals. There were 3 in this small little store, dropping her there, she went to each one and stood on her tiptoes and gripped the top of the door with both hands and began tearing the metal in half straight down the middle..throwing the door aside she looked in the toilet, then moved to the next stall. This time she looked over her shoulder at the woman who had shoved a roll of toilet tissue in her mouth from stopping her from screaming from being dragged by her broken ankle.Crystal pressed her chest against the door while reaching to her left and right side and grabbing the door on its sides, then taking in a deep breath smiles as she hears the metal succumb to her  supple 36DD's making large indents in the metal,then at the same time she's  folding the door in half. Discarding both halves she looks in the toilet again, but again she wasn't satified.I'm wondering what in the hell is she looking for hmm..The next stall she just reaches her hand to the top and rips it out the floor and slings it all the way to the other side of the bathroom. She looks in and turns to me, then beckons me over to come see...I walk over and dam near vomit looking down at the toilet with SHIT all over the rim and floor.

The cashier can smell that foul odor and starts sliding backwards out of her reach. This just amps up Crystal's anger even more, so she walks over to the row of marble sinks and places her hands on the edge, then pushes, not pulls the entire counter thru the wall and into the adjacent room on the other side where we could see that poor elderly couple she destroyed earlier. Now water is spraying everywhere since she just ruptured pipes and granite to pieces. Seeing this the lady just accepts her fate and crawls over to the Shitty stall. Crystal took a hold of her hair and held her up off the floor and set her down on the SHITTY toilet, then placing her hands on the ladies shoulders, presses down,I can see the woman's face contort into a terrible pain. Then I heard that familiar sound again as each of her shoulders dislocated out of there sockets, but still Crystal  pressed down even more. This was exciting but also extremely difficult to watch something I didn't even think was possible. The woman's head was being pushed into her neck, which then collapsed into her chest, but still Crystal kept pushing down…

Part 14..yes it even more gory..

Next came her chest and breast which resembled an accordion since most or all her interior bones and ligaments had been destroyed.I thought this was gruesome enough,but her temper seemed to add to her already incredible strength. Next I had to vomit, cause the sound of her pelvis and legs snapping to fit into the toilet I just couldn't hold it in any longer, and still she wasn't finished. The woman was long gone at this point,but Crystal was trying to prove a point and show off to me with another unbelievable strength feat. With that being said all I could  see of the woman, was just her hair. This girl was so strong that she not only just crushed a grown woman inside this Shitty toilet, but continued to push it down until I saw the entire toilet being pushed down thru the tiled floor where you could no longer see there was a toilet even there at all. Then she punched thru the wall and grabbed some pipes, and washed the blood and shit off her hands and crushed it closed flat in her fist.

 Walking over to me and reaching between my legs she picks me up and kisses me with so much passion using her tongue to explore all around the inside of my mouth,that my erection grows in her hand from being airborne for over 2 minutes of kissing. She then smiled mischievously and for me, she slowly curls her arm up to wear i could see her bicep flexing with no apparent strain with my weight(6'2 190lbs). She doesn't stop the her curl though, and now Im heading toward the ceiling of the bath room. With me basically sitting on her hand like a park swing with legs dangling at least 3 ft off the floor,and with her free hand she grabs my zipper and simply rips it off and throws it, wear it was embedded half way thru another wall..geez, just how strong is this girl. Now I'm sitting in the palm of her hand, and my dick has sprung out since the removal of my zipper. She licks her lips and curls me into her mouth,sucks on the head of my dick then curls me even further into her hot mouth all the way to my balls, where she just sucks like an expert hooker. It's becoming way too much for me and I warn her that I'm about to cum. She looks up and with her eyes says..bring it..So i did for at least 2 minutes. She sucked every last drop from me, and still didn't put me down.

