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Story: Cindy's Muscle Obsession

Jan 31, 2020 - permalink
Cindys Muscle Obsession. Part 1
Written by FOKERZ

It was in this moment, right after I escorted her home. About time, thought I to myself, breathed in for some courage and said to my girlfriend Cindy “You know I simply can’t stop thinking about how am I impressed by you, maybe today is the day when I could watch you… working out?” She exanimated me with her right eyebrow and said after a short pause “Well, okay, let’s do this. However, you have to know something about me… I am delighted how good we get along together and anyway I wanted to tell you this sooner or later… The thing is, I am addicted to pushing my body and muscles to the limit… and then maybe even over it. I just need to be sure… you can stand it, seeing me going really… hardcore.” Her words sounded very serious. “You can count on me” I said, my voice full of excitement. “Maybe I could even help you, as you know I’m quite a gym rat myself.” While saying this, I have noticed some tiny fire explosions in her beautiful eyes. The corners of her mouth went up, her full crimson red lips stretching in a smile of enthusiasm. “Follow me,” she whispered. I looked around briefly to reassure was I dreaming or not and entered Cindy’s house. It was a bit darker in the corridor, with some light coming from the far side of it. In these rays of distant light, my girlfriend’s perfect V-shape looked truly amazing from the back. Her tight buttocks made me think she has some serious glutes under her close-fitting dress.

We have been dating for almost two month and from the very first day, I could not resist her wonderful figure of a fitness model. However, she was usually quite shy when we happen to speak about how great and sporty her shape is. Time to time Cindy only fleetingly mentioned something about her weight-lifting sessions and how much time she needs to improve her performance and stamina. She spoke also about the will power and the influence of it on her trainings. Her talks surprised me a bit, as she was only 18 and the echoes of obsession that I could hear in her voice during such conversations made me think she is a very unusual girl. I liked it.

All these glimpses of memories were travelling in my head when we went down to the basement and entered one of the most professionally equipped gym I have ever seen. Not less than one hundred square meters were full of various workout stations, free weights of all kinds, bars, dumbbells, chains and some unknown pieces of training devices were gathered in this temple of hard trainings. The walls were mounted with mirrors.  Impressed by all these tons of metal and their reflections, I turned to Cindy and said, “Show me how strong your body is”
Looking my in the eye, she took her dress off and I could finally enjoy the view of her wonderful athletic body, wrapped only in a sporty looking bra and a black thongs. Her magnificent physic transfixed me, mainly the condition of Cindy’s musculature. Her muscles were not specifically huge in their relaxed state, but the definition could not be described differently but the very most shredded and hardcore. She tensed up her legs and her veiny thighs contracted, showing a remarkable definition of each muscle group. Her “belly-muscles” were extremely visible. To my amazement, Cindy somehow managed to develop an 8-pack! My athletic girlfriend turned a bit sideways so I could get a better view of her midsection. She grabbed the thin upper part of her thongs with two fingers and pulled it a tiny bit lower to expose the sacred musculature that it was hiding. My mouth began to open unconsciously, when I saw the fifth row of abdominal cubes. The veins were also fully present on them. “Impossible…” I slurred. Cindy was clearly delighted of my astonished look while I was greedily discovering her outstanding midsection. The core of it had as many dips and cracks as a well-travelled asteroid. Every smooth area of her stomach was flanked almost immediately by deeply etched crevices formed from interlocking muscles. And then she inhaled, which brought her muscle cubes to immediate attention. Her stomach solidified into what looked like solid brickwork of neatly cordoned sections starting from just below the fabric of her thongs all the way up and under her hard pectorals, which I’ve so foolishly mistaken for breasts when I first met her. Her insanely developed fifth pair of abs bulged out to such an extent that the thongs bulked up, making her panties form more of a peak than a flat area. Looking at the material, I could easily recognize outlines of the veins, running over this gawd-knows-how-hard-to develop pair of muscles. “Uff… I’ve worked tuff on them, honey… Can’t wait to show you how hard can they get and… how much can I lift with them…”
Jan 31, 2020 - permalink

