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whorshiping the wife? true

Nov 12, 2019 - permalink
Long summer for the wife. My daughter made a 800 mile move and used my wife as the muscle. My wife moved everything from the 3rd floor apartment into my pickup and put everything in a storage unit. Friends and family helped with the big stuff. My daughter an operation and could not help. I had a business to run an spent very little time helping. My wife said over a few days the belongings got easier to move. Yes, her muscles were growing, no lie. The we loaded a 20ft UHaul truck (yes I helped) the she drove the truck 800 miles and unloaded at the other end. There were no friends or relatives available at the other end so some movers were hired to help with the heavy stuff (3rd floor again), but the wife did here share of the unload. She flew back. Her body was noticeably bigger, Arms, shoulders, traps, pecs, calves and quads. All big and hard. I called her legs "Quadzillas". The summer was not over. Her father (94 years old) wanted to move back to our city from 200 miles away after his 2nd wife died. He used my wife as the muscle. She made 3 trips using 2 trucks. Her sister followed with a SUV but she was to old to help. Then the older sister paid my wife's way to an event in Vegas. My wife walked long distances. I told her in a text I had "quazillaitis" and she flexed for me when she got home. After a long message to her body (she loved it but I was whorshiping). I attacked her twice in 6 hours. Pure heaven.
Nov 20, 2019 - permalink
Awesome story.  Thank you for sharing that
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