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Ty vs Tanya: New Coach Added, Training, Ty vs Louisa Sparring Match added

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Tanya had been training for a couple of weeks, enjoying the momentum of her victory against Maddy.  In the back of her mind, she knew Ty was training hard as well.  She needed that motivation.

Tanya was jumping rope in the ring when in walked Ty.   

Ty: "Not a bad match a couple weeks ago. you're fast, strong...But don't be foolish enough to think you can trade body blows with me when we fight.  Just a bit of friendly advice."

Ty then gives a quick flex (above) and a wink at her soon to be opponent.

Tanya: "We'll see, Maddy thought she was strong too.  I tore her body apart and she couldnt keep up with my combos."  Inside though Tanya was a bit startled at the development of Ty's physique.  Knowing that her game plan is to work the body and force her opponents to counter punch. 

Ty: Oh is that so? how about a friendly sparring match?

Oct 22, 2012 - permalink
Tanya: It would be my pleasure
Oct 22, 2012 - permalink
Immediately after answering, Tanya began to have the slightest bit of doubt, wondering what she had gotten herself into.  But her confidence took over. Ty pulls a set of pink small boxing training gloves and strapped up.  Tanya did the same, putting on a pair of a similar pair of black gloves.

They were about the same hieght standing eye to eye.  Tanya had great abs, quad development and shoulders, but Ty looked like an anatomy chart.  I would guess she has at least 10 lbs on Tanya and it's all muscle.

Ty: "caught you staring, whats wrong? dont be scared now, it's just you and I hehehe"
Tanya: "Talk is just talk, I fight"

Tanya letting her ego get the best of her was looking to put Ty away early. She flurried 6 blows, alternating head and body shots.   Ty dodged 2 and blocked 1 of the head shots, the shots to her abs just bounced off.  Ty was backing up to give herself more room to work, while Tanya threw a few more shots. Keeping her gaurd up and head away from Tanya, Tanya decided to take what she was given and attempted to break down Ty's abdominal armor... Ty saw this coming, smiled and crunched to absorb the blows. 4 hooks and short uppercuts to the body... Tanya was putting all she had into them, but Ty's sixpack was even harder than it looked.
Oct 22, 2012 - permalink
Ty smiled, even though she was against the ropes, Tanya was completely out matched.  She was strong and fast, but it was like bullets against a tank.  To show her superiority Ty purposely clinches Tanya.. Tanya, being well trained as she was, worked to get body shots in.  1-2,1-2,1-2,1-2,1-2,1-2, *slap, slap*  Meanwhile Ty was feeding off of the blows, almost enjoying how the punches were unable to break through her flexed steel midsection.... Tanya thought to herself "I'm not even making a dent, Ive gotta get her head to open up" ...Ty shoves Tanya back and assumes a boxing stance,
Ty: "I let you have a nice little head start, Not bad but now let's box."
Ty threw a quick couple jabs which Tanya blocked, Ty followed with 3 hooks to Tanya's rock hard abs... Tanya was flexed and refused to be outdone, her abs are her pride and joy... the 3 punches did little damage, but 3rd punch caused Tanya to grunt a bit..
Ty: "Well well, someone has been training her abs"  She throws 3 more midsection blows and thinks to herself "This little bitch is harder than I thought, but I can sucker her in to trading with me"... Tanya flexed her fullest, and she grunted with each one landing, still no damage, as the punches just bounced off, but they moved her back with each blow.  Side stepping, Tanya circled around and went to Ty's rib and abs with a 3 punch combo..  Ty, in her maginificent arrogance, lifted her elbows higher and twisted INTO each blow, then returned the same 3 Tanya gave her.  Tanya went for a couple head shots which Ty blocked and avoided.  They began trading body combo for body combo... From a distance, the blows were bouncing off of both of them, but Ty's smile said it all up close.  Tanya, is starting to tire.  6 combos back and forth, Tanya's grunts got louder and louder, though her abs stayed as hard as possible. Ty's smile seemed to get bigger with every punch Tanya landed.
Tanya: "Ugh, Ugh, What the fuck!"  Ty, gets her to drop her hands a bit, that was the only opening she needed.. a straight right to the chin puts Tanya on her back, dazed.
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Ty: "No ref to save you now.. just you and me",  Dazed, Tanya gets to her feet and recovers quickly. 
Ty: "hold on, why dont you take the gloves off and use the UFC gloves... and I'll keep mine on.  Maybe you'll be able to hurt me then heheh"  Gives her abs and torso a serious flex for Tanya to see.  Tanya thinks to herself "Ive got to take this bitch down".  She removes her gloves and goes to work.  Ty is fast but Tanya is a bit faster, but Ty is pure arrogance.  Tanya was able to land body blows at will... Ty: "Feel how hard they are, huh?"  But in her arrogance, she missed a rabid uppercut that connected clean with her chin...Tanya pounced on her chance as Ty reeled a bit, backpeddling and dazed... Tanya though to herself, 3 body blows, 2 high hooks, body hook and a short uppercut....Ty was focused on regaining balance, but the 3 blows to her abs were useless, the 1st 2 got a short grunt out of her, but she was back to her senses by the third and flexed completely, it felt like Tanya jammed her wrist on the deep ridges of Ty's abs, but a true warrior she fired her 2 quick head hooks which landed, went down to the body again (just bounced off), Tanya splits Ty's gaurd with the uppercut, and hits on the chin, Ty's head rocks back, but she keeps her feet and counters with a 1-2 hook to the ribs, Tanya grunted refusing to lower her gaurd and was thrown side to side by Ty's sheer power., (her abs were rock and held well.. but Ty was starting to get through) ...she didn't see the straight right to the chin that planted her on her butt again seeing stars....

