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The Real Housewives of Metro City (Series)

Mar 14, 2014 - permalink
The Real Housewives of Metro City (Lynn)

This chapter is about Lynn and Jordyn; A wealthy mother and daughter who have never had to work or struggle a day in their lives.  Condescending, Racist, Arrogant, A Bully, Rich and Powerful.  Lynn married very well to an oil executive, very young (at the age of 20) and had a daughter Jordyn.  At 38, Lynn could pass for being in her late 20’s.  Naturally slender physique, long blonde hair and beautiful smile.  Her daughter, Jordyn is 18 year old High School Senior and is truly her mother’s daughter in every way.  Because Lynn didn’t have to work, cook, clean or even mother her daughter; she devoted her time to being as fit as possible; and it showed.  1 hour a day of intense cardio, and 1 hour of high rep weight circuits, and 1 hour of plyometrics and weighted abs/core work, sculpted a truly impressive physique.  Naturally thin, she never would have had to work out, but she loved having a ripped 8 pack of abs and tight defined arms and legs.  At 5’8” 135 lbs 36-22-34, she is a better athlete than those half her age.  Jordyn followed in her mother’s footsteps, following the same training regiment, but not for athletic purposes, but to “look better than all the flabby bitches in my class”. It got in the way of her studies a bit, but Jordyn just manipulated her way to the grades she needed.  Jordyn was 5’9’ 138 with ripped abs, nice perky breasts and long muscular legs like her mother.
While Lynn has a world class work ethic when it comes to building her body, the thought of doing any real work disgusts her.  Between fucking the pool boys, shopping, working out and being seen, her schedule was full enough.  She also has no respect for anyone but herself, one should consider themselves lucky to breathe the same air as her. She’s arrogant, condescending, an emotional bully, but wealthy enough to get away with it, and soon she’ll find she is powerful enough physically.
   Having never had to fight or fight for anything in her life, the thought of physical combat intrigued Lynn.  She knew she was strong, she knew she had amazing endurance.  But could she use it? She realized it could be worthwhile one day, at the country club pool. Lynn was sunbathing in her brand new $10,000 bikini.   One of the kids at the pool did a cannonball and got her wet.  Lynn was livid!  When the kid got out of the pool, She approached the 10 year old told him “You worthless brat, you got my new bikini wet”, she then slapped him so hard on the cheek that there was a red hand-print and bruising on the kid’s face.  The lifeguard watched in horror, and called the kid’s mother who came over and confronted Lynn immediately.  They argued back and forth, trading sharp tongued insults, and then the boy’s mother (who was eye to eye with Lynn, but about 20lbs heavier) slapped Lynn.  Shocked, Lynn never having had to defend herself before was slow to react.  Then “You fat Bitch!” she slapped the boy’s mother so hard her hair whipped in the wind.  The boy’s mother (who grew up poor and had her share of scraps) was a bit more proactive and then grabbed, Lynn by the hair.  Slaps and blows flew wildly, with Lynn mostly missing, and the mother mostly landing.  But strangely, she was still not getting the better of Lynn.  Lynn was extremely strong and difficult to control.  Also very vain, she actually did a good job of protecting her face from blows.  Any blows that landed to the body were completely useless, it was like hitting steel.  Lynn started to notice that even though she was getting hit a lot, the woman was not getting the better of her.  The boy’s mother tried to take the wind out of Lynn by taking repeated punches to her abs.  Lynn saw this coming and instinctively tensed her ripped abs.  The blows were hard, but they weren’t breaking through at all.  In fact, beyond the force of the punch, she was barely feeling the blows as they bounced off her thin but armored abs.  She started to laugh… after 6,7,8 blows…. “You can’t hurt me you fat cow…”  She returned a vicious punch to the solar plexus that dropped the mother to her knees.  “Pathetic, that’s why you husband want’s to fuck me you, fat slut.  Of course I let him”.  She kicked the boy’s mother in the stomach again.  “I need a drink” she says, as she starts to stroll to her 7 series BMW.  Thinking to herself, “Wow, my first fight, she was such a fucking weakling hahahah”
   She gets home and immediately calls around for a boxing trainer.  She is going to be the baddest bitch metro city had ever seen.
Mar 14, 2014 - permalink
I like the story... I hope there is more stories coming
Mar 17, 2014 - permalink
Lynn finds her trainer:
