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the 18 year old bicep flex (true)

Aug 21, 2019 - permalink
I'm around 19 years old and staying at a friends house. I'm sleeping in the basement. My friend has an older sister around 18 years old. Her name is Mary. She would come downstairs every morning before leaving for school and sit on the side of my bed. Then she would place my hand on her small but pronounced bicep resembling a baseball and squeeze out a flex then quietly let out a little giggle. I would get stiff instantly even before I'm fully awake, then she would push me over onto my back and squeeze my little problem from outside my underwear. I would squirm something awful. She had the biggest grin watching me suffer. I don't know where this all came from because I never let it be known I was fascinated with female muscle. This is a true story.

I've had many true encounters in my life, including being married to a very strong woman. Would you guys and gals like to hear more of my encounters? 
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