Just then, Tanya's coach who had forgotten his wallet came back to the gym....Coach: Tanya!!! what the hell is going on?  Ty, get the hell out of my gym.!!!

Oct 22, 2012 - permalink
Ty: "You gonna make me old man?" in a coy voice.  Coach is 150lbs, he was a flyweight boxer, known for his skill, in great shape, but hadnt fought in 10 years, though he only had 3 losses in 50 fights.  Coach: "I'm not some youngin you can bully.  You could get hurt out here."  As he tended to the still dazed Tanya.  Ty: "Oh she's fine", Ty kicks coach in the back...  Coach gets up angry needed to shut this ridiculous woman down.  As he gets up he sends an uppercut to her abs which (Ty was hoping he would do...Tanya was watching in what she though was slow motion and haze... she saw Ty's smile broaded, and her abs crunch into 6 deep bricks. The first punch landed, and sounded like he slapped rubber on marble...which shocked him, his eyes grew wide but to his credit  he threw a second, and a third... both bouncing off, but the last one got Ty to bend a bit and grunt, but it was clear he had no real effect.  She fired back at the bridge of his nose, breaking it on contact then a kick in the balls....dropping him to the floor. 
Ty:"You guys are cute..I cant wait to see you all in the ring next month.  Make sure you come to the body building show Im entering before...Im 3 weeks out now.  You thought I was hard today... wait until after the competition hahahahahaha.  Oh and keep the gloves, consider them a gift babe"... She blows a kiss and leaves the ring and building....
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Kinda sad... so many views... so little participation or comments
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wow...this is phenomenal...sorry no one has commented this is my first time here today. Wow...please keep writing

you know exactly how it feels lol.

It's just more fun when people actually participate lol ???
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A bit discouraged, Tanya wondered if she had bitten off more than she could chew. She continued to train the rest of the week, but the intensity was not the same.  Coach was still trying to push her.  "You aren't going to let a few lucky punches throw you off track are ya?"
He said.

Then an unfamiliar face walks in.. "Hi guys, are you Tanya? Oh and you must be Coach! Im Louise"

They both say hi, still a bit confused Tanya, "Hi, what brings you in?"

"Well I was on the kickboxing circuit and decided to take some time off to do a few figure/bb comps.  Had a good time, but I think Im ready to ease back in, probably in a coaching capacity of some-type?"  Louise said.  "It's tough to network in!"

Coach thinks to himself he could use the help, and this could be the lift Tanya needs in her training.

"Sounds good, we are going for a beach run this afternoon, at Sandy Pointe, want to meet up then?"