Lynn searched the internet for local gyms and trainers.  She’s reasonably well known in town, so people were eager to impress and win her business.  All female trainers were nixed immediately.  No matter how talented or well-credentialed, she would not give them a second look.  As Lynn felt their jealousy of her would cause unnecessary friction and she has a history of fucking ‘the help’ so since “I’m no dyke” as she would say, a woman was out of the question.  After a few days of diligent searching and interviews, she finally settled on 2 men with great credentials as possible candidates. There was a white guy in his mid 20’s that was 6’2” 200 and a part-time MMA competitor, his name was Sean Bush.   Sean was a nice guy, very fit, seemed knowledgeable, there was some buzz about him being one of the rising stars in MMA but hadn’t quite carved his niche yet so he was making ends meet by training people. There was a 42 year old exceptionally fit 6’3’ 220lb black man named David Dubois.  An incredible athlete, he was a college football star who spent a few decent years as a role player the NFL.  After tiring of the NFL politics and media attention, he walked away and sought to broaden his horizons and took up boxing.  He successfully boxed for 10 years with a record of 35-3 with 30 KO’s and even held a title for some time on his circuit.  Politics kept him out of the world circuit, but he was not bothered by that.   A practical man, he was wise with his money and started a series of gyms.  He now focuses on managing them and raising his family, occasionally training high profile training and consulting.  Lynn had never met a black man like David before, if you asked her yesterday she would have said black men like him never existed.  Known as a bit of a racist, she was intrigued by this man who defied all of the per-conceived notions she had of black men.   A renaissance man, well-educated (completing his masters in Exercise Science) before going to the NFL, successful business man by the age of 40, who showed a mature confidence and poise befitting a Fortune 500 CEO, “But he’s black?” She said in her mind.  “Those people don’t do that, do they?” Sitting in his office she saw a picture of his daughter in a track and field uniform, another with a prom date.  “Oh my, his daughter goes to school with mine!” she thought.  “Your daughter looks like quite the athlete?! And she is gorgeous!”  He had her medals on display as well.  “Brandi is my pride and joy.  I am so proud of her. Hardest working girl I have ever seen, besides her mother maybe.  You just missed her she was lifting and hitting the bags earlier.”  After discussing the logistics they shook hands and settled on a month to month contract.  She noticed his hand had a wedding band, but she didn’t notice a picture of a woman old enough to be his wife in his office.  She casually asked “that is a lovely wedding band, Mrs. Dubois must be a lucky woman.”   He smiled and said, “Im lucky, she’s runs a series of international development initiatives, she’s overseas a lot nowadays.”  Being the self-absorbed bitch that she is, she thought “Good, no real competition…”, but said, “That must be tough sometimes.”  Then on the way out the door she saw a stack of flyers advertising the “Lisa DuBois Youth Fitness Center and Foundation”.  It had her picture, “she’s stunning! And a fitness competitor? Does Charity? And also black?  Well wonders never cease” she thought.
   She told her daughter Jordyn about her new trainer and to look out for Brandi at school and see what can be found out about her new interest, David.   Jordyn made an odd-face, “But she’s a junior, what would that look like?!”  She whined.  “She’s really smart and really athletic, or something.  But she does a bunch of geeky and nerdy clubs after school too before practice.   I don’t want to be seen with those people! Gross!” Not the most maternal of beings, Lynn still did have that motherly control over her daughter and gave her the “Just do it” look.   “Mom, you can’t make me!”, “The hell I can’t” Lynn yelled, then grabbed Jordyn by the collar and slapped her across the cheek.  “What the hell!” Jordyn shoved her mom back.   Jordyn and her mother fought all the time.  One thing Lynn lamented about Jordyn doing all the training work she did is that it made her a handful physically.  Lynn grabbed Jordyn by the hair and slugged her in the gut a couple of times.  “I swear it is like hitting rubber-covered brick” Lynn was thinking, Lynn then slapped Jordyn the shoved her back where she tripped over the sofa’s ottoman and fell to the ground.  It was almost a show of dominance a lioness would show over a cub.  But this cub was quite a specimen herself.  And Mama Lion is taking notice.  “Ok, Ok, MA jeeeez, you’re such a bitch sometimes.” Jordyn said.  “I’ll get some info tomorrow. After school…. Gosh…” 

