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Fishing boat girl comes to town

Sep 20, 2019 - permalink
The boys from the house were going to meet up with the neighborhood girls at the drive-in. Before we left Nancy said her friend is back in town and said something about the friend was also strong. I took a couple of guys to the drive-in and next thing I know I'm watching the movie alone. Everyone had split up into different vehicles. I'm looking around to see where everybody went and I see a girl sitting alone in my friend Gary's pickup. I had no idea who she was. I asked if she would like some company and she said yes. She was the fishing boat girl. She had spent the summer (at 17yrs of age) working on an Alaskan salmon boat. Her shift was noon to midnight. The fish were almost 5 feet long and weighed 75 to 85 pounds. Her job was to clean and stack on ice. Late in the day the stacked fish on ice would be over her head. The is a true story. It actually happened. Most men would wither under the pressure. She came over the next day and we got to know each other at the table. I was up against the wall and got up to get her a can of pop. As I came around her I touched her shoulder, I don't know if it was on purpose or not. Her shoulders and traps were rock hard and I was completely caught off guard. Keep in mind this girl is 17 years old and I'm 26. She said she was really strong and I believed her. More to come,,,, 
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