Louisa: "Yes SIR!" and she leaves excited.

"Tanya, she could be the edge we've been looking for!  Her experience will give you some new dimensions and me some new ideas!"

Tanya: "You may be right, we could use any advantages we can."

Later that day Tanya and Coach head over to Sandy Pointe only to find Louise already working on some plyometrics and running a few hills:

They are in awe of her physique...

Oct 31, 2012 - permalink
Tanya: Louisa?
Louisa: Hey! (waving enthusiastically)

Tanya: You are amazing
Louisa: Oh, you're too nice, enough chat lets get to work!

They did sprints, burpees and plyo's in the sand. for about an hour at high intensity.

Louisa: Good job, now lets jog back to the gym for our sparring session
Tanya's mouth gaped  :o  That's at least 3-4 miles, at least!
Coach started laughing: I'll meet you guys back at the gym, Good Luck Tanya hahaha

*During the jog"
Louisa: I've studied Ty, your opponent, she's going to be very tough.  I watched all the recorded matches available. She is very powerful. Reasonably fast, and is defensively very tight.

Tanya: So what do you suggest? I'm no weakling, but I was throwing some hard stuff at her and it wasnt making much impact at all.

Louisa: Well, she's ripped and thick with muscle. It's the biggest part of her defensive strategy.  She doesn't bank on fights lasting long enough for body shots to start wearing her down and forcing her to guard anything but her head with any consistency.  You have to be Persistent, Precise and Powerful.  But not just in the early rounds, but late too.  We have to expose her endurance.  She's as hard as they come, and she knows it, but she wont expect anyone to use it in a strategy against her.

Tanya: So much for the kill the body the head following.

Louisa: The longer the match goes, the further you will be ahead on points.  Puts her at a disadvantage.  That means she has to be much more aggressive late, hopefully we've worked out enough of her energy for her to get sloppy and you'll have openings.
You're going to be surprised, we started today with increasing your strength endurance.  Long intense sessions.  I am going to really push you over these next few weeks.  No workout  day is complete without a full 12 round sparring session and 12 rounds on the heavy bag/with ab work in between.

Tanya: I thought my match was 10 rounds?

Louisa: it is. 8)  

Tanya and Louisa arrive and Coach is smiling standing next to a heavy bag that looked different than she was used to.

Coach: I took 10 25lbs weights, welded the thickest pole that could still fit the weights. I wrapped and sealed it with an old wrestling mat.  Got some truck chain, and hook. There you have it. a 250lb heavy bag.

Louisa: YAAY!

Tanya: 250lbs?

Louisa: Yep, and see the zones painted on. 6 of them. The represent the areas we will target on her's and any opponent's body. Power and precision.  The bag has to move.  2 minute rounds.  2 minute abs, weighted ball slams, and V sits, 1 minute each, 1 minute 30 seconds rest the first couple weeks, I cut it down to 1 minute the following 2, and 45 seconds, then eventually 30seconds.  

Tanya: Uhhhh Ok, I guess I can see that.  So for the sparring, who am I sparring?

Louisa: Me (with a bit of smile)
Ready to begin?
Nov 05, 2012 - permalink
Tanya looked at the workout area.  She saw the hanging heavy bag, a 25lbs medicine ball and a roman chair all within a confined 20 by 20 space.
Thinks to herself this will be the key to breaking down Ty.  After getting her hands and wrists wtrapped, she lets Louisa know she is ready.
Louisa looking at her stopwatch:  "Ok, remember the zones on are numbered 1-6, after calling the combo sequence, I will say strike! You will duck and weave 1,2, or 3 times and let the combo rip."

Tanya: "Got it."

Louisa starting her watch:"1,5,6,1 strike"

Tanya ducks and weaves then fires with impressive speed and lands with good accuracy.

Louisa: "1,6,4,4,3 strike"

Tanya fires again, slap slap, slap, pop, pop
Louisa: "Good work!" "Strike Again!"

this continued until time for the break...
Louisa: Break!

Tanya does her ball slams and V sits then repeats...

For all the rounds she was set out to do... every muscle in her arms and abs pumped and ripped.  She has never had a training session this intense, it is only half over....

