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true encounters

Sep 21, 2019 - permalink
I'm 16 years old and pumping gas for $2.00 an hour at the little service station with 2 pumps. An old lady pulls in and I recognize her. She lives across the street. While I look under the hood she gets out and starts cleaning her glass. She was probably 60 years old. Her biceps were massive. The size of grapefruits. And each bicep had a thick vein running across. I was so shocked that my adrenaline started going and I was shaking. She may have purposely flexed or maybe not, but I'm sure she knew I was staring at those melons. I knew she worked her garden all the time.

That story reminds me of another encounter. I was living in a friends garage to get away from an abusive step father. I was around 16 at the time. There was no father in the house, just the mother, son (my friend), and a daughter. The mother was well muscled with vascular forearms. With just the 2 of us there one day she offered me a back rub. I laid face down on the floor and she gave me a strong back message. I was moaning, like for real. After wearing herself down she pushed me over onto my back. I was in full on erection and she just ignored it and messaged a little more. I was a mess. 

I have a couple things to add, The mother, Audry, Liked give the kids messages, her daughter, Tamy, and her freinds and her son Dave and his friends. I can only guess she did this for exercise or a workout. She had strong, vascular arms. One day she got mad at Tamy and held her down. Tamy's friend grabbed Audy's arm as if to pull it away and was horrified at the size and firmness of the muscles and scared the poor girl. She ran out the door.   
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