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I Drive a cab

Sep 01, 2017 - permalink
True story: I drive a cab, have for a few years now, and never had a FBB come in my cab.
So I was sitting across from a Bar a few weeks ago, friday night, and this girl, about 50, really
pretty came over. I can tell under her blouse she was pretty built ...  anyway, long story short,
we started talking about boredom, how she is bored all the time, so she just works out.
Then she pulled back her shirt sleeve and flexed... OH MAN - then she came close to my window
and said, This is from Boredom , and she asked me to feel it..

Then the worst thing happened, she got in the cab, she wanted to do a ride along for part of the
night :)  - well, as she got in, so do another girl who knew me from other fares/pickups and she
acted like we were close, this turned off my muscle babe, and she got out

End of story - pissed me off - Haven't seen her again
Sep 01, 2017 - permalink
I don't know why but, that was a funny story ;D
Sep 05, 2017 - permalink
Its not funny - it sucked  :o
Sep 05, 2017 - permalink
Sucked for you but, like I said, I have no idea why I found it amusing, I just did ;D
Sep 26, 2018 - permalink
Don't worry, bro:) The same situations can occur with everyone  ;D
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