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True story about an old girl friend of mine

Sep 04, 2017 - permalink
You have probably already seen pictures of my current girl friend in pictures part of the forum, but this is from one of my first relationships.

 I have always been attracted to girls with arms for as long as I can remember. In fact I remember being a library assistant in middle school (age 11 I think) and found a book about physically fit people. I had found a picture of a female body builder (realistically the first woman I had ever seen like this) in this book and was super obsessed. I remember not having access to the scanner/copier in the library, but was adamant that I had to get a copy of this picture of this woman. The librarian had left for a few moments and I seized the opportunity to get a copy of this picture. I saved that picture for many years before the advent of the internet at which point it expanded my ability to see fit woman 10 fold. But even after all that time as a youth the opportunities to be around or see fit woman was very limited.

Sometime after high school. Around the age of 18-20 at the peak of Myspace. I had finally gotten braces and had them for a few years after having the most jagged messed up teeth my whole life and not having a whole lot going for me otherwise I had started to develop confidence to flirt with the opposite sex. I had hooked up with a few woman hear and there and had a few short term relationships, but no matter what was going on with my life, left with my thoughts, I always fantasized about woman with muscle. I always kept it to myself and never let it bleed over into my current relationships, but no matter what it was always there, always consistent, always obsessed.

After being in my first few relationships and having them end for various reasons, I had started college after community college in another town. After a few months of living by myself and being relatively lonely with hardly any friends I reached out to several woman (more like 40-50) over Myspace just to see if I could spark a relationship or at least some friendship. I had some success with several woman, but none of that mattered. I met a girl who I found very attractive and who was my type (for the sake of the story let's call her Amber). Very skinny, but not overly skinny. Young I believe she had just gotten out of high school and in my opinion one of the more attractive woman I had been with. She was very friendly and flirty over our messages and over the course of a month we ended up going on a date. Things hit off very well and we had gone on several dates. Now this was in the middle of winter so over the course of our first few dates we were dressed for warmth... that was until our 3rd or 4th date when she invited me over to her friends house for game night. Things were going well, everyone was having a lot of fun, laughing, drinking and general merriment. It wasn't until everyone had a few drinks and the house got warm when Amber had taken off her sweat shirt.

Like I said Amber was very skinny girl. About 5'3" and 90 to 100lbs. I literally had no assumptions going in to this relationship and it took me by complete surprise. Right in front of me as Amber took her sweat shirt off I could see the most ridiculous ripped arms I had ever seen on a girl in real life. I played it cool the rest of the night only taking slight glances here or there, but it did occur to me that during game night a few of the friends had talked about rock climbing. Amber didn't specifically say she did it with them, but I had to assume she also rock climbed given how you could see every muscle in her skinny arms ripping through the skin. The rest of the night went by pretty quick given the only thing I could think about is how after all these years I was finally dating a woman who had arms that I had only dreamt about. I knew that I would not be winning the lottery any time soon as all my luck went in to finding this girl.

After the party I had taken her home. We were taking this relationship kind of slow, but I could no longer control myself and went in for a kiss as I walked her to her house. This kiss went about as well as you'd expect two young people that had minimal dating experience in their life, but I was happy and she appeared happy. Life was good. We walked up the rest of her steps to her house and I couldn't help myself, I made a joke about noticing how strong she looked. Unfortunately for me her sweat shirt was back on and she didn't attempt to flex, but she did joke with me that at her work one of her coworkers jokingly told her "That she needed baby oil for those things". She laughed obviously not too embarrassed about how big her arms were for her size and I played it off as a joke as well not wanting to appear to obsessed with her muscle.

That night I couldn't think straight. In fact the next few weeks were horrible for me realizing that I needed to play it cool or possibly ruin it for myself.

A few more weeks went by and of course we are still in winter mode. We stay about our business just having fun together. I finally feel like enough time has passed and decide to invite her over one night. Now she still lives with her mom and I live about 30 miles away, but we make plans. Her mom is still pretty protective of her so she tells her mother that she's staying at her friends house. I go pick her up at her friends house and we head back to my place. Now I had turned 21 a few months back and decided to pick up some Mike's (I wanted to find something that we would both enjoy since she was inexperienced with alcohol).

I take her back to my place which wasn't very large, but I did have a small bench and weight set with a pull up bar. My thought process is if I want to find a fit woman then I need to be fit myself. I'm not a bodybuilder by any means, but did and do stay in pretty good shape. Anyways back to the story. We spend the rest of the night cuddling up watching movies and drinking. After a few beers and a healthy buzz I start egging her on about her arms. We make our way out of the bedroom to the kitchen for another beer and that's when I seize my opportunity. I jokingly tell her "All right, you've been carrying around loaded guns all night. I feel like i'm pretty tough, but I gotta see." and place my arm on the dining room table as if ready for a arm wrestling match. She jokingly tells me "You want to take my tumors on." (Now this sounds like a very terrible joke and it is terrible, but some time ago she was with her friends and they had just watched Kindergarten Cop and it turned into a ongoing joke to refer to Amber's arms as tumors. Again the reference doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but because it was Arnold in the movie and they all laughed it became an ongoing joke. Which any opportunity to bring up her arms in a comfortable setting I'm all for).