Next Jordyn Meets Brandi
Feb 21, 2020 - permalink
Jordyn Meets Brandi

Jordyn was on a mission to figure out what she could about Brandi. She really had no clue who she was, she thought she was a junior, but actually she was a senior like her.  But Brandi took all AP and Honors classes.  They had very different schedules and ran in different circles; so it would prove a challenge. It looked like her best shot would be after school when she's done with track practice.  Word is the track team likes to take a jog down to the beach and cool off after their workouts.
Until then, she had some time to kill and went to the gym.  The boxing club had just finished their session, so the weight room and sparring areas were completely empty. Jordyn still angry about how her mother handled her yesterday, thought blowing off steam using the gloves would help.  She started with the heavy bag.  Simple combos, Jordyn is a prissy bitch, but she is a strong prissy bitch. She put all of her 5'9 frame into her punches working up a decent sweat. When she heard a familiar voice, her crush Danny. "If you aren't careful, you'll put a hole in that bag." Jordyn giggled like the blonde bimbo she was and stepped closer to him.  "So sweet you worry about me?", Danny looked confused and laughed uncomfortably. "Just noticed you were throwing a lot at that bag".  She wanted his attention badly.  She pulled up her shirt to wipe her face, high enough to show her bra and abs, in a not so veiled attempted to grab his attention.  Just as she finishes wiping her face, she sees him check his phone.  He seems disinterested in anything going on with Jordyn.  "See you later on Jordyn".  As he walks away, he makes a call.  Apparently he's talking to Brandi? She overhears him telling her that he's working the after noon at the school gym, she should stop by and hang out.  Jordyn saw red. "How dare that Black bitch, I'll beat her ass."  She heard him go on to say, "it's pretty dead in here, just one of the senior girls hitting the bags.  Text me when you get here, I'll be in the back doing inventory."  Jordyn thought "perfect, I'll embarrass the hoe here".  Jordyn has been suspended 3 times for fighting, her family's money always gets her out of any real trouble. She loves bullying other girls, and her size and conditioning make it tough for your average high school girl to stand a chance.  When Brandi get her, she's getting jumped. 

