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biceps Barb, true

Nov 26, 2019 - permalink
I'm around 18 yrs old. I went out to Ed & Barbs farm for a visit. Barb appeared pudgy, but her looks were deceiving. When I got to the house Barb gave me a hug so powerful that she squeezed the air out of me. I placed my hand on her bicep to both feel it and push her away. Her muscle was about 18 inches of solid rock. I said "Jesus Christ Barb!!. Then her husband told me 2 stories. When the pump on the farm went out Barb and the 2 boys (13 &14 yrs old) would go to the mothers house next door for water, about a 1/3 mile away. Barb would compete with the boys hauling water. Each boy carried 1 (5 gallon) bucket and barb would carry 2. In the race back the boys could not beat her.
Ed also had a mentally slow sister living with the mother. The sister looked like a fitness competitor. Tan, veiny, muscular. I mean really attractive. One day the sister was giving the mothers problems, so she called Ed. Barb said she'll handle it, and did. I then asked "what did Barb do?" Then Barb told me what she did. She pulled her down by the hair then grabbed her by the armpits, lifted her up then did it again. The sister had enough. Barb said she looked looked up but could only see her boobs, and not her face. Barb also said the sister moaned and squeezed her legs really hard. Barb stopped short of saying the sister had an orgasm.   
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