Our hands connect and she laughs a little bit as she tells me she doesn't arm wrestle a whole lot. I jokingly tell her "It doesn't matter because It will all be over shortly when I beat her", to try and egg her on to try hard. The match starts. And let me tell you. I've arm wrestled men and woman before so seeing this skinny chick right in front of me, I assume, sure she will be stronger then usual, but I should still beat her pretty easy since I have 30-40 lbs on her and I stay in shape. It's about that time when she digs in a bit with her hand a proceeds to yank my arm down about 6 inches to her side. I'm shocked to say the least. I didn't expect to give 100% right out of the gate. My shoulder begins to hurt due to an injury I suffered from a few years ago, but I manage to stabilize and get it back up so we're even. And this point I'm able to look back up and realize that she is trying pretty hard which is exactly what I wanted. I then give it my all and take her arm down to my side a few inches and that's when I notice baseball sized bicep exploding with so much incredible detail I would never thought it was possible having not seen it. The bicep on this arm had to of been twice as big as the arm itself and noticeably bigger then her shoulder. Her friends were right when they joke about it being a tumor because I would not think it humanly possible to have biceps this big on such a small frame.

I realize that even though she is incredibly strong I do have the edge on strength and realize if I give it my all a few more times I would have her beat, but I don't want this to end, this has been the most amazing experience of my life. After what seems like 1 minute of arm wrestling (it was probably closer to 25 seconds), I realize that I'm running out of muscular endurance. If I'm going to beat her I need to do it now. I give it every thing I got and pull her arm about an inch or two from defeat. It's at this point when I realize that sure I have the strength on her, but not the endurance and that is exactly the edge she has on me. After about 5 or 6 seconds of almost having her beat her arm slowly, but surely bring it back upright and at this point I realize that I might actually lose this one. I decide that it might better if I play this match off as a joke I tell her "Damn I guess we better call this a tie!". She smiles a bit and says "It was pretty close though", smiling not realizing that she almost beat me. I tell her, "Your friends are right though, you do have crazy biceps... their huge." She looks a little noticeably proud and tells me "Their not huge their just big for my size." She was right they were probably tops 14", but since she was so damn skinny they looked like jagged little mountains on her frame. We spend the next few hours cuddling and getting intimate for the first time which I still remember to this day as one of the best nights of my life.

I spent the next few months playing it cool and just having fun with her. I would occasionally ask her to flex and she would happily. I never over did it and always kept it light and funny. She did tell me during this time that she had a physical conditioning class in high school that she took. All her friends were guys in the class which ended up jokingly convincing her that she should just work out biceps in the class, they said it would be funny. She already had nice arms because of rock climbing, but that explained a lot in terms why her biceps were so large for her frame. God bless her friend that said that because I was now having a blast with my dream girl.

After a few more months of being with her is when I started to ruin the relationship. It got to the point where we would hang out at my place and I would end up convincing her we should work out. We would hit my local any time fitness or just work out at my house. I had a blast, but looking back on it now she slowly realized how obsessed I was with her biceps and she slowly got bored of hanging out since all we were doing mostly was working out.

Ruining this relationship is one of my biggest regrets, it could have gone better had a better control of my obsession. But damn to think back on the different times she flexed for me or jokingly flexed in front of her friends I have yet to see someone online or real life with better biceps. Due to the relationship ending poorly I lost contact with her, but I would look her up on Facebook from time to time and over the course of 5 or 6 years I watched those arms shrink and become less defined it was apparent she stopped working out. But I still have the memories to live off of.

Sep 05, 2017 - permalink
What a great story! In many ways I can really relate to you, having been in a relationship with a girl, who had the body of my dreams. I too could not keep up the cool act, and looking back I way to often talked about her muscles and asked her to flex.

Having said that, it also made me realize that a relationship has more to do with physical attraction...way more! It's not that we didn't have common interest, we did, but at the end of the day we had different mindsets, that just didn't go well with our everyday life, as everything to her revolved around doing things to improve her physical condition, in order for her to perform better at the sport she was doing. While I was more relaxed and wanted to drink red wine together, which probably explain why I never got far with the sports I was doing, despite being very athletic talented.