Brandi enters the building, "Danny? you arent picking up your phone?"  She sees he left his phone at the desk. "Silly boy" she says to herself.  She didnt notice Jordyn sizing her up.  Brandi was 5'6" maybe 135-140 lbs, very athletic frame, she was wearing a track suit so a lot was left to the imagination.  "Fuck, she hot too, now I really hate this bitch."  One thing that the track suit could not hide is her nice bubble round butt.  Jordyn was envious, her breasts were a nice C cup, but she was always self conscious about her ass. It was time to pounce.  Jordyn is standing in the boxing ring, "Why don't you find another gym you whore?"  She had taken off her shirt and only hand on her sports bra in hopes of being more intimidating.  She was buff, had to give her that "Excuse me? Who are you?" Brandi asked genuinely and innocently confused. "Don't play dumb with me, you bitch." She had come down the ring stairs and is now in Brandi's unbothered face.  "We can go right now if you want? You Black bitches think you...." Jordyn used her finger and poked Brandi in the forehead for emphasis.  Brandi didn't wait another second and in blind anger, shoved Jordyn back  "Black what?" Jordyn swung a wild hook at Brandi that she ducked another that she blocked. Jordyn then tried to uppercut her in the stomach, Brandi's arms were still up from blocking the 2nd hook, so she flexed her abs in anticipation.  She knew what was coming, and she began to smirk. 1-2 'thump thump" Both blows just bounced off her abs.  Jordyn's eyes widened as she swore she could feel the ridges of Brandi's abs through her track jacket.   Brandi's smirk grew to a smile as she began to unzip her track jacket to take it off.  She only had her sports bra on underneath.  Jordyn was fit, for sure, but she trained for vanity sake.  Brandi trained to be the best at whatever she did.  Jordyn's abs were a nice 6 pack, Brandi's were a deep six pack, almost 8. She was dense. "Just in case you were wondering why you couldn't hurt me..."  Jordyn's rage grew...but not wanting to be outdone, "oh yea you think you can compete with me, lets go blow for blow.."...Brandi responded..."You could never break me on your best day...you'll be lucky if you hurt me at all.."  Brandi is a very peaceful friendly gal.  People like her, she has a lot of friends.  She rarely has meaningful conflict.  But she was ready to revel in the opportunity today. Her chocolate skin covered muscles that belonged in the olympics, (2 of her 4 races qualified for the trials).  She could bench 185x3, squat 365x3 and did no less than 500 reps of abs per day. Her father taught her to box and train.   She was ready.  Jordyn said "your funeral"...punches 2 more times. "Smack smack", Jordyn's fists slapped against her flexed abs, and she didnt even bend.  Brandi fired back immediately, 2 shots of her own.  Jordyn hit hard, she's been hit pretty hard too.  But Brandi hit even harder than her mother did.  She absorbed the 2 punches with her rock hard abs, but the force shocked her a bit.  Jordyn fired back, Brandi crunched down flexing even harder, felt next to nothing except Jordyn's fist landing against her smooth skin.  Her smile never left and she fired right back.  Jordyn held her flex, but she is definitely being tested. She fires back.  Brandi feels the blows land but its almost like the more Jordyn tries, the more she just bounces off Brandi's armor-plated track-and-field hardened abs. Brandi poses her abs and crunches causing the muscles to show even more.  So much so that Danny who just walked back in the gym was stunned.  Brandi says "come on you weak bitch, again..."  Jordyn fires 4 more punches,  First 3 were with all her power, but bounced off like all the others... the forth she jammed her wrist.  "Fuck!"  Brandi responded with single quick punch to Jordyn's abs that were slightly unflexed due to the shock to her wrist...that punch bent her over "Oof"  a lesser physique would have folded like cardboard.  But the next 3 punches, bent her more and more each time until she folded on the final one.  From her knees, she was eye-level with Brandi's abs, she tried 2 more punches with her good hand from her knees. They bounce off like the others  Brandi was nearly drunk with power..."yes bitch... feel that?"Brandi thumps her own abs a few times with her own fist... "you..can never hurt me..."  She then backhand slaps Jordyn..who now also sees that Danny witnessed her being dominated...she flees in tears of embarrassment. Brandi, realized that Danny had witnessed it all too... "Brandi, you were fucking amazing..." Danny stands awkwardly trying to conceal is obvious arousal..Brandi, got a bit shy "I had no idea you saw that!"  ... But noticing Danny is extremely aroused,  she moves closer to him..places his hand on her abs and begins kissing her...Brandi says, my Dad's out of town until tomorrow AM, lets go to my place....

To Be Continued...
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Danny was absolutely in shock.  He'd never seen Brandi in such a light.  So powerful, so sexy, and now he has a shot?!  He muttered something about running home to take a shower and meeting her at her parents house.  He'd always seen her as focused and super busy, so her never thought she would be accessible.  He took off on his bike home.  Brandi got in her car and set off for her house.  She was nervous, excited and confused. 
"That was so hot?!" she thought to herself. 
"But, why did he find that so arousing?!"
"Why did I?!?! Is this a thing?!"
Brandi has a habit of thinking out loud to herself.  Physically confident, but still an 18 year old. Like most older teenagers, sex while not familiar, was still largely unexplored territory. She'd only had sex a handful of times, your typical prom and homecoming nights and a party or 2.  This was going to be a night to remember. She pulled her 2013 Honda Civic in the driveway and darted in the house.  After disrobing  on her favorite Ari Lennox playlist and she jumped in the shower. 

Meanwhile at Danny's house, he tore through his room like a hurricane.  He showered, got dressed and left in record time.  He had on his favorite shirt and felt as confident as young man could be in this situation. His level of sexual experience was also pretty limited. Him and his ex girlfriend had sex a few times, including a mediocre a blow job in an empty classroom last year.  He sped out the door without touching the dinner left out on the counter.

Meanwhile Jordyn drove home in tears, cursing the day Brandi was born.  Parking her 2019 BMW, she slammed the door and stormed into the house. She heard her mother in the other room and burst in the door.  "MOM!! That BITCH, THAT FUCKING BITCH.." in between sobs... "She stole Danny... he was supposed to be mine! I cant ever go back to that school now!"  Lynn looks at Jordyn and immediately puts 2 and 2 together.  "So you met Brandi? What happened?"  She recounts the events to her mother's horror.  Not that Jordyn was fighting, but that she lost and was humiliated and was blubbering in front of her about it.  Her petty jealous streak kicked in, no boy walks away from my daughter, Brandi might be great and all, but that slut ain't all that.  Lynn began to hatch a plan of revenge.

