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Cody's Mom

Oct 06, 2013 - permalink
It's been a while since I posted a story on here, but lately I've been doing a lot of musclekink related roleplaying online, and it's really inspired me. So, have a thing.

Cody was not having a good day. First he forgot his geometry homework and got a zero from Ms. Veldtman, then he had to run the mile in gym, and now Rodney Ruby was slowly choking him into unconsciousness.

“Come on, Black! At least give me a challenge. This almost isn’t fun anymore.” Rodney had been the class bully as long as anyone could remember, and he only got worse once he started wrestling and football. Cody, less than five and a half feet and skinny enough that a stiff breeze could probably knock him over, was one of Rodney’s perennial favorite targets.

“Don’t you have enough lunch money by now, Rodney?” Cody was having difficulty breathing, but he’d always had a smart mouth. “Seriously, you can’t possibly want a double helping of cafeteria food that bad.”

Rodney chuckled. “I’ll let you in on a little secret, Black. With you, it’s just for fu-aaghk.”

Rodney’s hold suddenly loosened, and Cody collapsed to the floor, gasping and massaging his throat. He turned to see who his savior was. “O-oh.”

It was a girl, tanned, with long, chestnut hair and glasses. Oh, and broad shoulders and thick, muscular arms. One of those arms was wrapped around Rodney’s neck, and she’d already driven him to his knees. Rodney was struggling hard, but it was futile; he couldn’t even choke out something defiant to say.

“What have I told you about picking on people, Rodney?” The girl’s voice was icy calm, and Cody felt a shiver run down his spine. Her eyes were hard and merciless. “Apologize. Now.”

Rodney was in no position to say anything, his tongue hanging out, his face turning purple. “Ggghhk,” was all he could manage.

“Close enough.” The girl shoved him to the floor hard. Rodney scrambled to his feet and pelted down the hall.

“Crazy bitch!”

The girl turned her intense gaze on Cody, still sitting on the floor, and he couldn’t help but flinch. “You okay?” she asked flatly.

“Yeah, I think I—”

“Good.” She strode past him without another word. Cody got to his feet, grabbing his backpack, and watched her go. It would’ve been better if she were just some random girl, but unfortunately, she wasn’t. Cody actually had class with her. Her name was Alanna Forrester, and he’d had a crush on her since eighth grade. She’d started out pretty, and ended up gorgeous, and those muscles of hers had gotten bigger every year. Too bad he barely even existed to her.


Cody arrived home that afternoon to a quiet house. “Mom? You home?” There was no answer, so Cody headed into the kitchen and grabbed himself a soda from the fridge. Popping the top, he dropped his backpack on the couch in the living room and flipped the TV on, taking a few sips of Mt. Dew. Adventure Time was just coming on when the basement door opened and closed and Cody heard footsteps into the room.

“Hey bud,” Tess Black said breathlessly. Tess was a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. She’d had Cody very young, when she was only nineteen and her frathouse boyfriend had knocked her up. At first he’d claimed he’d be there for her and help her raise their kid, but then, just weeks before Tess was due, he’d broken it off, refusing to speak to her again. By that time Tess had grown very attached to the idea of having her child, and didn’t want an abortion, so she’d turned to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Black were a very affluent couple, and loved their daughter more than anything. They’d agreed to help Tess out with raising little Cody until she had steady work and could take care of him herself. Now Tess worked at a local insurance firm, and she and Cody had a nice house close enough to school that Cody could walk there.

Tess also happened to be a huge fitness buff. At the moment she was working on becoming a personal trainer, and she worked out religiously, using the home gym she’d accumulated in their basement. Standing at about 5’8”, Tess was built like a champion bodybuilder. Her pale skin covered thick, muscular curves, each well-defined muscle group a source of pride for the woman who had worked so hard to build them. At the moment, her short, wavy red hair was pulled up in a little ponytail, a faint sheen of sweat on her skin. She wore a black and teal sports bra and matching running shorts that hugged her gorgeous ass.

“How was your day?” Tess asked, coming over to lean on the back of the couch behind her son. Cody winced; he didn’t really share with his mother how often he was bullied in school, mostly because he didn’t want to worry her, but also because he knew if he did, she’d probably go all mama bear on him and do something drastic, like go over to Rodney’s house and put him in a triangle choke.

