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Muscle Girl Reunion

Dec 08, 2019 - permalink
In the spirit of the holiday season, my wife suggested I post part of my book (partially in the hopes you'll purchase a copy of the short story compilation coming out in January to support 3 charities) Built: Making the Most Muscular Woman https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T9WNQB6  Let me know if you'd like me to continue to post the rest of the chapter. Happy Holidays!


Now that Lizzy had a new wardrobe, courtesy of Vassalisa, I was excited to see what she would wear to the reunion. When she emerged from the closet she took my breath away. A high, white dress with a gold Grecian collar hid her pecs, which had the effect of highlighting her shoulders even more. Capped in muscle and adorned with deep striations they curved down to meet her peaked biceps in the front and a deep divot of a tricep in the back. Her triceps jutted out almost as much in the back as her biceps did in the front. A spectacle of muscle, she somehow managed to look almost demure with the high collar.

“Come on, don’t keep me in suspense. Show me the back,” I said.

With that she turned slowly and I saw where the real show-stopper of the dress lay, in the back that scooped so low it showed her entire back, down to the top of her glutes and the two dimples I loved to rest my fingers in. The dress fell mid-calf and had a large slit up the front that showed her legs as she walked. I was mesmerized watching her walk across the floor, trying to catch a glimpse of her legs and my cock throbbed every time I did. As she stepped into her four inch heels she grew to my height and the effect was staggering. She looked truly massive, yet feminine and when she smiled I was caught up in her eyes and the woman I had fallen in love with months ago. Her hair was pulled back from her face in two small braids that met in the back. A gold arm band that strained against her biceps and long, gold hoops completed the image of a Grecian Goddess.

Once at the school, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. All of the practices and games I’d played here decades before seemed freshly reborn. I longed to discuss these memories with my high school teammates and relive our glory days once again. Yet I had mixed emotions when I entered the gymnasium. In my mind, I was walking in with the most fantastically beautiful woman in the world, but I knew there would be varying opinions on Lizzy. I hoped people would be at least polite and suspected given the occasion that would be the case.

Lizzy looked ravishing that evening and hugely muscular. Her dress accentuated the symmetry of her tiny waist and wide lats. Of course, even if she had come in a large paper bag, she was going to attract attention. In the moments where Lizzy hadn’t been working out the past week she had been huddled over the computer emailing Vassalisa regarding the dress. Every detail of the dress was checked, discussed, and confirmed. Anxiously, she had started biting her nails, worried about every detail. I knew how women could be about their appearance and the importance of showing up looking their best at these social occasions. But I could sense something else in Lizzy’s screening for the perfect evening attire. She was proud. She wanted to show off.

 “I want you to be…pleased with me...” She said one night, almost nervously, before quickly closing the browser on her computer to hide the dress the two of them had finally scripted together. What I wouldn’t be fully aware of until later was that the dress then had to be taken in especially and tapered in around her still relatively tiny waist and steel hard obliques, before being let out again to accommodate her protruding, built, halve-cantaloupe thick glutes. The effect that the tailoring had along the hard-muscular curves of her body was mesmerizing and was I nearly lost my balance as I saw Lizzy’s legs cross in front of me as we exited the car in the old school parking lot.

I’d always been comfortable being the center of attention and was sometimes seen as the goofball in high school and college. Still, the level of scrutiny we received within minutes of walking in that night was unprecedented. It was as if Lizzy was a celebrity or we were a bad accident on the side of the road. What I first noticed was of course the reactions in the gym. It could have just been my imagination, but I felt like I was in one of those scenes in a movie where the record suddenly scratches to a stop and the entire place goes silent. It hadn’t actually, but if it had could you blame them?

Lizzy’s near male bodybuilder build was truly an anomaly. She was bigger, as big as pretty much any male on the Mr. Olympia stage, but still wrapped the granite sinewy muscle into the mold and shape of a curvy woman. The oaken thickness of her coarse-grained muscles were crossed with ripped sinews, showcasing her vast reservoirs of unspeakable power. I was pretty sure that if she wanted to, with the merest flick of one of her manicured polished fake nails she could unleash the power of a boxer’s punch. All that, added to her brazen femininity, made even her mere presence more intoxicating than sipping the strongest alcohol. It was no lie to say that you could get ‘muscle drunk’ off just the sight of her. And now, here I was, back with my old chums unleashing that power on them.

Scanning the crowd in our first moment in the gym I saw a variety of reactions in seconds. On the left were a group of girls chatting like they were still a clique in high school. The chatting ceased immediately as they looked at Lizzy. One of the women was so dumbfounded by Lizzy’s figure that she literally dropped her jaw making a wide O and put her fingers over her mouth. Whispering commenced around the gym and as I scanned there were couples looking shocked and the women seemed to alternate between revulsion and jealousy. There weren’t many noncommittal when it came to Lizzy, though many were stunned silent.

