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My own experiences

Oct 24, 2014 - permalink
Hi everybody !

My fascination for the topic began at the age of 11, 12, when girls got interesting in another way.
Today, I'm a 33 year old man and the internet showed me, I'm by far not the only person, whose fascination grew more and more since then.
At the time of early puberty, meanwhile girls grew earlier and were taller in height, looked more developed - like little women - and not rarely realized themselves, even though they were slim, their upper arms had more mass, more circumfence ( even flexed ) and sometimes showed a slightly visible, cute, little biceps bulge and not least - their palms and fingers were longer, maybe slimmer but longer and looked like small adult women one's.
The first time, I got teased about all that, it hit a nerve, that the fascination grew more and more - until today !

At skiing lessons at age of 12, a taller and already developed girl ( age 13 ) in my class standing beside me realized, that she got allotted visibly longer skis. I got some kind of frightened, as she teased me on, that then she must be "so much taller" than me. So her shoe size had to be bigger too, she chipped in. And if her feet were "much longer", her hands and fingers would be too. Altogether, she came to the conclusion, that all this leaded to being "much stronger" than me.
We could check it in an arm wrestling match.
On the slope, there was no possibilty to prove or disprove it.
But today, nearly 21 years later, I would have said, back then she could have been very right !
Unfortunately, the next months it was no longer an issue between her and me, although the whole discussion with this girl changed something in my mind - forever !
Alarming - and fascinating at the same time !
Yes, she was right - she was 2, 3 inches taller than me and not as skinny as I was, she rather tended a little bit to "overweight".
When it got spring and summer, during lessons, I often found myself understated checking her cocked upper arm and her long hands and - fingers, when she wore short sleeves ...
There seemed to be a visible difference in every point, I would have so liked to be checked !
Back then, it must have worried me so much, she herself could have toyed with the idea to compare our hands and fingers, she could have wanted to check and compare our both flexed biceps' together or possibly come up with the idea, to show and demonstrate me, who would win a serious arm wrestling match.
Today, I tend to say, I would have been snookered very much in every point !
And I'm cheesed off, I wasn't man enough to ask her for it to try, so that I could tell about all that, today :-(
Although my big care was, that the chance was too big, that she would have beaten me so badly !
And that she could have teased me about each compared fact, possibly even in front of fellow pupils !

The whole topic ( in combination ) began to arouse me that much !

Next school year, my classmates changed a lot and the topics came up, soon.
Boys began to challenge each other to arm wrestling in the class room. I won some matches and lost some, the differences seemed extreme.
As one average sized girl ( age 13, two weeks older than me ) was boisterously challenged by a smaller and really skinny boy ( age 12 ), that could have known, he had little chance to win.
She agreed thankfully.
It was so hot to watch her putting him down slowly but non-stop without break. As she immediately realized, she would win easily, her disregardful behaviour must have made the boy very upset internal.
During the very short match of a handful of seconds, at the same time he voiced that he was that surprised and impressed, her pressure was that hard.
Without any fuss about her invulnerable victory, the girl then challenged the smallest and skinniest girl ( age 12 ) in our class, who was sitting on her left side.
When she pushed the little girl's thin and weak arm straight and that fast to the table, the small one made a deeply surprised "Wooooow!".
Although the losing girl took it very easy and kept very reserved and quiet, she however seemed fascinated of that difference.
Even more boisterously, after two that quick wins the girl effusively challenged the tallest girl in our class on her other side, which had already a rather average female's adult body height and - frame at age of 13.
The tall one ignored the match like her opponent ignored her two own ones before.
She put her average opponent down straight in a handful of seconds, not even really paying attention to her and the match.
The hyped up losing girl ignored and passed over her clear defeat.

Suddenly her attention got me watching her excitedly, as she chipped in very boastfully, that she would win against me too.
Her arrogance got my attention and - at one stroke - aroused me that much !
I knew about her tough and strong will and her matches before, the visible little - but natural biceps bulge, that popped through the long and tight sleeve of her right arm ... and her hands and fingers, that looked longer and stronger than mine ( already like a small adult woman one's ), fascinated me that much !
I played it down, as I was a boy on his way to a young man and said something like, that as a boy, I don't think so.
As she got the impression, that I wouldn't react with it and could chicken out - she made a bet about 2 german mark ( that time, 1995 ), that began to worry me.
And suddenly - I really chickened out of it !
It egged her on even more, so she immediately suggested, that in case of my victory, I would get 5 german mark. She must have been so sure, what she did that day !
Her self - assurance totally irritated and fascinated me !
Granted, the little chance to win was too enticing, so I hoped I was mistaken, that slim girls our age could be stronger than average boys.
I couldn't evade it any longer and while I hoped for a ( hidden placed ) match in our class room, she dictated the indoor schoolyard as scene.
The fact, that in recess, there would be many random viewers, worried me inwardly as well as visibly ... and made the girl even more assured of success.
I tried everything to underplay it.
Inwardly, the whole situation outgrew myself, completely !
I was extremely ill at ease !