I could hardly believe what I was hearing and seeing. Checking reflection in the mirror on my left, I marvelled the amazing abdominals and obliques from a new perspective. All I could do was just to stay in front of my beefy girlfriend and marvel at her, continuing to examine the extremely shredded frame she has built. Cindy crunched down on her left side causing her obliques and serratus to pop out with a mind numbing definition. They looked as if they were four interlocking fingers covered by a layer of skin that looked like it was more wax than skin at this point. Maze works of veins crisscrossed over her abdominals as well as her obliquus, which were made extremely clear when she exhaled a second time, still holding her side crunch. She swayed her hips back and forth while breathing and exhaling, twisting and crunching while showing me her spectacularly cut midsection from every angle until I began to shake my head from left to right, refusing to believe she could be so ripped.

Her voice brought me back from a dreamy trance when I moved my eyes to her impressive muscular biceps “Let’s get… these muscles… burning…But at first I need a warmup…” Cindy made her way over to the free weights with a clear intent to give her arms some attention. There was a metal rack lined up against the wall with 4 pairs of dumbbells on it: 10-, 20-, 30- and 50-kg. She then picked a pair of 30-kg dumbbells, gripping both firmly and slowly curled them, enjoying the sensation. “Ohhh… yess…” Breathing out she started doing fast curls with them. Five reps… ten… twenty… The weight seemed was struggling to provide an appropriate resistance to my girlfriends bulging arms, but was doomed to fail. “Holy shit! You are strong!” I watched as more veins started to travel over her bulky peaks. I myself was proud of my 15-inches biceps and those dumbbells would have leave me besieged for so many reps. Her massive arms were probably bigger than mine now as she was furiously pumping them right in front of me. Cindy’s face expression changed as she passed the rep number twenty-five, her breathing became harder. Having her eyes on me, she pushed her bulging arms with ever incising amount of veins on them to perform thirty incredible curls of perfect form and put the heavy dumbbells back on the rack.

Not giving herself even a slightest break, Cindy grabbed the intimidating 50-kg dumbbells. And rep after rep she went on! Her skin began to glister with sweat, the peaks of her screaming biceps got even more defined and I could see a small bulge on the upper surface of each peak! Her muscles were growing as she huffed and puffed, bringing the weighty pieces of metal to her shredded shoulders repeatedly. After insanely fast twenty reps, my amazing girlfriend was really struggling to go on. She performed another five in a slow determined pace and put the heavy dumbbells back.

The metal rack with the 10-, 20-, 30-kg dumbbells on it shook a bit when the pair 50’s joined the others. What happened next has totally blown my mind, Cindy breathed out, placed her hands on the central grips of the metal rack and whispered “Now it’s time… for an extra heavy set… I want to see what I can curl… for you…” she stated. I only shrugged and nodded. “Sure…” Gawd, I enjoyed so much seeing her pumping heavy iron. She gave me a quick smile and with a gut-wrenching groan lifted the dumbbell rack from the floor, looking over and seeing the heavy weights on it trembling but staying firmly on their fixed places! More than 220 kg began to rise higher, lifted by her amazingly muscular arms! Breathing in short strokes, Cindy straightened her back and in front of the mirror, right by me. A serious expression came over her angelic young face. She exhaled and, to my amazement, began to curl all this weight! “Ughhhaa….!” Steadily, the giant weight rose, as did her biceps. If the veins on her arms were well visible before, they became extremely fat and noticeable now. “Nghaa… one… two… three…” Cindy counted while curling, her voice sounded unbelievably sexy. Insanely, she continued to pump her biceps more and more, each curl of a perfect form, each curl pushing her biceps further. She was at 10 now, and she has slowed to a rhythmic pump. Her skin screamed, stretched by all the mass of huge muscles under it. The degree of her pump made me refuse to believe I was witnessing this live. “Yes… look at them… my biceps… look how big… I’ve trained them for you… urgghh…” She gritted her teeth and grunted, forcing the 15th rep out.

