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piggyback rides

Oct 07, 2019 - permalink
I used to be on this web site called Experience Project.  It's died off now, but people would share all kinds of random life experiences and others would comment on them, adding their own stories or questions.

Anyway, one discussion I ran across started out with some guy asking if there were many women out there who were strong enough to carry their boyfriends or husbands around, or if that was just something unusual.

One woman responded, saying she'd always been "bottom heavy" with big, strong legs and a really large "bubble butt" with a "shelf".  So pretty much all of her friends and extended family asked her for piggyback rides, and she could carry any of them, no matter how much they weighed. Most of the weight was just supported on her butt, so her legs did all the work. And she said even when she was a lot heavier than she is now, she could easily leg press more weight in the gym than the combined weight of even the biggest guy riding her and her own weight.

I have to say, I'd wondered about that before, when I've run across some of these big gals with massive rear-ends sticking way out. Especially when you see them in shorts with big calves and muscular looking thunder thighs, it just looks like they're built to carry people around.  It's usually the "fitness / crossfit" women you see giving guys a piggyback as part of their training or workouts. But I bet some of these curvy, overweight gals could do it better, just because of their body shape?
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