She was hyped up and could hardly expect to justify the match in recess.
Purposefully, she looked for a strategic good place in the middle of the indoor schoolyard, where nobody near, could ignore us.
When I followed her, I tried everything to prevent it and to get a place as inconspicuous as possible - abortively.
I was wrought up so much, as I realized, in what I had engaged !
It looked like she wanted to get her aimed win as fast as possible.
As we sat down and reached for each other's right hand, I can remember her right hand being cold, as her long palm and - fingers clasped mine and tried to get a grip.
That was stronger than I ever expected and her hands and fingers really seemed longer than mine ( what probably was not the case ).   
I even watched a little bulged biceps in her right arm under the long and tight shirt, she wore.
She had the nerve to ask, if I was ready.
The balanced start irritated as well as it worried me that much inside.
She certainly must have felt more confident of a next quick victory ( like her first two ones before ), but there was no possibility for me to get on her side.
I had to give my very best to hold her right arm up.
We didn't dare to look in each other's eyes !
More and more spectators got observant and came around - mostly a bit younger boys, 10 - 12 years old.
I worried more and more as I realized my strength fade away and my right arm began to hurt increasingly.
She herself didn't show the merest hint of effort or pain and tried everything to appear cool and in control. 
I hoped so much, she would have gotten out of strength herself.
She didn't lose a bit of ground ... sometime I did it and realized alarming her sudden advantage.
Inwardly, it had to be clear in my mind, I would finally lose a very tough match !
I couldn't believe, she could constantly keep up the pressure, so that I never could push her right arm back a bit of an inch or even over the top.
It lasted really very long, but my way seemed preset - from the start. She realized, that I could only react instead of act, so she kept unchanged and very cool.
She began to ignore my views and my peeks ... and must have known, she was winning and what she could demonstrate me !
Bit by bit her right arm pushed mine inbound to the needle felt carpet, which was on the upper of the two big ground steps, that were all around the indoor schoolyard.
Every inch we had a short break, so I got hope, I could push her back - but it changed nothing.
It was the crest of my inner shame, that I couldn't do anything during it !

I forgot everything around me, didn't notice anything else and felt intoxicated.
I burnt up more and more.
It was like in heaven !
What a precarious situation it would get for me !

As my defeat stood before, she began to smile a bit with a visible whiff of malicious joy.
I had burnt up so much and everything rotated around me.
Proudly and boastfully, she slammed my right hand the little remaining way to the ground ... and immediately teased me with the words, that we would know now,
who is the stronger one.
Her arrogance aroused me that much, as my arm and hand burnt in pain and I flew into a frenzy !
She herself seemed like before, I myself didn't seem to be quite all here.
The younger boys standing around, grinned big, as I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable with giving her totally vacantly the 2 german mark.
I begged her strongly never to talk to me about the situation again and wished I could be lost in the ground !
What an embarrassing situation it had got for me !

The next months, I can remember, there were some playful power game situations between her and me, where she raised, if then she had to show me again,
who would win an arm wrestling match.
Until today, I'm cheesed off, that I didn't call her on to try it again :-(
She definitely would have accepted it, as it provided her an opportunity to set myself boundaries, again.
But each match and result could have aroused me so much again - also already sexually !

As I moved between the next two school years, the issue was already up to date in class.
The first match, that got my attention, was between a 14yr old tall but gangly guy ... and his 13yr old average and beautiful girlfriend.
She clearly was no match for him, but watching her average but beautiful hand and - fingers try to squeeze his big ones so hard, her unsuccessful hard straining, until her face turned so red and she began to sweat, his inciting that she should push harder and harder ... and finally her sorrowful face, until he really slammed her the whole 90°s, aroused me that much !
He bantered her that much afterwards and also another average girl watching, did it.
The losing girl got aroused that much !
As she wanted an instant rematch, after a few seconds of pushing, he allowed her to use both arms against his right one - after pulling long and hard, she lost even that.

