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Muscle Therapy: 'Curing' My Muscle Worship Addiction (New Novel Released)

Jan 08, 2019 - permalink
The new female muscle novel is out.  Please give me your feedback should you read it.  o.0
Smashwords www.smashwords.com/books/view/916673
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M7996TV

Following being outed at work and to his fiancee as a man with a muscle fetish, Kyle Thompson pursues a quest to understand what he wants and needs out of a relationship with a woman. After hiding his love of muscle all his adult life, he actively seeks it out, yet questions whether it will lead to happiness.

In the fashion of any journey of self discovery, he meets people along the way who help him understand this part of himself. A female therapist who pushes him to look beyond what society says he should want to what he truly desires; a group of like-minded men who make him feel accepted and finally, the muscular women of his dreams who help him explore sexual highs and lows. Josie, who he meets in a worship session becomes a sexy confidante. Kristi, a national level competitor renders him powerless, yet can’t open up for a true relationship and Dakota, a woman who seemingly has it all. Once out of his head and able to experience what have only been fantasies, Kyle finds that pursuing muscle is more complicated than he thought, but perhaps more rewarding.
Jan 19, 2019 - permalink
First review was posted on saradas:

So I finally got a chance to finish this book the other day and just wanted to give it a quick write up. The book is a good length  (the copy I purchased from Smashwords was a little over 300 or so pages) so this is basically the length of most novels but it was a fast read.. and I like the subject so it kept me interested.

The main story follows Kyle who gets in trouble for looking at pictures of FBBs on his work computer and starts on a journey to of discovery regarding his love of fem-muscle.

First Kyle gets a session with a well known massive FBB named Cosette (any person who is familiar with the sport can probably guess who this is based on…) And this leads him to begin a relationship with a single mother and upcoming FBB named Josie. Through this relationship Kyle begins to explore different outlets for his love of muscle including going to a group therapy session for other men who love muscle.

Half way through the book he begins a relationship with a massive FBB prepping for a contest named Kristy. As the two begin to explore his relationship and Kristy begins to grow larger and larger Kyle realizes he is living every schmoes dream and nightmare.

This book was really interesting not only because it had some good muscle action (although I know I shouldn’t like Kristy she was my favorite and I am a little sorry she only shows up half way through the book) but I also think this is the only book I’ve read that actually tries to explore the different aspects of why some men like muscle. When the parts of the book took a break from the muscle action I was also interested in hearing the mens stories in the group as they went through the ways that their attraction to FBBs has effected their lives. I know TC has done a lot of research and I believe he was actually researched what a group like this would be like. Also FULL DISCLOSURE: I know the author has talked to a variety of differnet men on the boards and other sites about their feelings and I was one of the people whom he asked a questionnaire to.

I also know this book is co-authored by him and his wife who is a lifter so this book does have an insight into female characters that some other books of this genre may not which also made it an interesting read.

Overall a pretty unique book that manages to be both hot in sections and also informative about a lifestyle that often gets over looked
Jan 20, 2019 - permalink
A second review on smashwords reads:

I had purchased the authors first book since i am a fan of FBBs and FBB themed literature and was excited to read this book as well. The first book is very good and I suguested you read it. I wish I could post a review for that one but I bought it from a different bookseller.

This book tracks Kyle as he is outed for his love of muscular women at work and must go on a journey of self discovery to find the root of his fetish.

The book does a really good job of tracking Kyle as he goes to Vegas and indulges in a scene of muscle worship with a top FBB and then meets Josie a muscular single mom as they strike up a relationship. Along the way Kyle begins attending therapy for his addiction to female muscle and meets Kristy a championship FBB who forces him to live every schmoes greatest dream and worst nightmare as she plunges herself in a quest to get even more massive.

The writing was very good and in depth and the writers really have a way of adding small details to make you feel as if you are experiencing what the character is going through. Also because this is written by a husband and wife team and the wife is a lifter as well the female characters are very well fleshed out which is a nice contrast to the usual literature of this sort. Overall very good and I am highly looking forward to any future works by these authors!
Jan 25, 2019 - permalink
The female bodybuilders of the first two books now have their own story.  The book is called backstories and tells the story of why the three main women of the Muscle Love and Muscle Therapy started lifting and became hooked to weights.  Here is the paperback link:
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