Nov 05, 2012 - permalink
Tanya was breathing heavily...after all the rounds of heavy bag and ab torture.  Her arms were burnring. But she is in fantastic conidition and though tired, she knows she still has to spar.  She has a rest period as Louisa then readies herself.  She wonders what type of fighter Louisa would be, she knows she boxed and kickboxed.  But was not sure how good she was.  She was certainly in great shape, was probably pretty strong, pretty fast.

Louisa was in her red sports bra and spandex shorts, every muscle defined and on display, with her flawless brown skin tone.   Tanya stood up to receive her sparring partner.  They both put in their large mouthpieces and she handed Tanya a sparring helmet.

Louisa: "Ready?"
Tanya: "No helmet?"
Louisa: "Not for this lesson"
Coach: "Ready?" hits the bell *ding*
Louisa: Be agressive, 2 combos to the body, back out, 1 combo body, 1 combo head. back out, be creative, use your speed.
Tanya: Got it
Tanya figures it is time to prove herself, goes with a 4 punch combo to the body, seeing how high Louisa's gaurd was.  Louisa was extremely fast and turned her body with great timing to let the the first 2 punches glance off then the other 2 land  square,  it felt like she was hitting that that loaded heavy bag.  SHe didnt have much time to think as Louisa fired 2 quick counters, 1 to the body and a straight right.  Tanya's abs were flexed for the body blow and was able to keep her balance to dodge the straight right.. Countering with her own 3 punch combo to Louisa's ripped body. Then she backed out with her gloves up  bouncing on her toes
Nov 05, 2012 - permalink
Louisa: Good work! Your punch power conisdering the workout is "OK", your mobility is good. I will test your defense in a bit.  Your abs are holding up well too. Early and late rounds, you'll discourage your opponent by absorbing blows to the body without any real effect.  But when you need to, you can just make short turns to have the blows glance off the put your opponent off balance and reaching.

Tanya: I saw! When they glanced off, I thought you were gaurding a weak spot, but when I landed the last 2 it was like hitting fucking steel?

They begin sparring, but sparring and talking.

Louisa: Years of kick boxing, below the neck is going to be a waste of most opponent's time.  But I rely on speed to protect my chin.  So clean shots are hard to land. It really punishes over agressive fighters.

Tanya, sees an opening, which Louisa leans back and weaves, and lands a shot to the ribs and 1-2 jab. .

Tanya: Ughf:
Tanya fires back with 2 the body and a quick jab and uppercut.  Louisa's abs were way to dense to be shaken by that, the jab landed and she shifted so the uppercut missed.
Nov 05, 2012 - permalink
This sparring continued, and Tanya realized she was so tired from the workouts, her abs, while normally almost impenetrable, she had to be a bit smarter.  And keep moving while tired, while only blows to her strongest areas land.  But using those to set up her counters.

after a few weeks, she was less and less tired at the sparring time, her body was getting more and more ripped, but her arms were getting thicker, her abs more pronounced..Her punches much more precise and powerful longer.  
Louisa: You even got a few grunts out of me this last session!
Tanya: Lucky shots Im sure haha
Louisa: Now you're more physically ready for working on our strategy.  I need to get some more info.  So I am going to bait Ty into a quick scrap.
Tanya's Eyes got a bit big: You sure?
Louisa: She'll be really tough, but I can take care of myself, and the goal is to feel her best to know what it would be for us to strategize.
Tanya: Really Tough? Coach couldnt make a dent against her. And on top of that she's been training for 3 weeks.
Louisa: hahah calm down babe.  It will be ok.
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(At Ty's gym, she was working on a bit of posing as her show was in a few days)

Louisa sees Ty taking a pic in the mirror

Louisa: Not sure that's helping your fight next week, though you look pretty good.
Ty: "Giggles", and what do you know about my fight?
Louisa: I know you are more of a bodybuilder than a fighter. Using your strength to bully opponents is one thing, matching up in a real fight is another.
Ty: Oh-ho-ho?! A real fight? Maybe you haven't noticed, I'm undefeated. 
Louisa: Everyone eventually takes a loss, I've done my share of battling on a few circuits.  You are a big fish around here, you'd be kinda average globally.