Suddenly she - between aroused and intoxicated - requested me standing aside, to arm wrestle her.
Her hyped up fuss told me, she was out to flaunt putting me in my place.
I knew about the effect a match against her would have had to me.
Her boyfriend encouraged me to stoush her, too.
If he only had known ... that I was that sexually aroused ... and what would happen to me, if I pushed - or possibly even lost against her !
The teacher came in.
We were called upon following class, before I could reach out for a chair to sit down vis-a-vis to her and reach for her right hand :-(
I pretended, I didn't care less - until today, it's a shame, that it was no longer an issue between us ... and that I didn't banter her for arm wrestling me, later !
I was torn that much between the facts, that our teacher saved me just none too soon ... and the missed possibility of a that high sexual arousal.
I don't vouch, who would have won that match ...
Soon afterwards between the lessons, the watching girl challenged a third female classmate and put her down in a few seconds ... apparently effortless.
The losing girl came to terms with it, although she seemed impressed of the big difference.
The watching girl afterwards challenged the girl that lost to her boyfriend ... and the result was the same ... and she bantered her again.
As these two girls looked really pretty at the end of age 13 and onset of a young woman, that match fascinated me that much !
Watching their slightly visible little biceps' pop up under their long and tight shirts, their serious effort to win and the views of both at each other after winning / losing.
Today, I would give so much, if I had been man enough back then to touch both girl's straining biceps' during the match.

The losing girl again seemed very aroused of her re-defeat.
The winning girl then suddenly proposed me to armwrestle her, as she was hyped up and noticed me standing aside.
I got very excited and nervous ... and could see the losing girl began to grin a bit.
This time, I couldn't get out, nobody could save me.
My opponent seemed to be straining at the leash to put it straight, that I was no serious opponent for her !
I could have known, the match would end in a total disgrace for me, as I worried before to challenge or possibly win against her much weaker opponent.
We sat vis-a-vis on a table and grasped hands. Although she was a little bit smaller - probably also her arms, hands and fingers - her grip troubled me badly.

As we began to push, her elbow angle was much better than mine ( I know about that technique fact today ).
From the first second on, she pushed that hard, that there was no deadlock.
A handful seconds of very strong pressure and she hit my right hand on the table.
I realized the hard erection in my jeans. The feeling which got me was indescribable !
She beamed and nearly bursted with pride !
I was totally out of my right mind and pretended, that I was taken by surprise.
On one side she pretended to be bored and bugged - on the other side she seemed to know, with a second win, she could embarrass me once again ... and even much more !
She agreed in thanks - and I paid attention to a proper angle.
Both times, her grip was alarming and I noticed that little right biceps bulge, popping under her long and tight shirt.
She teased me claiming, if we then could start ...
I agreed, pretended self - confidently ... and promised myself to do much better, to give it all and to bring her back down to earth.

It was like half a minute before - no chance to keep her right arm in the middle position for shortest time !
Another handful of seconds and she - smiling sweetly - beat my right hand even harder on the table - once more.

I climaxed.
I closed my eyes for a short time and shook.
She unclasped my right hand so slowly and soft ... and asked still smiling naturally but a bit depreciatorily, if I seriously had expected a different result ... and why I wanted to try it once more.
There are a few seconds, where I can't remember anything and everything was blurred in some kind of intoxication !
My only thoughts were to get to the toilet, as my underpants had gotten that wet - as fast as possible and at the same time, without ostentation !
I didn't seem to be quite all here ...
Arrived in the toilet booth - I masturbated.
OMG !!!
I will never ever forget it !

Today - over 18 years later - I'm cheesed off with the fact, that my remaining 6 schoolyears ( including trade school ), there were some more, I think nearly 10 attractive girls and even a few situations, in which I should have interfered :-(((
Altogether, including this 10, I should have had AW matches against about 15, maybe 20 more attractive girls / young women, I met until today, which certainly would have got me somehow or other sexually !