When the relationship ended, I did miss her and especially the countless of muscle flexing. It was hard to distinguish what I missed the most her personality or her muscles, and I asked my self that many times. Having gained contact with her via instagram, I can now see she has gained a little weight all though she still works out. This has made me realize, that was I missed was the latter :)
Sep 06, 2017 - permalink
Yep totally agree. Regardless of what happened in that relationship it was destined to fail. Had it been in 6 months or 6 years we were honestly way too different. The person I am with now I love for many other reasons. It just so happens she is more then happy to work out with me (we get along surprisingly well). For that I'm lucky, but I'm also lucky to have experienced Amber for the brief time I did for the fact that I've never seen a woman with arms like hers in real life or online and I may never see that again. I doubt I will ever be able to forget her, but that's okay.
Sep 06, 2017 - permalink
I'm glad to hear you found a more balanced relationship. Yes, I agree, we actually ended up dating for 5 years, only lived together for 2 years though. I have also since then been with other girls who were fit.
The last girl did rock climbing and yoga, which made her extremely strong when we play wrestled, and her muscles were long and lean, besides that we actually were a great couple for the time it lasted, she was/is about 8 years younger than me so I did sometimes feel she was waay to energetic haha. It never got to a real relationship though, as we had only been dating for 2 months, when she went backpacking for a year (with her identical twin sister). She got home a few months ago, but we haven't met yet, even though we tried setting up a café date.  She was never at the body/muscle level as that girl I was talking about in my first post though. I too, will in a way never get completely over her body and her flexing, but that's ok. It's a good reminder that some things are better to stay as3 fantasy, at least for me :)
Sep 22, 2017 - permalink
Yeah...  I think part of the problem is that just because a girl has muscles, it doesn't mean she's that comfortable with a guy being turned on by them.

So it's not only extremely rare finding a muscular woman in the first place -- but once you do, it's not like "Jackpot!" because she may or may not even be that happy about having them.

I've run across women with amazing, muscular legs who HATE the way they look. They just happened to be into a sport like sprinting that built up their legs like that, so they resigned themselves to accepting it. But guys finding it attractive? They just find that "weird" and can't accept it.

Other times, you have women who really fit the "gym rat" definition. They're in the gym constantly and obsessed with getting stronger and breaking their own previous lifting records. But those women aren't necessarily that fun to be around either if you're a guy like me who just finds the muscles and strength sexy, but finds the gym a boring place to go on a regular basis. They tend to only be compatible with partners who are just as obsessed as they are with bettering their physical condition. And they're still going to expect their guy to be stronger than them, no matter how strong they get -- because their interest in fitness doesn't mean they're ok with reversing society's typical roles.

Sometimes I think this interest works better with the random strong women you encounter who you only get the occasional chances to flirt around with - vs. trying to keep up a whole serious relationship with them.

I had an interesting opportunity like that once, when I was in my 30's, dating a 22 year old black girl. She wasn't muscular or into muscles at all, but her early 40's mom loved lifting weights. Her mom's boyfriend, however, didn't care for women with muscles at all - so he basically discouraged or ignored her working out. She had some pretty heavy barbells in her bedroom though, as well as a weight bench in the basement that was supposedly used by her son -- but which she clearly borrowed herself when she was the only one home during the day. I think my g/f told her at some point that I liked women with muscles. So when I was spending time over at their place over the holidays, we had an opportunity where it was just me and her in the kitchen for a while, having a drink - and she brought the topic up. She flexed for me in a short-sleeved t-shirt and seemed genuinely excited that a guy finally was into her biceps. She mentioned that they "look bigger when I'm actually lifting something heavy", so I told her to pick me up if she wanted to. She scooped me up into a cradle carry and kind of bounced me in her arms, asking me what I weighed. I told her I wasn't sure but probably just a little under 200lbs. She grinned and said, "Ok... feels good. You're a good workout weight." Then she had me sit on the kitchen counter with my legs dangling off the edge, and said, "Let me try this!" She cupped her hands together, sliding them between my legs and under my butt, and pushed - lifting me up off the counter. Then she stepped back a few steps, so I was sitting in her hands, facing her. She let me feel her arms, which were pretty amazing, with big balls of muscle bulging out.  I got several random lifts from her in the months that followed, whenever she had a discreet opportunity. But nothing ever went beyond that -- which was fine. I really was into my g/f at that point, and didn't want to cause any issues with her and her b/f either.
Sep 26, 2018 - permalink
One of the best stories ive ever read! Thanks
Oct 29, 2018 - permalink
No problem. I still can't get those memories out of my head. It's crazy how much I still think about it all these years later.
Feb 16, 2019 - permalink
I remember a great thread of your current girlfriend, somehow can't find it in the site. How is she doing these days, still going strong?
Jul 06, 2019 - permalink
She's/we're doing great. We still workout 5-6 days a week (at least I think she still does). She hits arms heavy once a week and does a variety of Pullups/Chinups on another day a week along with the leg/shoulder/back/abs and chest in between. She improves, but seems every time she takes 2 steps forward she'll take a step or two back. I'm starting to wonder if we hit a limit with her. Pictures from when we first started don't look much different then today. On a side note, I've definitely seen descent results in the last year which has pleased me. I just wished we didn't hit a wall with her. I know she doesn't self motivate really well to lift heavier or harder and I'm working 5am to 5:30pm the last 3 months which means she's working out by herself more often. She tends to half try when I'm not their to help push her. But not much I can do about it. I can barely get through a workout before bed on work days let alone try to also get her through one.
Aug 07, 2019 - permalink
Good to hear you and your girlfriend are doing great, and she is still lifting. Hitting a plateau isn't uncommon, maybe taking (and uploading:)) some pic's could motivate her to pass this ;)

