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College Muscle Story

Jan 03, 2020 - permalink
Here my happy muscle woman story!  Names have been withheld to protect the innocent and built! 

I met this woman in college. She was on the school rugby team. We meet in another school active. She was 5 7, dark hair, dark skin, funny, smart as a whip, and solid as a rock. She had the nature strength and stamina of a comic book superhero. Plus, she power lifted amazing amounts of iron. So after a couple of years of friendship. We become roommates.

So we had a couple of grope-a-thorn while drinking but no sex. We stayed down at school that summer. She told me was very impressive with my make out skills and my very large male member.

She says she does not have sex with men who got smaller muscles than her or weaker than her. But she offered to muscle me up! Who can refuse an offer like that. I was about 5 8 in height and 150 pounds. She muscled me up 25 pounds that summer, and 20 some pounds the next summer and true to her word.

We become friends with benefits. I found out we both had the same level of sex drive and stamina in the bedroom. She was hard to please in the bedroom and few men could keep up with her! So for almost 3 years she becomes my workout coach / love/ friend.

After we graduate she bulks up in size and strength (and got full D cups boob on my advice, she was small B before that, but I talked her into going full D instead of full C cup when she got implants). She did all these power lifting events over the years. She could in the gym do over 450 pounds dead lifts for multi reps and 470's pound plus for single reps. And bench her body weight with no problem.  Massive leg presses.  Overhead press way more than her body weight, etc! 

Just to prove she was WAY above normal with real facts. She did this study at college for 500$. They hook her up to all these NASA / Olympics type machines to check her body functions while working out. She score so high on some of them. It was off the charts and the software could not compute it! The funny thing was. she was just getting over a very bad cold. So she was not at her normal game level for those tests. If she had been, she probably would blow the machines up with the results!

A few years go by and we both challenge each other to get huge and strong. I just got big (230's lbs. of solid muscle), I'm strong but not muscle head strong. We lived in different cities but our jobs sent us to each other cities all the time. That was a bang fest and-a-half at each other places or hotels during those times.

Anyhow she meets this guy (an accountant skinny but fit) of course she turns him into Arnold S before they get married. I guess according to several ex-gf of his. He got a firehose for a third arm. She was a size queen in more way than one, that for sure.

But she did me a solid before she got hitched. I was grooms man at her wedding.  Almost all her friends were very fit!  This one was the top of the heap of her social muscle circle! She made sure we partner up at the wedding, with one of her bridesmaids. She a bodybuilder /powerlifter / cross-fit nut. Think 5 5 in height 160 pounds of blonde muscle woman with DD size fake but so real natural-looking and feeling boobs.  Massive quads, traps, and back, huge shoulders, the works!  A offseason FBB size for sure! She just broke up with her bf who was a huge male BB but was awful in the bedroom.   

So she was in desperate need of good loving! We hit it off and spent the whole week watching my friend house and dogs and banging like the words were going to end. It was like some sort of comic book female warrior come to life.   So, much muscles and womanhood on her! It was amazing.

I do feel bad for her husband. Poor guy required to lift like a manic to keep her happy. But then again he got superwoman to keep him happy at home! ! They got 3 kids and she still got a body like an amazon warrior! Sounds like an even trade to me

I hope this story cheered you up.
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