Since then, the 18 1/2 years ( ! ) I myself, never came into a similar situation again.
I watched approximately about two handful of matches between two girls / young ladies or one against a boy / young man - but never found an elegant way to play a part in it, inconspicuous !
The boys / young men nearly always scored at least a tie, some boys brought the opposing girl back down to earth ... but also the difference in the matches among the girls themselves, was partially amazing !
I don't want to commit to a winner, if I had armwrestled all these girls and some other I would have liked to, myself ...
and would have so wished to watch some of them arm wrestle each other.
One time, I could randomly once watch a mixed match on a playground table. Both contestants were probably about ( only ) 11, 12 years old.
Out of harm's way, I watched the girl winning against the boy in a handful seconds long, one - sided match, without break.
As afterwards both spotted me watching them, the girl laughed at her opponent and smiled at me with pride - the boy didn't really want to look at me of shame.
I smiled back at her, accretively.
For a short time, I thought about going towards them to talk them into a rematch or also even both of them against me.
The other adult people around prevented me from doing it - they were both pre - teen children, in opposite to me as a young but adult man.
I could feel so much with both !
But there were some more normal slim ( young teen ) ladies ( partially very attractive ), who showed an impressive but natural, "small" biceps bulge, ...

... and whose hands fascinated me that much !
Since I'm a full-grown, adult man, I got a few chances, where well - known girls / young women appealed to my hands and fingers, that are slender but a bit longer than male average
( for male average height of 5'10.5" ).
The differences between me and them and even among the girls were partially amazing - some average girls had hands over one inch shorter and half an inch slimmer than mine, what made them very surprised - almost shocked.
Even their fingers looked so small in comparison, although girls proportionally to their palms, do have longer fingers and in relation to their hand width, their hands are longer.
Two pairs ( even half an inch taller girls than me ! ) of female hands were only one, two tenth of an inch shorter than mine, and looked even longer because slimmer, what made the average girls no fewer shocked than me myself.
The two tall girls seemed very proud, that they almost got my hand - and finger length. One of them had slim - but not bony or veiny - and long palms and - fingers, that fascinated me that much !
I myself was irritated and turned on so much !
Both young women seemed to realize, that the little length difference got me sexually.
They seemed to enjoy it - also that I stretched my right hand and - fingers so much, to trump their own hand and - fingers only by maybe a quarter of an inch ...
or even less.
Also as both compared to an average young woman beside, both seemed nearly shocked, but each time the tall girl looked so proud.
Female hands that length - obviously over 7 inches and ( much ) more - look as impressive as beautiful, if they have slim ( not bony or veiny ) palms, long but not bony fingers with long nailbeds but short natural nails !
I should have compared with about 15 more pairs of female hands, that belonged to so beautiful teen girls / young women ( the age I just was ), I got to know a bit more ... as their hands and fingers were that great looking and between me and each one had to be a visible length difference - in one way.

Today, I'm very miffed by myself, that - I didn't ask all of them for a playfully arm wrestling match against me, - I didn't ask for or even get them to flex their biceps', so that I could touch, feel and squeeze them or finally - I didn't look for a situation to compare my hands and fingers with theirs :-(((   
As an adult, it's even much more difficult !

Please tell us here, if you have the same fascinations or - fetishes and own pictures - , stories - or good videos like mine, to tell and share !!!

Waiting for your early reply !



Oct 29, 2014 - permalink

I'm the same age as you and I know exactly what you're feeling.
When I was 12 years old, I accidently watched the episode of Sledge hammer with the female bodybuilders and although I didn't find the women beautiful, they gave me a weird feeling inside I've never felt before. A couple of years later 'Hercules' was on tv and I programmed the videorecorder to watch Cory Everson over and over again. Wow! When I was 15, I had a computer with a modem... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the photos of all those muscular women. A new world opened, a world that made it difficult for me to be like 'normal' guys.
I was never interested in one night stands, sex with girls, I wanted to feel their strong arms.

You can count my experiences with muscular girls on one hand. When I was 14 years old, I went on a sports camp. In one activity, other girls and boys could challenge you for an armwrestling battle. One girl who was as old as I was, always came to challenge me. She was left-handed and won easily with that arm. I won right-handed, but with more effort than she did. I really didn't mind she was stronger, but it didn't arouse me back then.

In school I often see girls flexing and comparing their arms, the gymnasts arms are sometimes amazing... but I never asked a girl to flex, just watch from a distance, very low profile.

I have a wife and 2 beautiful kids. She's not the muscular girl I always dreamt of, but I love her very much and we match great together. I even don't think I would ever want to be with a muscular girl... I fear the reaction of friends, people, family. And where I live, muscular girls are very, very rare. Sometimes I just want to be a regular guy... (sex) life would be so simple.