I also can remember you mentioned some great real life stories with feats of strengt, like armwrestling or lifting stats in you're earlier thread. Are there any recent stories to be told?

For myself wifey is into staying fit with a bootcamp group. Although she isn't into building uper body muscles unfortunately, she holds the record (3 1/2 minutes) for what we call 'planking', holding yourself from the floor with her elbows in a straight position. Therefore so she has some nice abs and because of the leg excercises, good legs/ buttocks.
Aug 08, 2019 - permalink
Ha I might upload more, she doesn't know I'm uploading pics and would probably kill me if she found out which I'm halfheartedly happy all the photos on both forums (here and herbiceps) I uploaded too are gone  :). As for as stats. She's 5'7-5'8 and around 140 to 150, I haven't done any measurements in a long time so don't have accurate info on that. She hits 30 to 40's on various types of curls and 95 on bar curl when she's feeling good (low reps), she doesn't like working chest and just mainly does pushups/yoga type workouts. She has bad knees so doesn't lift heavy on squats, I think I convinced her to do 185 for reps once but really didn't like it. She does better with leg press for sure. I think I saw her shoulder press 105 once, pretty sure she put too much weight on by accident because she handled it fine and never lifted that amount again  o.0. I know she has a very strong back from work as she's constantly lifting moving heavy items all day 20 to 50 lbs and typically will out do me in any back workout when we worked out in the gym together. I'm stronger then her with max's on arms but she utterly destroys me on reps.

Like for max's she can put up 95 (bar curl) 3 to 4 times while I'll put up 105 for 6 to 8, but she'll rep (dumbbells) 40's 8 to 10 times, then immediately move to 30's for 10 to 15, then 20's for 15 to 20 and I can't get any where close to the reps when I do the same exercise.

Recent stories... I always love when she tells me stories of guys or even woman mention/admire her muscle usually at work but she has told me times outside work too nothing much has ever come from any of it. I'll sometimes see random guys chat her up out of no where (when we are out and about town) when I'm not around, pretty sure they are trying to work up the nerve to ask her to flex or something. I know not very interesting  ;D
Aug 11, 2019 - permalink
Sorry deleted the post started to have regrets.
Sep 01, 2019 - permalink
Thanks for sharing this information! And those are great lifting stats! Great to see her coming home from a workout I presume, especially during summer ;)?

Another thing what I am curious about is, how is she dealing with her own muscles in public. I mean: is she somewhat proud of it and does she like to show off when there are other people around? How does her family and other friends react i.e.?

I completely understand you're a bit happy with the fact the pictures are gone, unfortunately the great stories and story-line in general you wrote is also gone. Maybe there are some parts left somewhere to put up again? After all your story is still great to share :)!

Dec 29, 2019 - permalink
As far as muscles in public I know she's pretty self conscious about it. I try to be really happy and upbeat whenever it's brought up when I'm around to make her feel better about it. I know her coworkers jokingly tease her about her arms. She is definitely getting more comfortable which is good. Three years ago she would have gotten really embarrassed when someone would bring up her arms and now she tries to be more confident about it and even joke around. She's always been a very practical, pragmatic dork with very supportive friends and family so when/if they've ever brought it up I'm sure it's been positive. I know her Dad is jealous of her guns as he has started working out again which gave me a good laugh.

I may post more of her at some point pics wise. We used to work out at home a lot since I built a home gym, but I've gotten very bored with it so I got us a gym membership again and we've been hitting the gym an hour and a half to two hours 5-6 days a week. Super setting, drop setting, four to five sets per exercise really going all out recently and I've seen more improvement in the last month and a half then I have over the last year so I'm pretty excited whats in store over the next 6 months.
Jan 04, 2020 - permalink
Nice update, good to read you both lifting together and have found new motivation. Even her dad gets the vibe. Also good to read she gets more accustomed in social life with being strong / muscular. Maybe at some time she'll flex in public, or armwrestle her dad :D

Some progress pic's would be great if possible.

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