Danny took an Uber and arrived at Brandi's.  She sent him a text letting him know the door was open.  He walked in, she called to him from her room to come upstairs. Danny had never been inside of Brandi's house before, lots of pictures and art.  He saw all the photos of her father's boxing and football exploits. Also the photos of her mothers exploits in international development.  He makes it to the top of the stairs and there stands Brandi (attached photo).  His arousal was visible, and immediate...
*Gulps* "Hey" *Voice cracks*
She notices his...gawking at her physique... "Come closer.."
Needing no further invitation he moved in until her was pressed against her.  They began to kiss, he could smell the shea butter on her skin and coconut oil in her hair.  As his hands traveled he felt her body was a paradox of hard and soft.  Delightfully soft skin, supple breasts, rock hard abs, biceps, huge thighs and firm glutes.  She didn't realize how attracted to him she was, and she felt things progressing quickly.  She reached in his pants and felt how aroused he truly was. He moved from kissing her lips, to sucking her neck. As he explored her body in a manner of near worship.  His hands and fingers attentively explored every curve of her torso and abs, down to her now soaking wet puss.  She had goosebumps. He was repeating every bit of advice he'd ever gotten about trying to please a woman through his head.  "Take it slow, take your time, You got this Danny".   They made their way to the bed finally and Brandi pulled his cock out and slid her body from her chest to each ridge of her abs on his throbbing cock.  Her abs felt as hard as his cock...She repeated that multiple times, then stood up to remove her bottoms.  He sat up and started tonguing and kissing her abs while fondling her breasts.  "Your skin is so soft...you are a goddess...", Brandi seizes the moment, "Well let me bless you then".  She pushes flat on the bed and climbs to straddle him. He grabs the condom he brought and rolled it on to his cock.  She mounted him and began to let her incredible hips do the work...If it wasnt for the condom, Danny would have been a goner in less than 30 seconds.  She took his hands and put them on her abs for him to feel. As she rode him slowly, it felt amazing, then out of nowhere she got an idea... "I saw the look on your face earlier, after what I did to Jordan...it drove me insane"...she started riding faster... "hit me"... Shocked, but too shocked not to react he obliges... she rides faster... "Again".... Her abs were harder than he had ever felt on someone before, he was really trying... and it was pushing him over the edge... Brandi's eyes were rolling in the back of her head and kegel muscles began to spasm as she began letting out a muffled shriek...."HARDER..."  He hits again, He's about to lose it...so is she then....

"Brandi!!! I'm hoooooome early.  I brought your favorite!  Sushi!!!"
Her face goes from near orgasmic bliss to pure horror....
"FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK it's my mom, she's back from her trip....Danny you gotta go!"
"Holy shit!! She's gonna see me.."
"She's going to kiiiiiiiiiiiilllll me. Danny you gotta hide..."

To Be Continued.... Lisa Dubois is home.

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Loving the story.  Please continue.
Mar 16, 2020 - permalink
thank you sir
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"Hey Mom! I'll be down in a minute!"  Brandi and Danny scramble to find clothes and conceal evidence of their hookup.  They are fumbling and scrambling, tripping over each other, still Danny gets dressed in record time.  Brandi points to the window. Danny looks out and sees its a decent drop from the second floor, but if it means avoiding the wrath of Brandi's mom (or her Dad), he'd happily risk it.  He heads out the window and uses a drain pipe to work his way down.  He slips and falls into the bushes, but isn't hurt.  Brandi giggling at his clumsiness waves to him from the window then shuts it.  She turns around and see's he left his wallet.  She puts it in the pocket of her track jacket composes herself and goes down stairs to greet her mother. 

Brandi and her mother have a great dinner together chatting about work, school, life and how much they missed one another. Brandi idolized her parents.  They provided a tough example to live up to. But they built a household around love, trust, and encouragement in addition to discipline and ambition.  It is a balance that produced such a well-rounded teenager like Brandi.  Her mother is tired from the travel and lets Brandi know she is turning in for the night.  Brandi tells her mother she is going for a quick evening jog (that will give her a chance to give Danny his wallet).