It's great to find people dealing with the same problems. Our only luck is that we can get aroused by a girl/woman just doing her hair. :-)
Dec 28, 2019 - permalink
I've red the whole thing. I must say I'm jealous. I had my chance to have my arm crushed by a girl at the gae of 12 and I passed it up. I was in the same class as her in high school too and I never tried to talk to her and convince her to give me a try. I think she didn't enjoy the reputation of the strongest person in the class, that's why she never arm wrestled anyone again.

Do you ever feel like you wish all of that never happened and that whole muscle fetish hadnt developed or do you have no regrets?
Dec 28, 2019 - permalink
Thanks so much, 'pwnlobster' - for finally a second / your reply after - believe it or not - over 5 years !
Great that you read my whole story ... and didn't complain about it being too long and detailed.
Yes, that is also my "problem" until today ; those missed chances in ( young ) youth ages, when the situation would have been much more innocuous.
I surely missed the possibility of that kind of challenge between girls and boys - while growing up and the competition, that the girls hit puberty first, grew earlier in height and maybe had an advantage for a few years.
In my case, I think there were surely some girls who would have liked to put a budding young man into his place.
Until today - I'm 38 years old now in late 2019 - I regularly / often think about all the girls / young women, 1. I would have liked to watch flexing their biceps', 2. comparing their hand - and finger lengths between each other or with mine ( especially in that time while girls in the meantime overtook boys in height in younger puberty ) and the missed chance to challenge them to some 3. serious sleeveless arm wrestling.
At full age when the male body superiority seems to be clear, girls / young women don't look for that anymore and me as a man maybe, probably, sure will appear looking for some very strange kind of sexual arousement.
Unfortunately, I even got that strange kind of reply from men, commenting my own ones on 'youtube' - videos !

Very surely, getting me ( also sexually ) aroused, would be different today ( and maybe more common, maybe even easier ), if I hadn't got into that 3 fetishes.
In the www. I got to know, I'm by far not the only young man ( and maybe also some woman ? ), who has to deal with one or all of them combined.
Unfortunately the websites stole us and closed the former 'handfetishforum' and that one from the old 'herbiceps' - website, to talk about it or also about seen TV scenes and so on.
In real life, when grown up, you can't get young attractive women to do all that, what you have seen and "enjoyed" in your own favourite www. - videos !
Already in the written 'youtube' comments, a very often used word is "creepy" !

So my very personal feeling for my own developed, that way combined fetish world is very, very ambivalent !

Please enjoy :


Dec 30, 2019 - permalink
Have you ever thought of getting a session with an FBB? You could lose at armwrestling all day long :) Just a dream come true, and most of these girls are strong enough to beat you 2 arms vs their 1! Imagine how hot that would feel. The unstoppable power of a girl's arm just slamming yours into the table.
Jan 01, 2020 - permalink
I don't think that a real FBB gets my interest ; for my very personal opinion, they're too much muscle toned and "hard". It is so borderline, that a female ( upper ) arm is looking slightly muscle toned, but still natural female. Although only a few young ladies reach my own height of average male 5'10" to 5'11" or 1,80m - more than my own very slim about 12 inches or 30 to 31cm flexed biceps circumfence does rarely look really very good for a young slim but trained female ! I don't know which type of girl could and would fulfill my dream of some biceps flexing and - tape measuring, some hand - and finger length measuring and - comparisons and finally several serious and sleeveless arm wrestling matches ...


Although my so long running main interest in this other thread, is for that early 'Herbiceps' video meaterial with and between TINA GAITA and her opponent Angelica Chamicki -
my reason to post it here, is that so big, but still natural female looking biceps of that later 'Herbiceps +' - lady Sierra.
Well, that is some still so sexy female, but not too hard muscled looking biceps with so impressive 14,5 inches flexed circumfence !
I can't remember any that size looking still so sexy female !
That is why I would be so interested to meet her personally to feel and tape measure it myself and try to give her some hard times at arm wrestling her sleeveless and SERIOUSLY ; again and again and ...
O ... M ... G ... !!!
Jan 01, 2020 - permalink
Well, you could get a session with a more normal looking girl too, there's plenty of them, just check wb270 and have a look at who's available.

Arm wrestled a girl for the first time today, felt amazing, even though I won, she was really strong, couldn't move her arm for a few seconds.
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