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Mixed Wrestling with my muscle and jiu-jitsu Wife updated !!!

Aug 25, 2012 - permalink
This story is 100% true, i just want to share my experience with other muscle lovers as i am a very lucky guy !!! !!!

When we first met i had no idea that she had muscle and did jiu-jitsu, as she had a hoody and jeans on so i could not see her body apart from i knew she had impressive shape in her tight jeans. it was only when i arrived at hers for our first date and she was brushing her hair that i noticed a bicep popping out her tight sleeve, i thought i was imaging things, but didn't say anything at the time.
it all really started when later that night i put my arms around her from behind and she started  carrying me up the stairs on her back, i knew then she had strength but then for some reason when we got on the bed she got on top of me and pinned my wrists hard down to the bed and laughed as i was completely stuck. This has always been my fantasy but because the relationship was new it had never been discussed, but she obviously enjoyed it by the grin on her face. Then whenever we were together i would start interlocking fingers to test her strength and she would be smiling as i tried to bend hers back playfully yet it was her with the big grin when i could not move her with all my strength, and i train and lift weights, yet she was bending my fingers back to the point i had to tell her to stop and she would laugh and say i could never beat her in a cocky voice.

As time went by we started to playfight and it was amazing as i couldnt get out of her holds as she pinned me in one hold after another. I tried to tease her on the phone by saying i would beat her when we next met but it only made her tease me more after making me tap out more and more. i was shocked by her speed and skill, as she moved me from one hold to the next.

She would also give me double bicep poses and had a proud look on her face as i put my hands around her amazing peaks then try and squeeze her rockhard forearm in disbelief at the strength in it. Then i would go behind her and still cant believe the definition and size of her back and shoulders but loved every minute when i got to offer her a massage and rub baby oil in them.
Even though i knew she was strong I was still in denial as she is only 5'3 and female and believed i was just letting her win because i enjoyed it so one night on the phone i told her i hadn't been trying my hardest and i had been hitting the gym hard so i suggested we cleared spare room out and have a proper wrestle to decide who was the best. To this she laughed again and told me i had no-chance.

I arrived at hers the next night and we began, well instantly she flipped me over and had me in a headlock on the floor before i even had time to think. Well i tried my hardest to get out but could not move her vice like grip around my head. Then she managed to get me from one hold to another without me even getting on my knees again and each time she would make me tap with armbars, headlocks, grapevine, headscissors etc but just release the pressure and keep me there but all the time commentating and laughing that i was stuck again.
She then spun behind me and got me in a sleeper hold for nearly 20 minutes but only applying the knockout pressure every so often, yet whilst i was held i couldnt get my fingers under her rock hard forearms as she laughed and teased me for being trapped. I swear she could of knocked me out at any giving moment but she was enjoying watching me struggle to much and it was definately turning her on.

 It didnt help my case that she had massive muscles and was a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. But hey if your reading this you probably enjoy it like me so i guess im lucky.

The only problem is i would like to start jiu-jitsu with her to get somewhere near her skill for when we wrestled but i know she would pin me down in front of the full class and laugh at my helpless struggle, she can even pin male black belts down who have also commented on her strength for a girl, and as iv'e found out i'm no problem for her.

She even pinned me down on a busy beach when we were on holiday and laughed as i struggled but because she knew i was embarrassed she kept squeezing so tight and would not let me go until i had to beg her to release me as people were watching and probably laughing.

Please Comment if you like it and tell me what you think !!!
Aug 27, 2012 - permalink
You my friend, are living a fantasy. How long have to two been together??
Aug 27, 2012 - permalink
Yes i am living a fantasy, we have been together over 4 years and i still cannot make her tap out, even if i think i've got her in a hold, which is very rarely, it will be very brief as she manages to break free then somehow i'm the one who finds myself pinned, trapped and helpless. She is only 5"3 and obviously fast and skilful through jiu-jitsu, which would probably be enough to beat me, but she is also so damn strong that when you combine the two it gives me no chance.
Apr 04, 2020 - permalink
Well what can I say ..... I thought for a second .....has someone been looking through my windo This is very similar yo me and my partner and never came across anyone like it .... you uo for sharing in more detail ??
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