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Year ago at gym...

Jul 25, 2018 - permalink
Young male bodybuilder that trains at my gym, asked if I would like to train legs with him. I could tell by the grin on his face, and the sparkle in his eye, he thought he was going to teach this lesson about strength. He promised he would adjust the weights for me. That was his first big mistake! I said sure, that it would be nice to have a training partner as long as we did MY quad workout. He laughed, and agreed; It was maybe second big mistake!!

"We started out with squats. I warmed up with the 20 kgs bar. I could see that he was confident, figuring I couldn't handle much more weight. hehehe After his warm up set, I added more weight, to bring it up to 100 kgs. He smiled confindently. I proceeded to do 112 deep squats, and racked the weight. I looked over at him, and his confident smile. He stepped up, and just before he started asked me how many reps it was. I told him 12reps. He paused again, and then shared that he hadnt been doing squats for some time now (excuses, excuses!). I asked him if he want to quit, and he quickly said no...hehehe. He put the bar, and began his set. At 10th rep, I could see he was struggling, breathing heavy, and pausing before each rep. ! He finished his set with a VERY sloppy last two reps, and immediatly sat down, trying desperately to catch his breath.

"I added two 22lb plates (10 kgs), , making the bar 120 kgs. I looked over at him, and he asked me if I was sure. I said yes. He looked at me in disbelief, hung his head, and slowly shook it back and forth. I shouldered the bar, and did 7 reps, and put back the weight. I looked over at him, nodding to the bar, and he slowly veerrrryyy slowly, got up and approached the bar. Sheepisly, he removed the 2x10 kgs. He struggled through his 8 reps, with 100 kgs, and seemed quite happy when he was through. We each did two more sets, with 225lbs, him with 7 and 6 reps, while I kept it at 12 reps.

"On to the next exercise!! Over to the hack squat machine, I walked (he sort of wobbled). I told him we were going to do a superset of hack squats and incline leg press. He told me he had never done a superset for quads before, and I said there was always a first time!! I'll make a long, painful story short, and just say that he did NOT enjoy himself! After the superset, he thanked me for letting him train with me. I told him we weren't finished yet, and had two more exercises to do. He replied "You may not be finished, but I am!!" I laughed and told him he did a great job. He shook his head again and said, "I couldnt belilive! No wonder you have legs like that!!" I continued on with my workout, after he go out of the gym.
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