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1 bitch & 2 bouncers (100% true)

Feb 09, 2020 - permalink
Ken and I went to the bar. It was crowded and the music was loud. Kens girlfriend showed up and came with Sharon. Sharon once killed a car. Her husband pissed her off and she beat his cherry 55 Chevy to death with a baseball bat. There were no panels untouched and no glass left. The car was considered a total. At our table in the bar someone was throwing ice cubes at our group. I had no idea where they were coming from. Then a large (not fat) girl looked like she was headed to the bathroom and passed our table. Sharon stood up and pushed the bitch throwing the cubes. The girl fell back but did not fall. The bitch said "I bit off more than I can chew" and left, fast. Then 2 bouncers showed up. Sharon stood up and pushed the 1st bouncer so hard he fell backwards onto his ass. Then Sharon threw her mixed drink in the second bouncers face and blinded him. That was our chance, Ken I ran out right then and there! This true story is accurate, I remember like it was yesterday.

A little foot note, years later, there was a girl on a high school wrestling team in our city. Unbelievably it was Sharon's daughter.
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