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My Girlfriend, Stronger than expected

Aug 18, 2018 - permalink
I have been with this girl for a while now. We met toward the end of college. She isn't the most muscular girl around but she is in great shape. She runs a lot and played a lot of sports including soccer, basketball, track, cross country, etc. So her legs are wonderful. Her calves are shaped so nicely and firmly. I myself am not in bad shape either. Fairly fit guy but not crazy about it. Anyway, we always liked to play wrestle not long after we started dating. And this was a lot of fun. I'll always remember the first time it happened. I was over at her apartment and was teasing her about something. And her, being as competitive as she is, came over to wrestle me to the ground. Good times. It didn't last long but after a few minutes i could tell she was stronger than I imagined. Especially those wonderful legs she'd spent so much time on. We wrestled many times and it was always about even. Anyway, there's another story I wanted to tell specifically. It happened because of a unique opportunity in my field where i got to move to China for a year. We decided to do the long distance thing. We talked regularly while I was there. But the problem is, Chinese food wasn't my favorite. I've learned to love it but it was a lot of rice and barely any meat. So I lost a lot of weight and my strength while I was there. Anyway, after being there about 7 or so months my girfriend finally was able to come to visit. It was amazing. We had a lot of fun. But I was must've barely been heavier than her at that point after all the weight I had lost. And I knew she was spending more time at the gym but man, I hadn't realized she even got into working her arms. Before it was just keeping them in decent shape. But she caught some kind of bug while I was gone with her friend Destiny and they started lifting more together. Anyway, when she came it was crazy. I knew I was heavier because of me being taller but man, her arms were almost the same size as mine and her legs were bigger and more defined as always. I was a little afraid of wrestling her to be honest. I'd never shared my fetish with her and I didn't know what she would think being able to probably overpower me. Matches were always close before. But alas, the second night there it had come up. I got out of the shower and she mentioned "Wow, I'm like the same size you are." I tried to joke it off because of some embarrassment. But she kept at it until reluctantly I agreed to wrestle her. We were in the floor of my living room and she just I guess manhandled me. She threw me over and pinned me down. And she said something like "Is that all you got?" I turned beet red and that's when I think she realized I wasn't just letting her throw me around. She began laughing at that point and put me in a grapevine saying repeatedly "You're so little." Man she felt so strong and solid. I wasn't sure I would have had a chance before losing all that weight. Anyway, the night continued after some more rolling around and her teasing and she was repeatedly flexing for me to feel  her biceps and triceps. Making us compare our muscles through the night. We had some wine and as she was feeling it a little bit kept teasing and said "You know, I kind of like being stronger than you." I remember being so embarrassed but being so relieved and turned on at the same time. What happened after was amazing as well as we moved to the bedroom for some sleep. It gave her some kind of confidence and just "I know what I want" type feeling.

I have plenty more stories with her and a couple other girls actually that I might post later.
Aug 18, 2018 - permalink
Great story.  Please keep em coming
Aug 23, 2018 - permalink
So as kind of a continuation of the story. We had an awesome couple weeks in China while she was there. We wrestled around  lot and she just kept asking to compare our muscles. I think she was as thrilled about how strong she was as I was. And she was only more thrilled to see me so bent out of shape over her. She loved walking around sleeveless while there. Most people there I don't think had really seen a girl with so much muscle. Most of the guys there didn't have much muscle either so she was a shock to them for sure. As weird as it may sound, it is common in China to have a picture taken of you if you're white. Especially if you travel somewhere that is less populated that most tourists don't go. But I've never seen so many pictures taken of someone as were taken of her. People sneaking pictures or asking to pose with her. One guy and what I assume was his wife approached us there while sitting one day. And she kept teasing him and laughing. She kept saying a phrase I didn't quite understand (bai shou wan or something like that). After asking what it meant he sat down with it and put his arm up in an armwrestling pose. Apparently she was basically teasing her husband that he wouldn't be able to beat a woman at arm wrestling. But man, as soon as they started she had his hand almost to the table but let him fight his way back up. She was just teasing him, and he knew it too as he began to turn red. My girlfriend just laughed after a little bit and easily shoved him down and gave him a double bicep flex. The guy was so embarrassed as his wife just kept laughing. She used to love to show off her strength all the time back then. She still does but she doesn't show off as much as she used to. I always think about going back to China with her some day because I think that would put her back in the mood to show off. I love watching her just overpower other men or women in anything like that. Anyway, I could probably share more detail about China and her being there those couple weeks. If you have any questions please ask. Next post I'll probably share a little bit about the following five or six months before I returned home and what happened after I got back. Spoiler, she kept lifting over that time.
Aug 24, 2018 - permalink
 Great stories you lucky guy. You mention you love to watch her overpower men and woman. Any more arm wrestling tales?
Sep 04, 2018 - permalink
Nice, man! We need more stories o.0
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