It's about 1.5 miles to Danny's from her house, so it would be an easy run for her.  She didn't want to create any tension at Danny's house so when she got there, she texted him to let him know she put it in the mailbox and that she would see him on Monday at school.  She started her jog back and stopped at the 7-11 to pick up a bottle of water.  While in the store she saw 3 men dressed in dark clothes, wearing gloves, she thought it was odd but didn't give it much thought.  As they bought cigarettes, she overheard them talking about a job they had to do, dealing with some brat that disrespected someone named Lynn?  "None of my business"  She thought to herself as they paid and walked out. There was an older man behind her that she allowed to go ahead of her, while she picked out the chewing gum she wanted.  When it was her turn in line, she paid for her items and headed out. 

"Excuse me, Miss" One of the men she saw in the store was outside leaning on the hood of what she assumed was his car. "You got a light?", Brandi said "Unfortunately No, sorry".  She walked away towards the alley path she cuts through to get to her street then it was about 4 more blocks and she'd be home.  The man sitting on the car sends a text
"yep it's her! Remember rough her up real good, keep most of the action below the neck. We can get the point across without leaving a bunch of evidence."

She was about 100 feet from the end of the alley when a man seemed to appear out of nowhere in her path. 
"Excuse me, may I help you?" She asks somewhat anxious..
"I don't know, can you?"  the 6 foot 200 lbs figure in front her replied.
A voice came from behind her "I think she can" the shorter of 2 men about (5'8 maybe and chubbier) another one of the guys from the store said.

Brandi dropped her bag and started scanning for an exit strategy.  The alley is between 2 brick buildings and only ways out is through the 2 men.  "Come here", the taller one one grabs her from behind by the jacket, she drops her bag. She rotates her body quickly and drives a knee right to his balls, and punches with a sharp right hook to his nose, bloodying it..he drops with a howl..his nose leaking like a faucet.  She soccer kicks his head and he was knocked silly.  She her lost sight of the stockier man who hit her with a sloppy punch that landed on her cheek and  shoulder charged her driving her back first against the brick wall.  She saw a white flash as the back of her head slammed against the brick, and she was dazed.  She could still see her attacker in front of her.  Her fathers sparring advice kicked. "If you get stunned, focus on protecting your head and don't make it an easy target"   She brought her arms up to head her fists at her ears.  He decided to try softening her up, so he fired a 3 punch combo to her midsection.  The punches were some of the hardest she'd ever felt, but they just bounced off of her "thump, thump thump*.. her attacker was shocked but did not let his shock delay him long... he went one with one more  shot to the abs, she was still flat against the wall with nothing to absorb the shock except her abs.  It was just as hard as the other 3 punches but she felt his wrist buckle against her.  The punch was a setup for a head shot which she was waiting for and moved just in time. His other hand cracked as it hit the brick wall full force.  Finally out of her daze she kicks him in the balls, dropping him and takes off sprinting for the road.  The guy who was in the car ran up to see what happened, but by then she was a ghost.

She ran like it was Olympics and she was trying to catch the runner in first. The alley was over a mile from her house, she definitely did it in less than 5 minutes.  She went around the back of her house in through the backdoor, went upstairs to the bathroom locked the door and vomited from the anxiety, then sat on the edge of the tub a started crying.  She had sparred a lot, trained plenty, but she had never been physically threatened in her life.  "What if they had knives or guns?!", "I could be dead right now." , "Fuck, I gotta tell Mom"  "Fuck, what if they followed me?!?" 

Lisa, Brandi's mother was dead tired, but could not sleep for some reason so she was awake.  She came out of her room and heard her crying in the bathroom.  "Brandi? Baby girl are you alright?"   She opens the door and runs out and hugs her mother.  "Baby what happened?"  She sees the bruise on her cheek and scrapes on her arm. But also the blood on her hand and sleeve of her jacket... "Who did this to you?"

"Mom I got jumped over by the 7 11, I've never been so scared in my life"
"What?! By who?"
"3 guys in an alley, I have no idea who these guys are.  I saw them in the store talking about doing a job for someone named Lynn.."
"Let me get my clothes on, we'll call your father and go and file a police report.."

To Be Continued

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Very nice

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