“It was okay,” Cody replied evenly. “School is school, you know.”

Tess came around the couch and flopped down next to her son, close enough that they were touching. Cody felt his heart beat a little faster at the physical contact, at how very, very firm his mom felt to him. When Cody was little, he’d loved to ask Tess to show him her muscles, and not a day went by that he didn’t touch some part of her strong body. It wasn’t until he’d gotten older, specifically puberty, that Cody had realized his desire to touch her muscles was more than just thinking they were cool. Since then he’d lost count of the times he’d started masturbating, thinking about Alanna or one of the many built jock girls at his school, only for an image of his mom’s biceps popping as she fixed her hair to come careening into his head and ruin everything. It didn’t kill his boner, far from it. But Cody absolutely refused to get off to his own mother. That was just weird.

But now, sitting next to Tess on the couch, Cody felt shivery and strange. His stomach was doing flips, and heat was starting to rise in his abdomen. No, this was not okay. He clenched his jaw and looked hard at the TV, where Marceline the Vampire Queen was singing and playing her axe bass. He was not going to pop a boner because his buff mom was sitting next to him.

“Cody, you okay babe?” Tess noticed her son’s hard stare. It didn’t help that she used pet names with him either.

“Uh, yeah Mom. Just thinking.” Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit dammit dammit… “Hey Mom, can I see your arms?” Oh fuck. There it was. Cody’s stomach was in knots.

“Sure, hon,” Tess replied, as if it was a completely normal request. She turned sideways a bit and then flexed one arm, her pumped bicep bulging into a hard peak. Her forearm was no slouch either, almost as big. “Been a while since you asked me that.”

Cody nodded absently, reaching out to caress Tess’s muscles. There was no going back now; he could feel his cock getting hard in his pants, and looking at his mom’s gorgeous arms, he wondered how he’d ever kept up that rule for so long.

“They’re really…big…” he muttered. Inside his head, Cody was cursing himself for acting like such an idiot, but Tess had such a beautiful body, it was hard not to be struck dumb.

“Glad you noticed,” Tess chuckled. “I measured them today. Seventeen inches cold. Not bad for a mommy, huh?” The look she gave Cody was oddly pointed, and Cody felt a pang of something like apprehension, but brushed it off. “Want to see my abs?”

“Yeah,” Cody said, and his voice was a dry whisper.

Tess gently took one of Cody’s hands and placed it flat on her stomach, a smooth, defined six pack easily visible even when she wasn’t flexing. But then her abs tightened under his fingers, and each abdominal pushed its way out from her body, her stomach becoming rock hard. Cody pressed his finger into the space between abdominals, his heart pounding. He was so distracted he didn’t immediately hear what Tess said next.

“Am I turning you on, Cody?”

Cody was horrified, and jerked back like he’d been shocked. His face flushed deep red, and embarrassment flooded his body. “I—uh…” He struggled to form words, but his normally skilled tongue failed him.

Tess smirked. “It’s okay if I am. Lots of people like big muscles.” She flexed her arms again, pumping them a few times, and Cody was mortified when a tiny whine escaped him. “You know what? Let’s have some fun.”

Tess got up from the couch and kneeled on the opposite side of the coffee table, arm poised with her elbow on the table. “Come on, sweetie. Armwrestle me.”

Cody’s eyes grew wide. “But, Mom, I…come on. I can’t beat you.”

“Nonsense!” Tess’s smile took on a mocking quality. “You’re a big, strong man now. You should be able to beat your mom at armwrestling.” Cody gulped, but did as she said, kneeling and clasping Tess’s hand with his own. “Ready? On three. One, two, three!”

Cody pushed as hard as he could, determined to at least try. But his mom might’ve been a stone statue for all the good it did him. Tess giggled. “You can use both hands if you want, honey.” She was definitely mocking him now, and Cody felt his stomach twist. He pulled on Tess’s hand, but she was immovable. Finally she calmly slammed him to the table, hard enough to make him yelp in pain.

“Aww, was that too hard? You’re a lot weaker than I thought you were. I didn’t know I raised such a wimp.” Cody shrank under her words, and then cringed again as she stood up, towering over him. “I should make you work out, too. No son of mine should be such a pussy.”