“Uff… More…!” she yelled to herself, willing herself on. Meanwhile I stood there flabbergasted, losing my grip on reality. As she completed her 17th rep, she took in a deep breath and pumped her 18th and 19th curls. Sweat now visibly running down her cheeks. I could see bunches of thick veins starting to course up her chest and neck. Cindy’s bicep went insane. With a guttural roar, she slowly raised all the weight above right angle, completing the rep. “One…more…” she exhales as she lowered it and readied herself. I noticed that a very small tear has appeared on her stretched bra. She began the ascension of her final repetition, at agonizingly slow pace. A multitude of thick veins ran their way up her neck as she squeezes her eyes shut, as she got stuck just below the right angle, fighting to keep it upright. It occurred to me I have to motivate my unbelievable girlfriend, seeing how she inches the incredible weight further up for the 21st rep. “You can do it Cindy! Show me, how hard you are!” I yelled, immersed in the sparkling battle between extremely pumped up girl and heavy weight.

“This… is… for… you…!” She practically screamed as her arms went nuclear, furiously surging upwards with renewed vigor. “Rip!” her top stretched too much and her man-shaming pecs tore through the fabric…
Jan 31, 2020 - permalink

Cindy's Muscle Obsession. Part 2

“This… is… for… you…!” She practically screamed as her arms went nuclear, furiously surging upwards with renewed vigour. Her top stretched oh so tight over her man-shaming pecs straining the fabric. More than 220 kg of metal forced up to the maximum reach and then with a loud grunt she dropped the barbell to the floor. Cindy’s arms were grotesque, a squirming mass of twitching muscle fibres with worms for veins sprawling themselves across her gigantic balls of muscle. She looked me in the eye and brought her hands into the most insane and impressive double biceps pose. “Incredible,” was all I could say. Cindy giggled in a very erotic way stabilizing her breathing and said “I’ve been waiting for a chance to show you my workouts for so long… glad you… like what you see…,” she whispered the last words slowly, releasing her flex and turning sideways to me. Then she curled her arm into a side chest pose. Her right pectoral muscle began to grow, a striated plate of she-beef was progressively extending forward and up to her chin, stretching her sports bra to the max. My muscular girlfriend licked her lips again and lifter her head up, flexing her chest even harder.

“Nghhhaaaa…”, unable to contain so much mass, her sports bra started to rip apart! My mouth hung agape at the sight of the young muscular Adonis standing before me. She had no normal boobs at all! Only rock-hard pecs almost 4-inches deep. Her erect nipples where looking straight down to the floor. I could not believe how one can reach such an extreme level of muscularity being only 18 years old! Especially being such a pretty girl as Cindy was. When all the torn pieces of her bra touched the floor, she raised her arms behind her head, inhaled quickly and then exhaled into the craziest abdominal flex. Her abs hardened into ten striated lumps, more veins started bulging on them. The only peace of clothes she had now was her tight black lycra thong.

“Ughh… now… let’s start… the workout…”, she moved to the centre of her huge gym and stood under a bar for chin-ups. Cindy started to attach a thick 20-kg metal weight-chain to each of her ankles asking me softly, “Tell me, how many chin-ups can you do?”. What has wondered me there were dozens of free-hanging hooks connected to these heavy chains. “Hmm, I think I can go for 20, maybe 25”, of course I lied, knowing my best would probably be 10 or 12 on a good day. “Good…”, a light smile appeared on her beautiful face, “Then you know what it takes to… lift yourself up this way…”, she moved her shredded body with the sound of heavy chains scratching the floor to stand right under the bar. I noticed plenty of iron balls gathered where she stood. There was a mark “10kg” on most of them. “I want you… to help me with this exercise…”, with that she jumped to the bar and brought her legs horizontal to the floor, hanging there in this extreme position with 40 kilograms of extra weight! She pointing her toes as well, causing the calves muscles to jump into big heart-shaped pieces of corded musculature.

