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Batgirl Erotic Muscle Tale

Jul 18, 2019 - permalink
I am writing a short series of Batgirl fanfic. This story reimagines Barbara Gordon's origin story from high school through her prime as a Batgirl with an extraordinary level of fitness. She faces off against multiple villains in encounters that are savage and sometimes take a sexual turn. I'm an abs guy, so I will be writing about the six bulging bricks that shield her tapered core, but ALL her muscle groups get their time to shine. What do you think? Would anyone want to read this?
Aug 03, 2020 - permalink
I have been working on this off and on but very busy with work. Here is a sample of what I'm working on. It is one portion of the first chapter. Let me know what you think. I hope this is isn't too suggestive for this forum. I couldn't find any rules on content of posts, so here goes...

Chapter One Preview

      The early Monday morning fog was slowly dissipating over the harbor of Gotham City. Industrial haze obscured the horizon, and the city was slowly coming alive. Lights flicked on in the tenement buildings in the old brewery district as the residents prepared for the long work day. On the fifth floor, a bathroom window was sweating from condensation. Barbara Gordon had just gotten out of bed, and the twentysomething librarian heartbreaker closed the door behind her as steam from the shower filled the room.

      She yawned, then tousled her full-bodied auburn hair and let it fall back onto the curve of her shoulders. Though she was tired and sore after last night, she had a schedule to keep. Babs began her morning routine by brushing her teeth. After she finished, she put the toothbrush back in the holder and smiled in the mirror. Her teeth were radiant white behind smooth blush lips. Her face was stunningly gorgeous, and her eyes were a mixture of jade and slate, but sometimes looked more blue, depending on the light.

      Barbara's supple tits were tugged up as she stripped off an oversized white t-shirt. As she felt the soft fabric gently brush over her small rose pink nipples, her bountiful breasts slipped free, jiggling slightly but staying high and proud on her broad chest. Her skin was silky smooth with a light, warm complexion.

      Babs stripped off her pajamas. Then she reached behind her and tugged her lacey black panties down over her delicious peach. The material stretched to get over the peak of her marvelously thick ass. An ass that had taken years of hard training to craft, and she was damn proud of it.

      The undies fell down her long legs and she kicked the underwear to the side. Her body was strong and fit. Her hamstrings were tight, her thighs were thick. Her tapered upper body looked as fierce as it was feminine. She gingerly reached her hand under the bath faucet to gauge the water temperature. Nice and hot. Barbara switched the shower on and carefully stepped inside. She gathered her thick hair back and squeezed some lavender mint soap onto a large sponge. She squeezed the sponge together repeatedly in her hand and worked up a good lather. She started to slowly scrub her arms, moving up her strong shoulders, as the steamy water flowed over her strong body. the washcloth ran over a fresh bruise and Barbara winced. Her body was peppered with dark bruises, still raw and fresh from the night before....

(Section Break)
Aug 03, 2020 - permalink
Chapter One (Section 2)

      She bit her pouty lips as the sponge worked up a lather. She squeezed it hard and let the suds splash down on her perky youthful tits. Her rose pink nipples stiffened from the sensation of the hot water cascading around the sensitive nubbins. She cupped her breasts and gave her melons a good squeeze. She was blessed with naturally large, perfectly symmetrical round jugs.

      It had been a few weeks since she was last intimate with anyone and she was aching for a sexual release. She lightly flicked the tips of the nipples and licked her lips as they stiffened from arousal. She tugged her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, engorging them and making them ultra sensitive. Barbara grabbed a handful of her full round tits and hoisted them up, let them go and watched as they bounced back in a youthful defiance of gravity.

      Her fingertips took a turn South and raked over her impossibly tight six pack of stomach muscles. She turned and let the hot water spray into her back and down her curvy, tapered torso. Barbara scrubbed her taut abs until they were frothy with suds, with a little dribbling into her cute belly button. She scrubbed down into her red-brown strip of pubic hair. She turned back facing the shower, and the water splashed onto her chest, over her boobs and down her cleavage. The suds were washed over her bulging, drum tight abdominals, and collecting into the valleys of her jacked abs, before the sudsy mess cascaded over her hourglass curves. She gave her squeaky-clean stomach a quick flex. Six slabs of muscle contracted and bulged together, forming a tapered v-shaped core shimmering with soapy water. She took her other job of being a crime fighter very seriously, and that included both mental and physical discipline.

      She fingered the bisecting line of her abdominal wall and her green eyes shot open with pain as she found another deep bruise... 

(Section break)

Aug 03, 2020 - permalink
Chapter One Preview (Section 3)

      The sponge snaked down to Barbara’s long, strong legs. Soap suds dripped off her quads and landed on her feet. She massaged her powerful calves before following the sweep of her hamstrings. Then she scrubbed her glorious butt, slowly kneading her cheeks. Frothy water dripped down her strong back, briefly pooling in her lower back dimples before streaming down into her crack. She squeezed out more shampoo and flipped her hair over her shoulders, revealing a broad upper back, rippled with lean muscle. She looked like she had wings on her back, and even her lower back and spinal column were bolstered by thick beef that almost rivalled her abs in definition.

      Barbara was getting aroused. She ran both hands through the splashing water and down her abdominal ridges, flexing to feel their power as she went. As Babs flipped her hair back again, she turned away from the showerhead and flexed her powerful biceps. Despite being sore all over, she couldn’t help but smile as her pythons coiled to impressive size.

      The shower dial gently squeaked as she turned it off. Barbara slid the door open and allowed the cooler air to kiss her creamy, lightly tanned skin. The last drops of water flowed down over the stack of her shredded abs, forming impromptu streams in her curvy hips that converged into her trimmed pubic bush. Her whole body glistened with moisture.

      She stepped out of the shower, heat rolling off her body like off your breath in winter. She quickly towelled herself dry and slipped into a white silk floral kimono that showed off her slick cleavage, her succulent breasts jiggling slightly with each step.

      She stopped at the sink and popped a few aspirin in her mouth. That should help the pain, she thought. She entered her closet and selected an outfit for a long day at the library. She untied the kimono, stripped, rolled it and stored it in the closet. Her perfect ass hugged her pink and white panties as she pulled them into place. Then she pulled on some jeans. They weren't meant to be tight, but Bab's booty and flared hips were stretching the jeans to their limit. Her 6 pack flowed beautifully into a V taper that slipped under her blue jeans. Then she grabbed a lacey black bra and secured her 38 Cs into the cups. She pulled a blue sweater on over her bra and she was ready to go.

      As she went to turn off the light switch, her piercing jade eyes lingered on a black and yellow catsuit costume hanging alone at the back of the closet. Still, she thought, she was better off than her attackers. The start of a naughty grin spread over her lips as she relished the memory of pummeling her assailants....

(Section break)

P.S. Want to know who gave Babs all those bruises? The other half of this chapter tells the story of what happened to Babs the night before.
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