Ty: (taken aback), nothing about me is average... My power, my physique, even my speed is above average.  You wouldn't have a chance.

Louisa: (thinking to herself, excellent) I dont know many boxers that can take down a kickboxer, Im not too convinced you'd be one ;-)

Ty: Well its just a short walk over to my ring, you care to spar a few rounds against this boxer? (quick biceps flex)

Louisa: (Well I thought she'd never ask) You want to box and against a kickboxer? Could be a good lesson for you.

Ty: I'll (mocking quotes) "box", you "kickbox"... talk is cheap, lets settle this in the ring.

Louisa: Lets go

They head over the to ring, both wearing spandex shorts and sports bras.  Ty was impressed with Louisa development, abs legs and arms are thick with muscles.  Folks thought that Ty didnt take her boxing that seriously, she just loved showing off her power.  But she saw this challenge to show she can match wits and power with a well trained all around fighter.

Louisa starts analyzing Ty's every step once she enters the ring.  Stretches out and gets warmed up.  She had no idea that Tanya had followed her, and was watching from a spot out of site in the gym where she could see the ring.  Tanya watched as Louisa kicked in near full splits and fired some mock punches with frightening speed.  She thought to herself, wow she was really holding back during the sparring.

Ty: 2 minute rounds, 6 of them work? (with an evil smile)

Louisa: Only 6? i guess that will have to do.

Louisa and Ty had gloves on, smaller than regulation for speed.  Ty's were pink, Louisa's blue.

Ty: Jimmy, hit the bell and timer...ding

Round 1.

Ty moves smoothly around the ring with her guard up, sizing up Louisa who is bouncing actively.  It is clear that Louisa's speed is a part of her arsenal.   Ty throws a jab-hook combo to Louisa's chin, which Louisa weaves and ducks. Firing back with a 1-2 jab combo of her own, both landing on Ty's right eye. 

Louisa thinks to herself: Ok her quick punches are fast, but not too threatening, her counter defense is average, but her chin is strong.

Ty thinks to herself: Damn that stung a bit, I need to that take this bitch down a peg.

Ty plays the aggressor again, but with a bit more skill she throws a 6 punch low high low combo.  Louisa blocks and dodges a couple of the high punches, but each of the 3 body blows land against her flexed abs.  Louisa grunts a bit, but sees Ty's reaction to the punches she landed, and capitalizes with a jab and 3 punch combo to Ty's prized body.  Ty was struck again by the quick jab, and got her guard up to protect the eye Louisa was targeting.  As she has been trained, she flexes her steel abs and torso, when she brings her guard to her face.... Ty smiled as all 3 very powerful blows hit, her flexed abs and bounced off.
Louisa thinks to herself: wow

Ty wasted no time firing back 3 body shots followed by a straight right hand.  Louisa flexed as each blow landed turned to slip the last body shot but was caught by the straight right that stunned her a bit.  She recovered almost instantly and fired back 3 body shots with a 1-2 jab, hook to the head.   Ty was a bit extended from the straight right, and the blows bounced off her ribs and abs with no real effect, but the 1-2 caught her cleanly, and rung her bell a bit.  Louisa followed with a 2 more to the body and another 1-2, Ty had regained her balance, so her flex was concentrated and the body shots bounced off like nothing, and she kept her guard up deflecting the head shots...and fires back at Louisa's body with 2 hard hooks and a right cross...Louisa was ready, the blows didnt do much damage, but they were extremely powerful and backed her up a bit, she managed to slip the right cross and counter with 3 body punch 3 head punch combo, where she landed all but one of the head shots that Ty blocked... the 3 body blows were pretty much useless beyond a distraction for Ty.  Louisa, had barely made Ty grunt.  *Ding*  Ty backs away smiling... Louisa a bit less confident.

