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Anyone got any stronger wife stories?

Jan 21, 2021 - permalink

Yeah I wish I had been more open about muscular women when I was younger. I was pretty popular, athlete, etc. so I definitely got with my fair share of girls. But I wish I didn’t hide behind a fake persona. I tried to act the same as everyone else, what was “normal”. Looking back no one cares. Yeah maybe a buddy or two would have made fun of me a bit but that’s it. Would have definitely pursued more muscular women during college, gotten girlfriends to flex and stuff, etc. My wife is gonna get her personal training certificate to go along with her coaching career. I’m thinking maybe she might like the new info and attention more and really push herself. She knows a few girls on this site like Alyssa Nemes (who sadly quit bodybuilding) and Tracy Zimmer. Would love for them to get it in her head to start bodybuilding.

Jan 21, 2021 - permalink

You have a very exciting life ahead of you nbunited. Let your wife know exactly what her hard earned physique does to you!!!

Jan 21, 2021 - permalink

@nbunited.....I totally agree with luvembuff...the sooner you let your wife know how much female muscle excites you..... the more muscles she will want to develop and please you......I guarantee it......

Jan 21, 2021 - permalink

Agreed, I told my wife and she went from working out to stay in shape to getting stronger. It has been great for our relationship overall.

Jan 27, 2021 - permalink

@taosbound...Women can be hesitant to embrace building muscle until they actually see the effect it can have on a man. They are so programmed by our archaic society to think of softness, round curves, big boobs, and so on as the source of sex appeal. I can describe several instances when the woman I was with decided to get more muscular because she had never in her life seen a man react to simply feeling a hard, developed part of her body, the way I did. They loved what they did to me and a couple of them admitted that when they were lifting weights, they thought of me and how I went crazy and it got them aroused. One of my girlfriends knew how much I loved her biceps and forearms. I lived a couple minutes from her gym, so she would race to my house, immediately after working out her arms, just so I could enjoy her pumped arms. I appreciated that so very much. If your wife truly realizes what her muscles do to you, she'll definitely keep lifting. Have fun....you are in position for total bliss!!!!

Feb 05, 2021 - permalink

From the beginning I told my wife I am into strong and healthy women. Actually I told her, I like having an active lifestyle, and I expect this also from my wife. I mentioned the way muscles are good for overall health, posture and prevent injuries. Later she understand more of it, especially she learned to value the benefits of muscles for the prevention of injuries in back and shoulders (which she had).

As she is a lover of outdoor activity she does alot of bootcamp type of excercise in groups (in the beginning she joined me in the gym, but she hated machines and stuff). She does this now for almost 10 years very consistently. This made her core, legs and lower back very strong. Nowadays I love giving her massages, and we wrestle a bit every now and then. She also let our kids punch in her tummy, as a way to show of how strong she is, love it!

During summer we were at the beach one day and she was in a nice bikini. My brother, also a sports fanatic, saw her and complimented her on her thight abs. Actually I never realised he was also into this until this moment ;-)

Feb 05, 2021 - permalink

My ex wife was a bodybuilder and also exceptionally strong for her size. When we first met we started training together a lot since I like the gym too. We did this challenge where you start at 1 pushup and work up to 20 by increasing one at a time. Then you go back to 1. You go as quick as you can and rest while your partner does them. I kept up with her up to about 16 or 17 and then I couldn't do it anymore. She just kept pumping them out. She barely slowed down but her pecs got so pumped they pushed her crop top out and her arms and traps were so pumped. I was slightly humiliated, awed and completely aroused. She wasn't even tired after, just a sheen of sweat and a glow to her hard muscular body.

She also had incredible shoulders. She was natural but they were such boulders. Even though I was 20kg heavier and could beat her on some lifts (max lifts, not reps) she could beat me on strict shoulder exercises and also curls. I'd start out a bit heavier but she could just keep pumping the weights and she'd be so pumped by the end that I'd feel like a total wimp next to her bulging muscles.

One time we did a shoulder session and started with 200 lateral raises. The idea was to do as few sets as possible. I used the same weight and got to 50 for the first set but I struggled badly. I got so fatigued from trying so hard that I had to stop at about 120 reps all up. She got through them in 4 sets of 50 just pumping out the reps like a terminator. In between sets while I was dying, she was repping strict crunches. I swear she only got stronger. I was so wrecked I had to sit out while she trained intensely for another hour after that. I saw her rep 20 strict reps on the bench press at her bodyweight once. These days she can bench 100kg and she's natural. Only 5'3" too so not some big fat powerlifter. So strong...

Feb 08, 2021 - permalink

Sounds amazing!

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