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Angelica, My strong story

Feb 09, 2019 - permalink
My name is Mike, and I wanted to share a story I don't really tell many people. It has started when I was 17 years old, then I was a skinny, pretty short boy. I had many friends and was a great student. On Monday one week, I heard my parents talking about a new family that will be now neighbouring us, while I was eating breakfast. They said that they have a daughter, that will be going to my school. I was pretty excited then, I don't really know why, I just were very interested in new people. I have eaten my milk with cereals fast and ran to school. While I was running, I took a shortcut to my school, it goes through a pretty meadow with many flowers. I weren't really watching what's happening ahead of me, because people go here rarely. Suddenly, I have hit someons and fallen on the ground. It appeared to be the new girl in our class. She turned behind and asked if everything is okay with me with a beautiful smile on her face. I said it was all good, and stood up. We have introduced ourselves to each other. Her name was Angelica. When I have finished cleaning myself up from the dirt, I looked up at her and dropped my jaw. She was beautiful like no one else in this world. She was a bit higher than me, had huge boobs, long blonde hair, blue eyes and sexy legs. And of course beautiful face. I couldn't say anything, I was trying to say something but she just laughed. Finally, I have asked her:
- H.. How did you not fall down?
- I knew that you would ask this question, well just look at my arms! - She responded with a smile. I looked at her arms and I couldn't believe what an angel I was seeing. Her biceps were very big, far bigger than mine. I couldn't say anything. But my penis got an immediate erection. She looked down surprised, but smiling, and said:
- Do I really make you do horny? Haha.
- I have never felt so horny in my life. - I responded quickly.
- I have a question for you, my little boy - She said with a sexy voice.
- What is it?
- Do you like this?
- Do I like wha-
She had walked towards me, covered my face in her boobs and looked down. Then, she grabbed my neck with her one hand and started pulling up. She had started to laugh, louder and louder as I was starting to pull up from the ground. After a while, I was hanging in the air, that made extremely horny.
- So? How do you like it? - She said laughing.
- I... I...
She then started to take my pants off with her other hand, after a minute, I could see my penis have an erection like never before. She started to masturbate me, I've got an orgasm in 10 seconds. My cum was on all of her boobs and biceps. She started to laugh uncontrollably. Then Angelica took my body with of her hands, and lifted it so high, she had my penis in front of her mouth. Then, I had a blowjob, and had another orgasm a minute later. I was so exhausted I asked her to hold me, and she did so without any effort. She then looked and me and asked with a big smile:
- I wonder if I could do this...
She grabbed my legs and lifted me over her head, causing a third orgasm of mine. I couldn't take it any longer, I was so exhausted, her sexy huge biceps whole covered in my cum, I dropped unconscious. I woke up three hours later in her room. She was lifting me in her arms. I was surprised and asked:
- What happened? We're you carrying me this entire time?
- Yeah, my little boy. You have dropped unconscious, because I have made you have an orgasm too many times - She responded laughing. After few seconds, she asked:
- Do you want to touch my biceps, little one?
- Yes Please, I want to touch them, worship you and your sexy body. I love you...
- I love you too... - She said, flexing her enormous biceps in front of my face. I started kissing, worshipping and squeezing them as hard as I could. She suddenly said:
- Mike, do you want to be my boyfriend?
- Of course I do my love.. Ahh! - I yelled and got and orgasm. We have had many more hours of having sex and me worshipping her sexy body. When her parents arrived, she said that it's time for me to go and said:
- Bye, I love you my little boy! Don't forget to come after school tomorrow!
- I would never forget my love! Bye!
After that incident we have become a pair, and today she is my wife. We are having fun everyday, she still calls me her little boy and lifts me in various ways. I always ask her if she can lift me overhead, and she expectedly always does with no effort. When I am at job she goes to the gym for the whole day, so after a hard day we have great sex. I would want to end my little story here. I will write more about our relationship in the future, some funny stories from highschool times. For now, this is it. See you soon!
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