Given the level of notice we received, I thought Lizzy might become a shrinking violet. Instead, it was like the power she felt coursing through her body had covered her with a heavy coat of confidence. Doubtlessly, she saw the heads turn and jaws drop, but she walked in smiling and laughing, arm around me as if I was her possession. If anyone was uncomfortable it was me. She could sense it immediately, leaned into me and whispered, “Just revel in the attention. It makes it easier.” As if to prove her point she reached up and itched her scalp, flexing her monstrous biceps with the act.

I flinched and had to stop myself from putting her arm back down wary of even more attention. Instead, I managed to control myself and told her, “I’ll try.” Suddenly it dawned on me how much she had changed over the past eighteen months. Skinny, scared, and self-conscious Elizabeth had not only developed Herculean muscularity and physical strength. Her inner character had evolved nearly as much, becoming confident, dominant and self-assured. I pledged to be as self-assured as I could about the woman who I loved, no matter what others thought of her.
Jan 30, 2020 - permalink
As I scanned the crowd in the gym I felt a little nervous that I wouldn’t see anyone I knew. Finally, I saw a girl I recognized with her hand wrapped around a man and speaking with another couple. It seemed like a safe entry point for a conversation starter and I told Lizzy that I’d located someone I knew.

“What’s her name?” Lizzy asked as we walked over.

“Rebecca,” I answered.

Lizzy snorted. “Did you like her for her arms?”

“No, it wasn’t like that” I responded. The truth was though, that I had always admired her body. Though she had put on some weight, she still had nice arms and shoulders. As I looked at her now though, I realized how insignificant her toned muscle was compared to Lizzy. I really had the one in a billion woman and I no longer needed to survey the room for her competition. There was literally nobody who fell into her category.

We walked over and when there was a break in the conversation I said, “Sorry to interrupt you guys. Hey Becky, how have you been?” She looked at me and I watched the recognition flash across her face. Perhaps it took a moment longer because her eyes kept flicking back and forth between me and Lizzy.

“Hi, Andrew, right?”

“Yah, that memorable huh? I go by Drew now,” I laughed.

“No, I’m just bad with names. It’s good to see you Drew.” Her eyes flicked to Lizzy once again and I startled, realizing that I’d forgotten to introduce the center of attention in the room.

“This is my girlfriend, Elizabeth.” Lizzy reached her hand out to shake, but Becky leaned in and gave her a hug instead being wrapped in Lizzy massiveness.

“Nice to meet you Elizabeth.”

“You too, Becky. Call me Lizzy. How did you know Drew?”

“Oh, I was his best friend’s girlfriend for a couple of years, but I think he might have had a crush on me too. Did you Drew?”

“I’ll take the fifth,” I responded.

“I’m sure he did,” Lizzy said jumping in. “He likes fit women.”

“I can see that hasn’t changed” replied Becky. “I need to try what you’re doing. If I could have half your muscle I’d be in heaven. You’re as hard as a rock. I assume you bodybuild?”

It was a colossal understatement, but Lizzy took it in stride. “A little.”

“If she means by that I like ice cream a little, then I guess she’s right” I said laughingly as I padded my tummy. Lizzy laughed and everyone joined her. As she did, I looked over anxiously watching Lizzy’s thick mountainous back dangerously stretching the seams of her tailored dress. It seemed even a backless dress couldn’t contain her thick walls of muscularity and I wondered if she had gotten bigger in the week since she had been measured. When her laughing ceased the emergency was averted and a woman who I didn’t know leaned over and looked at Lizzy like she’d seen a ghost.

“Wait. Are you Elizabeth Armstrong?”

Lizzy looked at her, and returned the same look. “Jenny Garcia?” The woman nodded. “This isn’t our reunion. What are you doing here?”

“I thought it was you. Your voice sounded so familiar, but you’ve…”

“Grown,” Lizzy finished for her.

“Yah. What happened to you?” Jenny asked.

“I ran away, troubles at home” Lizzy responded. “But why are you here?” Her casual arm motions emphasized her bicep peak and I once again thought about and how she looked after the shower less than an hour before. My manhood began to firm and I tried to focus on the conversation and Jenny to avoid an embarrassing situation. Images of Lizzy’s powerful pecs and her playful nipples wouldn’t leave my head and though I was interested in hearing about Lizzy’s past, I figured it best to beat a hasty retreat before I was the laughing stock of the evening. I saw my teammates huddled across the gym and thought it might be a good time to visit them.

