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Real Story - Helen's House

Apr 12, 2020 - permalink
I met Helen at a party and we got talking as she was a member of a gym I had just joined. Helen was around 5' 4" slim, but very muscular, especially her upper body. I mentioned that I didn't really know how to work out properly as I had never joined a gym before, and was thinking of hiring a personal trainer. Helen told me not to waste my money, and I could  can work out with her. After our first session, I was amazed how strong she was. We went through all body parts and she executed every exercise with perfect form. For such a slim body, she had wide shoulders that tapered to a flat stomach with clear ab definition. But most of all her best body part were her biceps. Everyone complimented her on her arms, and her biceps were the size of baseballs.

Helen was divorced, and I got the impression that she got a good settlement and didn't need to work, but she owned a ran a small cafe/coffee shop on a trail that was popular with bikers, runners, roller bladers etc. I used to stop in for a drink when I went biking on the trail. One day I was having a coffee inside the cafe, and Helen was working behind the counter. An irate woman came in and stood in the doorway and said to Helen "I need to talk to you." Helen obviously knew her, and it turned out the woman was a neighbor. The woman was clearly annoyed and went on about something to do with Helen being rude to one of her friends. Helen tried to explain what happened, but the woman kept interrupting and was getting louder, demanding an apology. Helen basically said "I'm not discussing this now, come back when the cafe is closed and we can talk about it then." The woman wasn't having any of it and continued ranting. Helen told her that she was blocking the doorway and preventing her customers from coming in. The woman refused to budge. I thought this might get ugly as I knew that Helen, at times, could lose her temper very quickly.

Now here is the incredible part that I remember vividly. The woman was small and I guess weighed about 100 lbs. Helen put her hands under the woman's armpits and lifted her off the ground and at arms length, carried about 15 feet out of the cafe and put her down on the sidewalk. Helen was wearing a tank top, so I got a great view of her biceps and her back muscles just exploded. Helen just turned around and came back into the cafe. After getting over the shock and I guess humiliation, the woman started to move towards the cafe. I feared this might get ugly, when a large guy stood in the doorway. As it turns out he was an off-duty cop having a coffee and saw the whole thing. He told the woman to stay where she was, and that if she tried to enter cafe he would arrest her for trespass as the owner had told her to leave her property. So for the second time in a few minutes the woman was humiliated and she stormed off. I don't know if the woman ever came back, as when I asked Helen she didn't want to talk about it.
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