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the deaf girl (true)

Aug 10, 2019 - permalink
My friend and I went to his girlfriends house to meet up with her. She wasn't home. She was around 115 lbs and hard as a rock. Her deaf sister came to the door and invited the two of us inside. We sat down at the dining room table and the deaf girl offered each of us a can of soda. My friend was a contractor and had cute little pronounced biceps. The deaf girl squeezed my friend's bicep then flexed her own giant rock. I instantly got aroused. She put her arm out for an armwrestle and my friend and her went at it. She was clearly much stronger. My friend then used both hands to pull her down. She stood up and grabbed my buddy from behind and locked her hands around him. He tried to break free but it wasn't going to happen. They made a couple of turns and fell into a reclining chair with my buddy on top. As he tried to pry her fingers apart he knew she couldn't hear him talking to me, and he said "Jesus Christ, her boobs are hard" I could even see veins in her pecs. She obviously was a bodybuilder. I was sweating and hiding a problem in my pants. Just then, a car pulls up to the house, it's the girlfriend. The muscular (and deaf) sister saw our reactions and we all stopped what we were doing. The sister ran to a room and my friend and I went outside. We looked pretty bad. Both of us were covered in sweat and I had both hands in my pockets. The girlfriend never said a word, but she must have known that something was going on.     
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