I waited for Jenny to answer, “Troy is my husband. What are the chances?” She shook her head in irony regarding the situation as she introduced him and we both shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you guys. Not to run out, but I see some of my old teammates over there.” I turned to Lizzy and showed her and my best friend in high school raised his hand when he saw me nodding in their direction. “Would you mind if I go check in with them? It seems like you have some catching up to do. Or you could come with?”

“I’ll join you in a bit,” she responded. “I’d love to catch up with Jenny here and maybe talk about some of our fun at gymnastics.” As I gave Lizzy a quick peck on the cheek and turned to go, it registered what she had just said. Of course, the idea of Lizzy flipping around and using her strength only accelerated my boner. Uggh, hopefully I could hide it I thought as I walked toward the old gang.
Feb 05, 2020 - permalink
I picked up a drink on the way to join the ‘boys.’ It gave me an opportunity to reverse my growing hard on and get composed before I rejoined the team. Upon my arrival smiles flickered across everyone’s lips as the pride invited one of the former lions back into its midst. After a few high fives and some man hugs the conversation steered away from where I thought it might head. I assumed we’d discuss our lives or rekindle the glory days from the past, but the ‘boys’ shepherded the dialogue straight to Lizzy. Ricky volleyed the first sortie, “So who’s the dude you came with?”

“Lizzy is the LADY I’m came with,” I responded trying not to escalate my voice. Ricky’s salvo opened the floodgates and the boys circled me for the kill. Each attack was followed by a chorus of laughter.

“Well, we know who wears the pants in your family.”

“If she can fit them on,” someone finished.

“Hey, I need someone to mop and broom my house, are you available Drew?” I was inclined to get defensive, but I remained mute. Who was I going to convert anyway?

Finally, after a few more volleys I exploded. “Yah, Lizzy lifts and she is damn strong.”

“Stronger than you?” Steve chuckled.

“Stronger than all of us and you’d love what she can do.” The group grew quiet momentarily and I looked over at Lizzy to see if she was faring better than I. She was still engaged in her conversation and seemed blithely unaware of my situation or the fact that so many eyes in the room still followed her. Perhaps she didn’t care. Archie, who I never liked much, wasn’t ready to let the matter lie. He quickly resumed his position as my least favorite teammate. The guy had been a seldom used post, more of a football player who just liked to hack people and coach used him only when he wanted to get physical. Since he rarely played, I figured, he had always said stupid things to get attention. This time was no different.

“I never figured you’d grow up to be a bitch for some she-man, Drew. Did you consider one of those sex change operations too?” His joke was over the top and the laughing momentarily ground to a halt.

Joe, who had always been our underappreciated six man finally stopped the pile on with an innocent question. “You know…um” he stammered, “what’s it like with someone like her?” Some of the others laughed, but this time it died off quickly. They were eager to hear the answer. His questions let me know that Joe was likely a schmoe too. Partly to encourage him to go for it and partly to get the guys off my back I went all out. In all honesty, I really didn’t have to embellish.
Mar 26, 2020 - permalink
New Section of Built which is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T9WNQB6
The first dance commenced as I made my way back to Lizzy. Her friend had just departed to dance to the first song, Wonderwall. Speaking loudly over the music I asked her, “How was your trip down memory lane?”

“Really good.” Lizzy responded as joy registered throughout her face. “In fact, I think at some point I might want to go home now. Before talking to Jenny, I never wanted to. Maybe I’ll scare Roy.” she joked.

“I think you should,” I joked only half kiddingly as I led her to the tables where we could have our drinks. It would be fun to watch his ass get kissed I thought. “I can’t believe your mom stayed with him.”

“Me neither. It’s been years since I called so I don’t know for sure if she’s still with him. How was your bromance?” Lizzy giggled.

“Umm fine.”

“You’re a terrible liar.”

“No, it was fine. Some of the guys just busted my chops, but it was fine.” I was a terrible liar. Why couldn’t I stop saying ‘fine.’

“It was about me, wasn’t it?”

I hedged on whether or not to tell her. I wanted to protect her but the truth won out. “Yah, it was, but it’s okay. Guys just do that. I’m sure some of them are just jealous.” It was more than that, I knew.

“I’m sorry sweetie,” she expressed before she was interrupted.

A balding old man in a black suit, glasses and stooped over and holding a cane came over and spoke loudly over the music. “Are you Mr. Slone?”

