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True story about a neighbor and one of her kids

Sep 11, 2019 - permalink
A long time ago, I had new neighbors move in next door to me. It was a divorced mom and her 2 kids. The mom was a heavy-set gal, maybe 5'4" or so and probably 250-260lbs. She wasn't that attractive, but I was really impressed at how strong she was when I offered to sell her my old king sized waterbed. I didn't even get all the water drained out of the mattress too well because I didn't have a good pump for it. She just volunteered to come get it as-is and drag it over to her place to set it back up. I remember it being quite a struggle just trying to get the thing up and over the side of the bed frame and onto the floor. But she came by, saying, "No worries. I'm *really* strong!" and grabbed it, and heaved it right out into the hallway, and drug it right out the front door and across the lawn. And she did it with just enough effort so you could tell it was heavy, but without being close to really struggling. (I'd honestly say she could have drug it back to her place with me lying on it if I wanted to.) As she entered her doorway, she looked back at me with a grin, and a "told you I could do it!" look.

Later on, I started getting to know her kids better. They came over occasionally, asking to borrow something or other, or to use my phone... things like that. The older one had a pretty face but was heavy-set like her mom. The younger one was a mixed girl with an athletic, muscular build. She looked a little older than she was and totally different body shape from her mom.

One time in the summer, I saw the girls outside playing in the yard with a cousin and some of their friends. I caught a glimpse of the younger girl giving her older male cousin a piggyback ride and later, ducking between his legs and putting him up on her shoulders. They also played around tying several ride-on vehicles to each other and then to her bicycle. They all rode on the vehicles while she pedaled them up and down the street in a train. Her mom was BBQing and yelled for me to come over and join them for dinner and to hang out. Over a beer, I mentioned how her daughter seemed really strong, giving the others rides like that. She agreed, saying "Oh yeah.... her legs are all muscle. She loves showing off." I said her cousin looked like a pretty big, tall guy. She said, "Yeah... he weighs about 220. But that's nothing for her... She puts ME up on her shoulders all the time in the kitchen when I can't reach something in a cabinet. I never have to stand on a chair. I just ask her for a boost." I said that was awesome, and joked that I wished I had someone to do that for me.

She laughed and said, "Seriously... just ask her, next time! I know you weigh a lot less than me, and she lifts me easily. In fact..... hang on a sec...."  She proceeded to call the girl over to the front porch steps we were sitting on. "Hey .. your neighbor wants to see how strong you are. Wanna give him a demonstration?" She deep squatted in front of me and told me to hop up on her back. Next thing I know, she's standing up straight with me and running in circles around the yard, followed by carrying me up the steps and into their house, laughing the whole time! She finally asks me how much I weigh. I said I wasn't exactly sure but around 200lbs. She said, "Wow... no wonder you're so easy to carry! You're only a few pounds heavier than me!"

I asked her what the heaviest person is she's carried. She said probably her dad, who weighs close to 300lbs. She said she carried him up a flight of stairs a couple of times.
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