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the muscle mom, true

Nov 25, 2019 - permalink
I've moved out of my house (abusive stepfather) after getting a drivers license and a $10 car. I'm 16 years old. I knew Dave at high school and had met his mother a few times. The mother was about 5'6", 35 years old and around 135lb. All muscle. She had big, veiny forearms. The mother let me move into the unused garage. I came into the house one day to use the bathroom and Audrey was in the house. She offered me a bite to eat and we sat at the kitchen table. After eating she said something a little odd. "Would you like a message?". It was out of the blue, I said sure! She put her knees down on the living room carpet and I laid face down in front of her. She work over my skinny hard little body. Then she bore down and I got horny and started to moan. I went into full erection. I did not realize at the time she was using me for a workout. After 20 minutes Audrey's body was warm and red with pronounced veins everywhere. Then she wanted to message my body from the front and I resisted a little and she pulled my over anyway. I was embarrassed. She just ignored the problem and worked me over some more. I was moaning. She must have been enjoying the show. She even had an enjoyable smirk on her face, a sheepish grin. The power of this mother was amazing.   
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