I smiled as I recognized my scariest teacher in high school, Dr. McFadden. He had scared the wits out of freshman for years forcing us to take the ‘thirteen fatal steps to the board’ in front of the class to answer a grammar question. I also recalled that he had a ready-made stamp which said ‘rewrite.’ Most all of us saw it applied to our first papers. As scary as he was I loved him and he dramatically improved my writing. I stood immediately and shook his hand. “Dr. McFadden, it’s so good to see you. Um, this is my girlfriend, Lizzy Armstrong.”
He laughed, “I can’t think of a more appropriate name,” he laughed. “How have you been, Mr. Slone? I’m sorry about your wife.”

“Thanks, Sir.”

“Call me James.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that, but thank you.”

“Would you mind if I had a dance with your girlfriend? I’m not as spry as I used to be and I think she may be strong enough to keep me up.” It was clear that he had a thing for muscular women, both in asking to dance and the way that he studied Lizzy’s frame.

“It’s fine with me, but you’ll have to ask her.”

Lizzy stood up and Dr. McFadden took her hand in a grand gesture and asked her, “Miss Armstrong, would you do an old man the kind favor of joining him for a dance.”

Lizzy beamed. “I’d be honored.” She put her arm around him and helped him to the dance floor. They slow danced to Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me and Lizzy was able to almost carry Dr. McFadden. I watched her amazed that despite her size, she remained so feminine in the way she moved and looked. She was elegant and graceful despite holding up her partner. The way she dwarfed him was almost laughable. She was six inches taller than him and he rested his head, happily, on her thunderous shoulder caps. Her curves were boldy accentuated by her muscularity. When she turned away from me, I saw her massive lats even though they were covered; her thickly developed glutes were prominent. A few steps later as they circled each other on the dance floor she’d face me and I’d be treated to the full round caps of her deltoids and thick arms which wrapped around him. Even at rest, her biceps exploded in a thick ball of vascular muscle. Her eyes twinkled and when she smiled and laughed, she just radiated happiness. Others around her still looked at her in awe and perhaps a few in disgust, but I no longer cared. If they didn’t see her magnificence, I told myself, I didn’t care about them anyway.

I walked over as the song ended to get a dance in with Lizzy. Dr. McFadden thanked her and complimented me, “My boy, you have the most amazing woman in the gym. She’s so hard and soft…” His voice trailed off and he momentarily looked embarrassed. I forgave him instantly knowing what muscle could do to a man who was so inclined. With Lizzy, a schmoe would be entirely defenseless. Finally, he recomposed himself into the teacher I remembered from my youth. “Let’s just say you should recognize that you are a lucky man.”

“Oh, I will Dr. McFadden. Thank you. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think it’s time I dance with her and show her how much I appreciate her.”

Lizzy thanked Dr. McFadden for the dance and then told me, “I’ll be back in just a second. The lady needs to go to the bathroom.” she smirked.

My eyes traced her across the floor as she moved toward the facilities. She walked much the same way that Raisa had walked down the streets of London, chest out, hips swaying, legs crossing in front of each other, only she had far more mass. Her athleticism and muscle had given her a supreme air of confidence. With every step, her corded muscles rippled. She oozed sex appeal and she knew it. I assumed that her performance was strictly for me, but I snickered when I saw others take the bait too. Shortly after Archie followed in Lizzy’s direction and I gave him a completely different look.

As I glared at Archie, Dr. McFadden interrupted my trance asking, “You love her don’t you boy.”

I smiled, “I don’t think I’m a boy anymore, but that’s nice of you to call me that. Yes, yes I do.”

“Well I’m happy you’ve found love again. Don’t take that for granted. Nice seeing you Mr. Slone.” He turned abruptly and headed across the gym.

“Thanks, you too Dr. McFadden.”

“James,” he shouted back with a grin on his face.

Lizzy was gone quite a while in the bathroom and I returned to our table for another drink. After she left, I looked around thinking about how the cards had been reshuffled since high school. Years later nobody gives a damn if the cool kids like you anymore. Everyone was bragging about their exploits and trying to make themselves feel good. People are so fake, I thought, and some are literally so. Numerous women had resorted to fake tits and plastic surgery while the men competed to impress people with how much money and power they had incurred. Lizzy’s work, though aided by the serum, wasn’t made with the cut of a plastic surgeon or a purchase on Amazon. Her work was for real. The place was beginning to disgust me and I began to think it might be time to leave, if Lizzy ever returned. Finally, I decided to go get her and see if she was okay.

As I stood, she reemerged from under the curtains. After perceiving the frauds around me, Lizzy somehow seemed even more refreshing and her air of confidence was alluring. I met her at our table with a couple of new drinks. Fuck the fakeness I thought. “God you’re hot,” I exclaimed so others could hear me proclaim my feelings above the roar of the music.

She smiled, “And you’re going to think that even more so after I tell you what just happened with one of your jock friends.”
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