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squeezing the rock (true)

Aug 18, 2019 - permalink
Early 60's, I'm 8 or 9 years old. I'm at the babysitters house. The babysitter was a beast. Short and stocky, all muscle. She worked out with Jack Lalane. One day while she's cleaning dishes she suddenly cries out in pain. One of her huge calf muscles had went into a painful full flex. She called me to the kitchen and asked me to work out the charlie horse. She was facing the sink and I came to her backside. I squeezed then squeezed some more. Her calf was as big as my whole waist. And it was solid. Rock hard. My hands were tiny and no match for the boulder. After about 7 or 8 minutes she sensed that I was getting exhausted and thanked me for trying. The calf went down on it's own a few minutes later. I did not feel good about myself that day but at least she asked me to help instead of someone else.
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