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the back of a pickup? (true)

Aug 26, 2019 - permalink
Fred and I were hanging out in his drive way smoking pot. We both did not eat much at the time and the of us both of were vascular but not real big muscles. Fred's sister came out of the house and started teasing us about our bodies. She was a really big girl about mid 20's, maybe 200 lbs. She went over to her compact pickup and picked up the rear of her truck. She then said "your guy's turn". We both said "no way" She really wasn't very muscular but her muscles were huge under her layer of insulation, (body fat). I was totally in shock and forgot to challenge a bicep flex. I'm sure she would have flexed for us. Lets face it, say the little truck weighed 2500 lbs and had a 60/40 weight distribution. Did she just pickup up around 1000 LBS? And I wonder, those 18" arms, just how much of those snakes were actual muscle? I would have loved to get another show but never saw her again.   
Sep 11, 2019 - permalink
I'm betting a lot of people will read your story and not believe it's true....  But the crazy thing is, I knew a girl who did the same thing before!

This was over 10 years ago, and the girl in question was in her early 20's ... about 5'4" and I believe weighed around 190lbs.  (She told me one time she thought she was around that weight. Looked like she was a little smaller except her legs were really thick with muscles, she had a big chest, and she also had a bit of a tummy if she lifted her shirt. So yeah, could have been right.)

Anyway, we were at someone's party and like most people there, she'd had a few drinks. At some point, a couple of skinny guys were sitting on the tailgate of a small pickup truck (Ford Ranger or something like that, as I recall). She was well known for being pretty strong, since her brother was into amateur wrestling and used to practice a lot with her, like she was just another one of the guys. At some point, she either randomly decided to try lifting the back of the truck or someone dared her? I only caught the tail end of it... but she was able to get the back wheels off the ground briefly, with one of the two guys still sitting on it. (I think the other one jumped off so he could watch the wheels and make sure she really lifted it.)
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