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63 yr old muscles

Aug 15, 2018 - permalink
Realised that I never posted the last meating with one of my muscle favourites. This happened years ago but I can still dream about it and in my mind remember just how hard, sexy and fit She was.

Told you some years ago about a 63 yr old woman who blew my mind at a dr apointment with me.

I met her again. Not in the office. She checked her blood precure while I was on leave, typical.

A few days ago I was out rolerblading and saw this woman jogging a bit further on the trail. She looked tiny jet quite musclular from the back. Hair in a pony tail and that sweep and bounce/flex that well trained thighs do made me think it was a younger woman. As I got closer I noticed the arms as well. She ran with her arms bent and had wheighted wrist bands on. Her biceps looked realy nice and hard. Passing her I looked, of course, and we saw each other at the same time. Both said hi and I slowed down just to talk as she jogged. We said the normal hi and how are you and so forth. She then started walking and I slowed down as well. We stoped and talked.
I could not realy take my eyes of her arms and legs. She was wearing a sports bra and knee lenght thights. I told her that I thought she was a 25-30 some woman as I came up behind her. She took the compliment and asked if theese had something to do with that and flexed her arms. Kapow!!! Her biceps peaked as crazy. better than last time I'm sure. Told her that her arms looked great. She then told me that she was on her way home from wheight training and that they always look this good pumped.
I reminded her that she flexed for me last time and that they then where 12.4" and that they shure looked bigger now. She asked me to feel and flexed her right arm to the max with her arm in front of her making the bicep peak like crazy. Her arms are soo hard it is unreal. They felt like rocks. No way you can dent them. She said that they probably are close to 13" pumped and I believe her.
This is 13" hard bicep on a 63 yr old 5' woman. Unbelieveble.
She then said that she was getting a lot of attention from men and women about her muscles not only arms but legs as well.
With this she rose to her toes and flexed quads and calves hard. She asked me to fel the thighs and I ofcourse did. Not as hard as her arms but deffinatly harder than a lot of 30 yr old with muscle. Good size quads with all teh three fron heads clearly showing with great deffinition. She her self pooked her butt to show that it to was firm. It looked to be hard. Nice.
She asked me to feel tha calves and they where dimond shaped and even harder than the biceps. The hardest muscle I have ever felt on any one. She must have noticed because she did some calf rices as I held my hand on her leg and the muscle just pumped in my hand. She laught and said isn't that muscle nice?
I was in heaven.
I complimented her and she said "you know it is beacuse of you" and again reminded me on how I got her started 5 yrs ago- "It is not more than right that you feel what you made me build" she said.

She has the kind of body that is petit looking and looks firm but her flex increase is huge, When she flexes her muscles they just explode.
I find that realy sexy and I think she got that even though I did not say anything because she kept flexing her quads, calves and arms repeatedly during our talk. And as whe left she asked me what I thought and wich muscle I liked the most.
I told her that the calves was the hardest muscle I ever felt and that her thigh was like a young girls but that her biceps was def the best. She then said that she too liked her bicep and flexed again harder than ever and I again felt it.
Just before we said good bye she fixed her ponytail and her muscle bounced up like a rock she saw that I looked and said. "I get that all the time" "it is a good feeling"

We said good bye and I was mezmerized by her body and looked at her as she run of...

Sep 29, 2018 - permalink
Can't imagine 63yo muscle woman :o
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