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Attacked while washing dishes, true

Dec 20, 2019 - permalink
I'm 26 years old. It's afternoon and I'm washing dishes. The neighbor girl Nancy walks through the open back door near where I'm washing dishes. She was 18 and about 5'6" tall, all muscle, and she knows it. I saw her come in right next to me. Without saying a word she grabbed my soapy hands. We were face to face. I towered over her, I'm 6' tall. She tried to move me and I tried to move her. The strength contest was on. I could barely move her. It was summer and she's wearing shorts and a T-shirt. That little body was amazing. Her biceps were shaped like footballs although not as big, but close to it. After about 5 minutes of full on flexing she started to tire out and quit, then with a grin walked out the door. The encounter was our little secret. I never told her boyfriend. Greg was also a renter at the house and he told me Nancy was strong as hell. He must have also had an encounter with Nancy. I honestly believe that she wrestled guys for exercise and did it at least once a day. She knew flexing as hard as she could for as long she could was her secret to maintaining her muscles and she needed guys for her workouts. True story.   
Dec 20, 2019 - permalink
Your " Stories"  are as Good as the Micks
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