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My First Muscle Encounter

Jul 29, 2018 - permalink
Here is the rough draft for the prologue to a novel that I'm writing. Its based on a true story but fictionalized in sections. The coolest part is that my wife who has been lifting seriously for the past ten years is now helping me write and edit it. I hope to have it up on Amazon in a couple of weeks. Again this is a rough draft that I've already changed for the final copy but it will give you an idea of how the book will be.  Let me know what you think:

Growing up I never expected to like muscle on the feminine form. In fact when I was little I had posters of the typical skinny women with big boobs on my wall and pretty much agreed with all of my friends in middle school that the bigger the boobs the better.  I didn't think that athletic women, especially women with muscle were attractive, or at least I didn't originally.

I think my first hint of my new passion was when I went with my dad's team to a road game against the perpetual league champion.  We were expected to lose by several touchdowns but we were really playing well that sweltering evening.   Everyone was in tank tops and shorts and the stadium was packed.  As I went to my seat I couldn't help but notice the woman in the row behind me.  She had veins running down her arms and lines everywhere.  A white halter top was clinging to her body like it might explode at any moment and her cut off jean shorts didn't provide any protection for her much bigger than average but incredibly cut legs.  Her beautiful light brown hair was held back by some kind of red scarf.  At the time I remember being confused and amazed.  My breath quickened, but I couldn't get any oxygen.  I had to get a grip so as to not collapse.  Anyway we made eye contact and she must have known what I didn't know at the time.  I was going to be attracted to muscular women.  Strike that.  I was going to be helpless before muscular women my whole life.  Walking to my seat looking down and back up she never stopped making eye contact with me.  Confident, strong, and stunning I felt myself wither before her power.  My member was as hard as it had ever been and was getting to that point where sometimes it aches and the seconds that had spun by seemed like an eternity. She smiled at me and said,
"Hello.  Welcome to our house."

It took me a moment to comprehend that this goddess was speaking to me.  It took me another to figure out she was for the other team.  She was wearing red white and blue while I was clearly decked out in my dad's team blue and gold.  It took all of the power in me to muster up a feeble response,"Hi."

Anyway that was that.  I missed my big chance.  In my defense I didn't know I was interested in muscular women before that instance.  She had clearly known that some men were that way.  And, she was probably 15 years older than I was so she had that advantage too.  Humbled, yet still young (frosh in high school), I stood and watched the game determined to steal as many glances as I could during the game.  The game was one of the best I'd ever seen.  There were turnovers left and right and big plays throughout - and my dad's team was ahead most of the game.  The fans barely sat and there were a million high fives and cheers both ways.  I actually was enjoying the game too but not nearly as much as stealing glances at the woman kitty corner behind me.  When their team scored or had a big play she turned around and high-fived her friends.  Her back muscles would clench and release as she did so and I remained firm and at attention the whole game.  I was in heaven.  It was a thing of beauty.  Deeply tanned, chiseled, and bulging.  She was a work of art - a Michelangelo.  I digress.  Just thinking about her now still gives me waves of pleasure.  We caught glances of each other through and she gave me a sly smile like she knew but wasn't letting me know completely.  Anyway, my dad's team played a heck of a game but there were a few bad calls in overtime and the other team hit a field goal to win it.
I was crushed.  Not only had my team lost but this opportunity to explore my new instant love was now passed.  I had nothing to look forward tobut a long bus ride home.  I sat down and put my head in my hands as the fans departed.  Yet I had one last good fortune.  The lady behind me poked me on the back long after most fans had left.  As I turned around she was bending over.  I could see down her top a little bit and saw rows of chest muscles.  I was instantly at attention again.  The goddess then spoke to me.  As if in slow motion she said, "Nobody does that to us here.  Great game."

I was speechless.  I think she knew I would be.  She reached out her hand instead.  As we shook it felt like lightning was attacking my body.  Waves of sexual excitement pulsed through my body.  Not only that but her grip was so firm that I had to apply as much pressure as I could back.  It wasn't enough.  I knew at this moment that not only did I love the look of female muscle but its power enraptured me too.  I was feeling light headed as her powerful grip racked my whole body.  She then pulled me in a little closer into a brief light hug.  Whispering into my ear she pronounced,

"Its okay lots of men like it.  Your not weird you just appreciate hard work."

I was of course stunned.  Its like she knew everything.  I watched her as she walked out.  At this point I didn't care if anyone knew.  I loved female muscle and I would seek it out, albeit quietly, in the future.  She did give me one last glance but it really isn't that which I remember to this day.  Its that handshake and whisper.
Jul 29, 2018 - permalink
Love it
Jul 30, 2018 - permalink
Excellent start I look forward to the full book - but you might need a better title than Rough Draft ;)
Aug 16, 2018 - permalink
I've almost completed the book with the help of my wife. I think it should be up on Amazon within a week or so. For those of you interested I'll let you know.
Aug 17, 2018 - permalink
Let us know when it finishes.  How about another teaser?  o.0
Aug 18, 2018 - permalink
I love it man. Thanks for sharing. I love it when the girls know you are attracted to their muscles.
Sep 02, 2018 - permalink
Thanks for the positive feedback (and I did change this rough draft's title). A little update. The book is complete (305 pages).  My wife and I are now going through our final edit and should be done within the week. I will post when it is available on Amazon. I hope you enjoy a slower, longer, yet exciting love story of FMG with fun episodes along the way.
Sep 09, 2018 - permalink
Hey! I really like your story. If the rest of the book is similar to that short example i will definitely consider buying it.
I love to read about muscle encounters like this. I also do not need the book to be overly sexual.
I like realistic stories.

And will there be more Muscle Sighting/Encounter stories in the book?
Sep 09, 2018 - permalink
Yes several other muscle sightings and encounters but eventually the building of a relationship with a girl who wants to get bigger. Wrote it with my wife to get her perspective too. The book is now live on Amazon:
Here is the descriptor and the link
Meet Rick, the guy next door with a muscle fetish that starts at sixteen with an encounter with an older, muscular woman. This full length novel follows his quest to explore his obsession with muscular women and his struggle to reconcile this need with the rest of his life. He hides this side of himself, satisfying his urges in clandestine liaisons, until he meets a woman with the desire to get big and revels in her transformation. But what happens when she surpasses his fantasies and wants to dominate him?

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