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Girl vs Girl Armwrestling

Jan 20, 2020 - permalink
Please post your female vs female armwrestling stories here.

Mine is an experience from highschool. During gymclass all the girls started armwrestling eachother and it turned out to be quite the competition. The best matches were between four girls: two of them were cheerleaders, a brown haired one who was probably the best allround athlete of the group whose arms swole up double the size whenever she moved.  The black haired Cheer was into lifting weights and she had really toned arms but was the lightest in weight. Both cheerleaders had great biceps and amazing strength for their size. The third one was a swimmer and volleyball player with long blonde hair who possesed an amazing biceps pop when she flexed and an almost  baseballsized peak. The fourth and last girl was a judoka and track athlete with thick, muscular arms and hands and a slim muscular body to go with it.
It started of with the judoka slamming down arms of other girls in class with ease and talking smack about them. So the blonde swimmer challenged her and the two girls got into a heated match. First the judoka was joking about breaking the swimmers arm but the match quickly turned into a stalemate. The judoka had a slight advantage but she grew a surprised look on her face since the blonde girl was the first to match her strength. The surprised look quickly diminished as both girls started pushing harder and the their faces turned red. The judoka gave it her best try to win but the swimmers forearm didn't move an inch. After about 15 seconds the blonde girl managed to slowly push down the judokas arm for the win and the judoka gave a disappointed cry having been defeated for the first time.
Next up the two cheerleaders went at it and the black haired, smaller one went on to win surprisingly, since her arms, altough muscular an equipped with a big strong biceps, seemed the weakest of the group.
So the blonde swimmer and blackhaired cheerleader faced of in the final. They started pushing and immideatly their biceps grew big on their arms. Their arms were trembling and shaking from the strain they put into the competition. Both of them had their heads bent forward and they really concentrated on the fight. They stalled, shaking in the middle position for about 20 seconds before the black haired girl started to overpower the armmuscles of her opponent, slowly pushing the blonde girls arm down. After their fight both girls were visibly exhausted and just started laughing and high fived after the armwrestle.
Then the judoka faced of against both cheerleader. The judoka was really eager to win after her first loss, but couldn't move the arms of the cheers. The brown haired cheer was up first and struggled mightily against the thick muscles of the judoka. The cheer came up with the win in the end but not after her biceps seemingly almost ripped through her tanned skin. Then the black haired cheerleader took down the judoka quite with ease, since the biceps of her opponent got tired. After losing out to all the girls with comparable strength to her own, the judoka was really frustrated and she then proceeded to stand quietly besides the other fights and massaged her sore biceps.
Lastly the blonde swimmer and the brunette cheer had a go at it. The blonde girls lips were pierced together as she forced the hand of the brunette cheer down. It took some trembling and straining but in the end the brunette cheers arm couldn't hold up against the popping biceps of the swimmer.
Some other girls also had some nice competitive matches, but none of them had arms that could compare to the guns of those four girls.
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