“Mom, why…why are you doing this?” Cody massaged his sore hand, frightened and confused, but at the same time very, very aroused.

“Because you deserve it,” Tess replied, crossing her arms. Her chest bulged. “You’re such a weak little bitch, Cody. Can’t even stand up to the bullies at school. Oh, you think I didn’t know about that?” she asked, as Cody opened his mouth to deny it. “I know lots of things you don’t tell me. Teachers see you getting picked on and call me, I guess thinking I’d be worried. But you’re so pathetic, you just keep letting them hurt you.”

Cody felt tears starting to well up in his eyes. “Mom, I…I’m sorry—”

“Don’t give me that shit!” Tess yelled. “And stop crying! God, I had no idea my son was such a bitch. I think I need to teach you a lesson.” She reached out and grabbed Cody, gripping the back of his neck.

“Ow! OW! Mom, stop, you’re hurting me!”

“Good. That’s just the beginning.” She half pulled, half dragged Cody back to her bedroom, throwing him to the floor at the foot of the bed. “So, you like muscles, huh?” She shut the door behind her. “I’ve noticed you looking at me more since you started high school. Examining my body. I don’t blame you, though. In fact, I think I’m going to give you a little show.”

Cody was still reeling from the horrifying turn his day had taken, but he managed to speak. “Mom, no, I don’t want to!”

“Don’t want to what? Pop a boner looking at your mom? Then don’t!” Tess sneered at him as he struggled not to cry, tears slowly rolling down his cheeks. “But you better watch.”

Tess took a deep breath, spreading her stance a bit, raising her arms to shoulder level, and then struck a powerful crab flex. “HRGH!” She grunted with the effort of flexing her powerful body. Her thick, beefy arms quivered and bulged, biceps flexing into cannonballs, forearms massive and ripped. Her shoulders expanded, chest filling out monstrously, her bra straining to contain her body as thick, huge pecs flexed, pushing her tits out, hard nipples easily visible through the fabric. Her abs hardened into a cobbled path of muscular power, and her traps bulged against her massive, muscled neck. She smiled, and then roared as she struck the pose again, even harder.

“You like this, boy? You like Mommy’s huge muscles?” She threw up a double biceps pose, her mountainous arms on full display. Cody struggled to remind himself that this was his mother he was looking at, but Tess’s display of raw strength and power was impossible for him to ignore, and he realized he was as hard as he’d even been, his cock straining painfully in his jeans.

Tess followed up by stretching out one massive, meaty leg, her enormous thighs and round, beefy calves swelling up. “I’ve never told you how much I love being this huge and ripped,” she said. “So much power…especially these monsters.” She gave one of her massive thighs a slap. “Come here, bitch. Mommy’s gonna show you how strong she is.”

Cody pressed himself back against the bed. “No, Mom, please…” But Tess just stalked over to him, grabbing his hair and forcing his head between her thighs. Cody tried to pull himself free, but it was impossible. “Please, Mom, please don’t hurt me…I’m sorry, whatever I did, I’m sorry…” But then those immense quads began to flex, and Cody felt them slowly but surely swallowing his head, crushing him, and he began to murmur and whimper in pain.

“Poor little bitch…this is what you get for being so weak,” Tess taunted him. “But I think we both know you’re enjoying this. Aren’t you?” Cody felt another wave of horror at the realization that she was right; beneath the fear and humiliation he was feeling, he was more turned on than he’d ever been in his life.

Aren’t you?” Tess repeated, increasing the pressure on Cody’s head.

“Y-yes,” Cody whispered. “God, yes. Please Mom, please let me touch your muscles. They’re so gorgeous, I need them…”

“Little boy finally came to his senses,” Tess purred, and she released him. “Stand up, bitch.” Cody stood shakily, shivering with desire, the bulge in his pants obvious. “You wanna feel Mommy’s muscles?” He nodded. She hit another most muscular pose, smiling. “Go ahead.”

Cody began gingerly caressing his mom’s body, running his hands up and down her arms, stepping closer to rub her abs and shoulders. Tess relaxed, only to begin bouncing her pecs. “Like that?” Cody nodded. “Kiss them, boy.” He did, leaning to gently and reverently kiss and lick her bulging chest muscles. As he did, Tess reached down and gave his crotch a squeeze. “You are enjoying this. How often do you get hard when you see me, boy?”