 She just let me lay my head on her shoulder as she walked toward the opposite wall from the entrance. I raised my head a little and whispered to her I thought  the exit was thru the front. She just pats my head, and tells me when you're as strong as me, you can create any exit that you want. Next thing it feels like she's squatting down, then I hear lots of cracking, then steel screaming, then plaster and wood falling. She walks through, then from here I lift my head and gasp..the entire outside wall that leads to the back hallway is hanging from the beams in broken pieces continually piling up. I am realizing what she just did..she bent down and stuck her fingers thru the concrete and wood of the floor and just lifted it up like she was opening an apartment window. Uh ohh, I think she can feel my dick poking her shoulder..I've recovered a little, and wanted to know has she always been this strong..She stops,puts me down and says..well believe it or not I discovered i was not only strong, but that i had a terrible temper at 3 yrs old in daycare..She goes now let that sink in..

Part 15...

She grabs my hand, and says I almost forgot that my boyfriend is still wanting to eat some lunch. Oh I'm good I say, I just can't wait to hear your story. She sees a fire extinguisher clamped to the wall, and rips it off and turns it sideways in her hands and crushes it flat. Drops it and tells me NO we're getting you something to eat, then i will tell my handsome,fine ass man all about it, but if we get stopped or something or someone interrupts us, whether it's yours or my phone rings then i will show them NO MERCY!! After that was said she turned to a steel door for the maids and reached up to the top with both hands and just peeled it off the frame and hinges, then picked it up and compressed it over and over until the screaming metal couldn't take it anymore and just disintegrated into nothing. Dusting off her hands, we continue to look for a place to eat. OMG!! you know that just turns me on every time you use your strength like that.She smirks and kisses me on the cheek..Oh I know..and flexed her right arm..boing..I'm ready again..

Looking around I see we're in the hallway that leads to the freight elevator I use for my deliveries. Oh SHITT!! I think to myself that 1 of the elevators is down for maintenance.I say, hey Crystal why don't we just go eat in the mall on the 3 rd fl, trying to get her to turn around before she sees the yellow tape and barriers for maintenance. She says, naw i won't to leave this place for a bit of fresh air and opportunities outside to show off my strength some more for you.I say that's ok really, i just want to get a quick bite to eat here. Suddenly she turns and grabs me by my shirt collar and picks me up,staring evilly into my eyes..what's really going on? Tell me now before i lose my temper and really cause destruction and death to everyone in this mall...Ok,ok..just put me down 1st.No!! tell me now, cause you know your practically weightless to me.Oh.. ok.. It's just that I just remembered that one of the freight elevators were down, and I didn't want you to stop cause I just want to sit down and stare at your loveliness and strong muscular body while we get to know each other better..that's all. Oh, that's alright then, here you can walk on your own even though that bulge is trying to escape since it has nothing holding it back. Good, whew..I thought I wasn't going to have 2 elevators to use anymore.

Oh, you will, but it might not work the same ever again..Ha ha ha..Oh, boy I say.. Now which way do we go..flexing her arm and pointing to the left and right making her bicep jump, then pointing to the left she holds the flex, and places my hand on top. Squeezing my hand in her forearm and bicep she slowly crushes my hand to the point of tears started running down my face. Still crushing my hand..she tells me I better never lie to her again,cause just being her boyfriend, doesn't mean I can just get away with everything. I'm trying to pull my hand out,but it's no use so i just say..I'm sorry it will never happen again. GOOD !! Now wipe those tears from your face, or better yet..let me..she then licks the tears from my face with that long tongue of hers. Again boing!! Instant hardness..She sticks her hand in my pants and just massages my penis to the point of cumming, then she tightens her grip and stops it flat. I thought..what now..she pulls me closer to her, and whispers in my ear, that everytime she goes and destroys, or mangles anything or anyone that I better be hard as a rock at her beck and call. I grit my teeth and say, yes Crystal I understand. Good, now let's go have some fun with the elevator crew..Hahaha..



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Thankx I really appreciate you reading it, and I'm working on something new..
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