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Amazon Lesbian Fun

Feb 10, 2012 - permalink
The other day, my puny 8 stone hubby & I were invited to a ‘family’ function. I was bored out of my tits whilst there. It was an occasion which required dressing. I wore a lacy bra & knickers in cream, which made my chest look big & firm. My outfit was a tight low cut dress in blue, which went down to my knees. I had matching tight trousers on, together with matching blue high heels & an anklet. I did my hair up, so my neck & cleavage were visible. There is no big muscle talent in his family.
On our way home, we were behind a shiny black pick-up type car. My hubby was driving pretty close to it. I said to him a few times, aren’t you a bit close to the car in front, when all of a sudden the pick-up braked & we crashed into it. I said to my hubby you idiot, why were you so close. Anyhow, the pick-up pulled up beside the road & we pulled up behind it. The driver got out to look at the damage.
Firstly, the driver was a woman & she was huge, well over 6 ft. As she walked towards our car, I noticed she was well built. I noticed my hubby staring at her, as he got out of the car. As he stood next to her, he was in line with her chest & wow was it big. This woman was an AMAZON!
She was wearing a fitting see through t-shirt & tight leggings. You could see her bra through the t-shirt & she had big boobs & big pecs. Her arms were big & her biceps were muscular. Her arms were relaxed & you could see she had muscle. Her upper body was bulging out of her t-shirt. She had a fairly wide back, & her legs were huge, like tree trunks. Overall she was huge, bigger than most women & men. We had driven into the back of a BODYBUILDER. With the size difference, she would be able to lift my hubby, with no problem. After a few minutes, my hubby came back to the car & said nervously that I have given my insurance details, but she doesn’t have hers, so she will drop them off.
I said to my hubby did you see the size of her. He said that she was on her way home from the gym, so I guess she has been working out! I said to him that it’s a good job you had your paperwork, otherwise she would’ve ripped you apart, I mean looks like she is a bodybuilder!
The 2 of us were no match for this AMAZON. I myself am 4ft 8” & a 32DD & like to look after myself, as I work out regularly. My hubby is a puny & boring 8 stone weakling. Sometimes when at the gym, I have seen female bodybuilders working out, but none as big as her. I do fantasise about musclemen, as they do turn me on & I do find musclewomen attractive, but I have not been with one yet.
We arrived home; my hubby changed & went to work. I was still in my smart clothes, when there was a knock on the door. I opened it & this AMAZON of a woman was stood on the other side. It was her. She was HUGE. Although I was stood higher than her, she was still taller than me.
I invited her in & we sat down. She apologised for not having her insurance details with her earlier, as she was on her way home from the gym when we collided. I asked her do you go often, to which she replied around 4 times a week. I said wow that is commitment. She said to maintain a physique like mine, I have to go regularly. I offered her a drink & she said water will be fine. She gulped a full glass in one go. She carried on to say that today she had been working on her upper body. I asked her which parts. She replied shoulders, arms, chest & back. As I was sat next to her, you could tell that she was blown up. I said do you normally wear a t-shirt as tight as this, to which she said no, but today I think I may have overdone it. I said well your body looks big & defined & is bulging through your t-shirt & your arms look massive. She asked me to feel her arms. I said are you sure, as I’ve never felt the arms of a female bodybuilder? She said I don’t mind, and then did a bicep pose. Her bicep was huge & hard as a rock & must have been around 17-18”. She then stood up & did a double bicep pose with both her arms. My god, her arms & biceps were huge, I mean she was enormous. I had to reach up to feel them as she was very tall. I thought her muscular body was going to rip her t-shirt, it was so big.
She then took off her t-shirt to reveal her body. It was massive & muscular. I had never seen a body as big as this on a woman. Her arms & shoulders were like rocks & her chest/pecs were huge. She had a sexy sturdy bra on which looked nice. Her chest was 3 times if not more larger than mine & she was wide as a doorway. This AMAZON was sexy & huge. I didn’t know what to do.