“Come closer, here’s what we’ll do. I’ll do chin ups, and after every 10 reps you attach a 10-kg weight to each of the chains on my ankles. Okay?” I only shook my head up and down, not quite sure what was about to happen. I stared at her incredibly muscled and ripped body, hanging from the bar by the bulkiest arms I have ever seen. And then she began to perform steady pull-ups of perfect form keeping her legs horizontal to the floor. I could hear her soft grunts of efforts as Cindy’s arms rose bringing up her body and the heavy chains. I swear I could even hear her biceps expanding, growing like mountains as she mastered rep after rep. The muscle angel breathed out “Ughh… ten…, add more weight…” Her body shook a little, as I put a 10-kg ball to each of the weighted chains. It seemed to make almost no difference to her and she carried on to do this incredibly difficult exercise. I simply stood in awe, watching the show, watching her muscles flex and work harder and harder. “Uff… Twenty… more… weight…”, her voice brought me out of my hungry starring at her extremely ripped body. I hurried and connected two more balls (gosh they were heavy to carry and I had to lift them one by one with my hands), bringing the whole weight on her legs to remarkable 80 kilograms! The skin covering Cindy’s ten-pack was so tight that I could see the how her huge abs blocks were tightening more as she managed to raise her legs and the weights higher.

“Ughhhaa… yes… watch me working out… for you… nghhaa…” She licked her lips and I saw beads of sweat rolling down her beautiful, a bit contorted face. I knew that she was straining now, yet to do so many pull-ups with your legs horizontal would be a challenge almost for everybody, but my illegally muscled and ripped girlfriend was doing them with extra 80 kilos attached to her legs! Her arms bent again and she kept rising, going for her 21st rep.
Every time she reached the top, her biceps peaked like rockets and stitches popped. More thick veins appeared on them, they were almost as thick as my fingers! I looked again on her mind-blowing abdominal wall – 10 perfectly shaped cubes, size of the bowling balls were working hard to keep the extra weight there. A huge throbbing vein snaked across the peak of each of this hard-rounded muscle blocks that you would die for. Gosh, how hard do you have to punish your abs to get them this extremely ripped!? I leaned closer to get a better look – each of her abdominals under her paper-thin skin was like a monster ready to burst from beneath the waves. “Ughh… yessss… I trained them… so hard… for you…”, Cindy’s voice was still sexy and soft despite her ever-increasing efforts to perform pull-up after pull-up. I could not resist and touched her sweat abs. Crazy, they were so hard and powerful, pulsating with unimaginable female power. “Mhaaaa…”, a low moan of passion sounded in Cindy’s throat. I knew I shouldn’t have been, but I was getting hard and so taken by this sheer feat of strength she was doing right in front of me. Nothing felt as hard as those abdominal muscles though, not even the steel weighted chains attached to her legs.

“Thirty…”, she murmured and held herself up for a moment, with her huge pecs pressing on the bar from underneath. Her long erect nipples looking straight down, placed so lovely on the underside of her mammoth chest, gosh her pectorals were so big that they had an underside! Her breathing became harder and I thought that she might be finished, but she lowered herself again. In between louder feminine groans Cindy ordered to put more weight, making it 100 kilograms in total! Incredibly, she did more reps, her arms getting bigger, her huge back spreading wider with each torturous repetition. Cindy looked straight on me as she pumped out rep after sweat jerking rep! Grunting and sobbing, reaching the rep number 40. She panted and paused again. In disbelief I picked up the next 10 kg weighted balls but she shouted “No…”. Finally, this could not go on forever and even her extreme strengths and muscularity have limits. How wrong I was… What happened next made me fall to my knees.

Cindy gritted her teeth, looked up at the ceiling and I watched in awe as her legs began to move to the sides, bringing her body to a perfect hanging in the air split position! With 50 kilograms of extra weight attached to each ankle! When she did this impossible split she starred back at me, the corners of her mouth lifted a bit and she flexed her pecs one after another, making them bounce and dance for me. Her body was a pure radiating lust. I could not tear my eyes away from her. All this extreme muscularity of my young beautiful girlfriend was driving me crazy, I simply could not believe how could she be so strong. Her words brought me back from my trance: “Add… more… weight…”, again I obeyed, putting 10 more kilos to each of her ankles. She just hung there. I thought now she is not able to lift herself with so much iron on her legs. Her voice hit me like a storm “More… put… more… ughhh…”. I added another weighted balls and then, not waiting for her respond a pair more. Now she had 80 kilograms on each of her trembling legs! How could she keep them like that would I never know. Her body shaking but her hands were holding the bar firm. Cindy looked me straight in the eye and whispered “This… is… for… you…”. Her huge arms started the next set of pull-ups…

To be continued….
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