Nov 12, 2012 - permalink
Round 2
after a quick 1 min rest, both fighters are back on their feet.  Ty doesnt seem worn at all, nor does Louisa.  But Louisa is a bit taken aback that she hasnt been more effective against Ty.  She's landed more blows, even stung her a few times, but she did not waiver.  She starts to wonder when she'll need to start "kickboxing" instead of just boxing.
Ty starts round 2 as she starts almost every round Louisa has studied.  Ty throws a quick 1-2 combo to the jaw, which Louisa easily blocks one and dodges, the other.  Ty tries again, Louisa avoids and blocks again, this time fires back with a lightning 3 punch combo, 2 jabs to the eye and a straight right hand to the chin, Ty, is a bit stunned again, backs up to find space but only finds the ropes, then the corner..and is trapped, Louisa follows up again with the same combo and Ty is only able to deflect the straight right,but she puts her guard up as she knows she has to get her balance back to counter.  Louisa wants to prevent that and begins to unload a flurry of combos, boy dy combos, head+body combos and at an impressive rate of speed and accuracy.  Ty pulls into her defensive shell, blocking about 50% of the head shots, but takes almost all of Louisa's body blows....Her abs flex with unreal definition, its almost like the packs of her abs go and meet Louisa's driving fists.   Louisa knows she has to balance body and head shots, but the body blows we're literally bouncing off like she was hitting a telephone pole with a thick rubber cover on it.  And Ty, will grunting slightly from a few of the body blows, her smile started to broaden as more and more of the body blows land, is getting her balance back with each body blow Louisa connects with.  More and more of the head shots were getting blocked or dodged, then came a quick straight right followed by a 2 jabs to the eye, a hook to a body and another straight right to the chin. Louisa caught almost completely off guard is knocked back, with most of the combo landing after she blocked the 2 first jabs, Louisa, rocked a bit, side steps to flank Ty and go back in, landing a quick body combo, and upper cut, that hit flush, but didnt do much to stop Ty, returning 3 digging body blows, which were very powerful.  Louisa's abs are like steel, the blows bounced off, but not without rattling, her.  But not to be outdone she traded with Ty, striking at the thick dense armor of Ty's almost seemingly invincible body...4 and 3 punch combos, trying to find a soft spot or create one... Ty's smile never left her face, almost like the blows were making her stronger, she was feeding off them bouncing off her body... Ty finally got a decent grunt out of Louisa and followed with a 1-2 to the chin, that knocked Louisa back to ropes, then the buzzer went.....
Ty: "this is going to be a lot of fun"
Ty was breathing a bit heavy, but no showing no real signs of the "punishment" she has absorbed.  Every muscle fully defined.  She's smiling because she knows she's being tested and passing with flying colors.
Louisa has landed more blows, including some real stingers, but she knows she needs to wear down Ty's body soon, or else there is no chance she'll get ahead.  If this was a traditional match, Louisa would be ahead on points.  But this is a different matter. She has id'd Ty's technical weaknesses, but her incredibly ripped and muscular physique compensate for the openings.  Her chin is strong enough to absorb a shot or 2 until she covers up.. But when you switch to the body, to get her to drop her guard, she almost enjoys it.  Now its time to put this muscle bound bitch in her place.

Nov 17, 2012 - permalink
RD 3

Ty: Whats wrong dear? I havent even seen any kickboxing out of you yet?
Louisa: Haven't needed to, I've out boxed you..
Ty: Is that what you call it?  I thought the goal was to put me down? To "hurt" me (she gives a mischievous smile and flex).

Louisa knew she had to make a dent soon, she has all the info she needs, its just about pride now.

The match starts out with Louisa firing quick punch combos forcing Ty to protect her face.  This tactic is to keep the muscle armored beauty off balance.  To her credit, Ty, was wary enough of Louisa, to keep her head safe.  Then Louisa ripped and lightning fast kick to Ty's ribs followed by a front kick to her abs...both landing at full force, *Slap* *Slap*

Ty flexed to protect, and the side kick forced her to bend, but the front kick got a grunt out of her and backed up . Still no penetration!

