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cheerleader babysitter, really? (true)

Aug 24, 2019 - permalink
My mother located a girl willing to watch over my brother and I during the summer months. She came to the door and there stood an 18 year old cheerleader. What a knockout! She was super nice to us. Sometimes we would just sit at the table and talk. One day she told us that she was strong, and the arm wrestling was on. She arm wrestled my brother first and whupped him easily. Now my turn, but same result. Then she took on the 2 of us. We both grabbed her hand and pulled as hard as we could. We could not move her. All this flexing put her into a mood, kind of like a need to exercise. Then she rolled up her sleeves (yes, she kept covered up) and flexed a pair of soft ball sized biceps. I grabbed one and my brother grabbed the other, and we both squeezed the beautiful biceps. It was like a worship session. It was amazing. She even pumped them a few times and finally stopped after getting tired. We weren't going to be able to dent those muscles. We all got a workout that day. My mother got home later in the day and asked Shirley how we did today? she said the boys were great. Then we told my mother that Shirley has huge muscles and we arm wrestled. Shirley was extremely embarrassed. That's probably why she kept covered up. That was the one only day that she gave us the muscle show, but we always kept an eye out just in case. This is a true story.
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