Cody shivered, pressing himself against her incredibly solid body. “A-all the time,” he whimpered. “You’re the most…beautiful, muscular woman I’ve ever seen.”

“You ever jack off to me?” Tess’s smirk was cruel.

Cody bit his lip, scared of what the right answer might be. “N-no, Mom. I wanted to, so much, but it never…felt right.”

“Really? Well I think I have a solution for that…” Tess grabbed two handfuls of her son’s shirt and tore it open, pulling it off him. Before he could react, she had had undone his pants and pulled them and his briefs down to his ankles. Cody stood naked in front of his mother, his cock bobbing obscenely.

“Is that it?” Tess mocked, giving Cody’s penis a flick. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my worthless son has such a tiny, worthless cock.” She suddenly scooped him into her arms, holding him like a little child, his cock pressed against her abs.

“Oh god, Mom, please don’t,” Cody tried to push away from her, his quivering dick against her abs igniting new flames of arousal in his stomach, but she was far too strong. His face flushed with embarrassment, tears of humiliation running down his face. “Please, I’m begging you!”

Tess began to pace around the room, rubbing Cody against her, stimulating his cock with her abs. “Aww, is the poor little boy embarrassed? Doesn’t want his mom to get him off?” She grinned wickedly. “You’re gonna be beating off to this for years, sweetie. Don’t lie to yourself. You’ll probably never have a better sexual experience than this, being held helpless in the arms of a big, muscular woman, powerless to stop her doing whatever she wants to you…”

Cody squirmed and whimpered, torn between utter humiliation and intense lust. She was right; this was everything he’d ever wanted. He’d gotten off so many times imagining Alanna putting her big strong arms around him and giving him a bearhug, or straddling him and forcing him to eat her pussy while she flexed her muscles and taunted him for being so small and weak. He loved it, he loved every second of helplessness and degradation Tess put him through.

“Come on, little boy. Come for Mommy…”

Cody gasped as he did exactly that, his body shuddering with a titanic orgasm. His cock spurted all over Tess’s abs, and he pressed himself close to her, huddling against her strong chest like a child a fraction of his age.

Tears were still flowing from him as Tess sat down on the bed with him in her arms. She took a towel from the dresser and calmly cleaned herself and him, before shedding her bra and shorts and holding him protectively. “Shh shh shh,” she whispered, “it’s okay, sweetie, Mommy’s here. I’ve got you. That was fun, wasn’t it?”

Cody sniffed and nodded. “Y-yeah…” He huddled against her still, one hand rubbing her chest and shoulder. “But…but that was…”

“Oh, I know, Cody baby. And we don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to.”

Cody’s eyes widened. “I mean, I wasn’t…! It’s just…what if someone finds out?” He absently kissed her chest once, twice. “You’d get in trouble, Mom.”

“Well, we’re the only ones who know, right? So it’s not a problem, then.” She sat him up and looked at him. “I know how much you’ve been struggling with your attraction to me. We can do this as often as you like. I’ll admit it…wasn’t just for you.” Tess blushed a little. “I’m more than happy to show you my muscles whenever you want.”

Cody nodded, feeling hopeful. “Okay. Um…all that stuff you said…about me being a disappointment and stuff…”

“Oh, Cody honey, none of that was true! I love you more than anything!” Tess folded Cody in a tight hug. “I was just playing a part for you. I have a…dominant side that comes out sometimes. But I promise, none of that was even a little bit true.”

Cody smiled. “Thanks, Mom. I should probably go do some homework now.”

“And I’m starving. Want to order pizza?”

“Sound great! But uh…” Cody looked away sheepish. “Can I feel your arms again?”

Tess grinned.
Apr 13, 2014 - permalink
absolutely love this! Amazing job!  ;D
Jun 14, 2014 - permalink
Well done, man! Great story! Thx!
Sep 15, 2020 - permalink
Great story. Mom and son should continue their adventure
Sep 18, 2020 - permalink
Amazing story.  Loved her most muscular flexing.  I would love to read the next chapter.
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