Ty began to laugh which really pronounced her ripped abs... "Come on".  Louisa is completely impressed, but not letting her focus change she goes back to keeping Ty off balance.  Landing blows to the chin and abs, though TY still manages to block most of the head shots.  She tries to counter, but Louisa's speed allowed her to control the pace of things.  Ty started to breath heavy. But at the end of the round, she got a chance.  Louisa side kick hit hard but she managed to grab the leg and hold.  Firing back 3 Straight rights to Louisa's unready face... 1-2 stunning her, 3rd putting her down and out
Nov 20, 2012 - permalink
Louisa was only out for a second or 2 before she shook out the cobwebs and was up bouncing on her toes..by the 6 count...
Ty impressed with louisa's resilience, wanted to demoralize her a bit... Hitting a most muscular pose then a side chest....
Ty: So that was kickboxing huh?
Louisa: Nice right.. Ive had harder though. You're not done with me yet
Ty: OH?

A bit surprised, Ty felt a bit of doubt.  She was tiring a bit, and she thought she had finished Louisa with that combo. 

RD 4 starts with a very aggressive and focus Louisa.  She was landing a higher percentage of punches, still mostly to the body of Ty, which showed no real signs of softening.  Though an "ugh" here and there was becoming more frequent.   Ty would trade body blows with Louisa, because Louisa was still too fast for Ty to land effective KO counter punches.  Louisa was not as "punch proof" dense and built as Ty, but Louisa was ripped and hard too and was up to take a few blows.  Louisa making Ty follow her around kept Ty moving and using energy.

Louisa through a 1-2 combo to Ty's face 1st on landed, 2nd blocked but Louisa, launched  another 2 side kicks, one to the quad, the other to the oblique... The quad was like kicking a tree, and the oblique was not much better, but Ty bent around the kick a bit and grunted, Louisa followed with a roundhouse reverse mule kick to the dead center of Ty's abs...Ty saw it coming and could only flex to protect...
"UGH!" combined with the sound of the kick impacting extremely hard muscle...(with Ty smiling through gritted teeth?!) The impact was impressive, driving Ty back a few feet where she slammed in to the corner...Louisa was sure that would have broken through that steel bitch, but the force drove her back...
Louisa followed with 3-4 punches to the obliques and a 3 punch combo to the chin, followed by 2 knee kneelifts to the abs, Ty bends but not too much..  "Umph""Umph" and a 1-2 hook combo to the side of the head...... putting Ty down on 1 knee.....

Louisa backs off to survey the damage  The round ends with Ty breathing heavily one one knee...but rising to her feet...
Jan 23, 2013 - permalink
Ty's bell was rung pretty good.  She's clearly winded.  As she rises from one knee.  Louisa was happy to know that at least Ty wasn't invincible. 
"2 more rounds?" Louisa says with a slight smirk.
"My pleasure.."
Cardio is not Ty's strong suit to say the least. Normally the purpose of body shots is to sap a fighter's energy.  Looks like Ty is no exception, but it takes serious blows to challenge her extremely well developed physique.  A LOT of blows.  Ty knows this, but her arrogance will not allow her to admit she's tiring.  Even if the blows are not really penetrating.
Ty starts round 5 a bit more aggressive, and a bit more tactical.  Throwing jabs, forcing Louisa to move her head.  Louisa sees small gaps in Ty's defense and lands 2 quick jabs for each 1 Ty throws.  The shots sting, and Ty switches and throws a couple body shots out of frustration, which Louisa, who's conditioning is nothing to sneeze at, absorbed with her rock hard abs.  The blows bounced off but backed up Louisa forcing her to grunt, as Louisa returned a few body shots and added a couple of blows to Ty's chin.  Ty's abs flexed in anticipation of the blows, Louisa saw it in slow motion almost, the cuts in Ty's abs deepen as the bricks of her abs jumpout what looks like almost a inch!  It felt like she was hitting the tread of a truck tire, amazing how those blows just bounce off Ty even at this stage.  She landed a couple more shots to Ty's chin as her defense is a bit sloppier.  Ty tries a straight right counter, which Louisa ducks, and stays with the plan, 2 (seemingly useless) blows to Ty's abs followed by a rabid uppercut, that had Ty seeing stars, staggering back and leaning on the ropes...

Ding... round 5 ends

Louisa: 'Tried to warn you.'
Side kick to the abs, just bending Ty a little bit...roundhouse kick to the jaw put Ty out.
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Tanya after weeks of training with Louisa
Dec 09, 2017 - permalink
Great story thanks for sharing.Some abs punching in training would be great as well.Thanks again.

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