We both sat down & she asked if I went to the gym, to which I said that I work out at home. Then I said that a ‘friend’ was opening one up a gym locally, so I might go there. She said I’ve also heard, I might try it when it opens. She said you have achieved a good figure by working out at home. I said thank you. I carried on to say that I only work out to keep my figure in trim & not to bulk up like you. She asked don’t you like muscular women. I said I prefer big muscular men, but after seeing you I might also like muscular women. I couldn’t stop looking at her body, as it was huge & it was turning me on. All sorts of thoughts were going through my mind, as you can imagine. She could easily do a lift & carry to me, without any problems. She asked do you like me. I said I might do. Then she asked if you like bodybuilders, how come you are with that weakling. I said it’s a long story, but I am married to him. She said that is a shame.
Her big muscular body was turning me on & I noticed her checking me out too. Not long ago (as in Gym Muscle (1), I had an amazing time with a male bodybuilder Arnie, but now I was curious as to how it would feel to spend some time with a female bodybuilder, in some lesbian fun, but would this AMAZON be up for it. 
As an excuse to feel & touch more of her amazing & muscular body, I suggested to her do you want me to give you a massage, as your upper body seems tense from your workout. She said yes, I would love one. She then said that you have a nice outfit on, but I can tell you have a great figure. Can I have a look? I said ok, that is fine. I couldn’t believe that she politely asked me to take my dress off, I mean being the size that she was, she could have quite easily ripped my dress off. I don’t think I would have been able to stop her, if she decided to help herself.
She undid my zip for me & I took my dress off. She then asked me to take my trousers off & she took off her tight leggings. There we both were stood in our underwear, with me in my heels. She said you have a lovely tight figure, like the girls who compete in figure contests. I was quite pleased with her compliments & said thanks. She carried on saying why don’t you compete in a contest because I am sure you would do well. I couldn’t believe I had achieved a great figure. Anyhow, she laid on the sofa, on her front. Her immense muscular body covered up the whole sofa. I started to massage her neck & shoulders. Then slowly, I went on to do her back. It was huge, solid & wide. She said that you have nice soft hands & I am really enjoying it.
After a short while, she sat up & I started to do her shoulders & arms. God, they were hard as rocks & very wide. She then asked me to do her front, so I went round. As I started to do her shoulders, my boobs were in her face. She sunk her face into my boobs & slowly kissed & licked them which felt really nice. She was enjoying this & so was I. I could not believe that this AMAZON of muscle had taken a shine to me & was being gentle. I then went lower down & started to massage her chest/pecs. What can I say, except that they were huge, nearly the same size as Arnie’s were? She had a great set of pecs, which were hard & huge. She asked me to punch them, to which I said are you sure & she nodded. I punched them with my fist, but she didn’t even blink. She then asked me to punch them with both my hands together. Her pecs were so hard that she didn’t feel a thing. I was not causing any pain to her. I couldn’t believe a woman’s pecs could be as hard as this. I bet if me & her were in a fight, she could quite easily beat me with one arm tied behind her back & even blindfolded. In fact, I have never seen a woman as big, muscular, wide & strong as this AMAZON.
Without thinking, I went to her face & kissed her. She moved back a bit. I couldn’t believe what I had done. She smiled at me, at which point I thought what is this AMAZON going to do to me. What if she doesn’t like women coming on to her, what if she rips me apart, she is so much bigger than me! I quickly went to the sink to get myself a glass of water. As I was running the tap, this AMAZON came up behind me. I thought oh no, what is she going to do to me.
She put her hands on my waist. I thought what if she me squeezes me! Instead, she gently caressed my waist and then slowly she brought her hands upwards to my front & gently began to caress my boobs in a circular motion. Ooh, it felt really nice. I hadn’t felt this excitement in a very long while. Whilst doing this, she started to rub her big chest against my back. It was like being rubbed by a wall. That is how hard her muscular body felt. I was relieved at the fact that she was ok about me. I thought to myself that I am not going to waste this opportunity of being with a female bodybuilder.
She then leant over & started to kiss my neck & then she started to kiss me on my lips from behind. Her muscular body was tightly rubbing against my back & it felt wonderful. This AMAZON was being so gentle. Whilst kissing, she lifted me with ease & turned me round, so we were facing each other. I placed my arms around her neck & she pulled me closer to her & we both started to kiss each other, wildly. She started to squeeze me as we were kissing. I don’t think she realised her own strength. Several times she squeezed me too hard & made me scream & I had to tell her to ease of otherwise she would have crushed me! We kissed for quite a while.
Afterwhich, she carried me back to the sofa & put me down. She took her bra off & revealed her boobs. They were huge, firm & hard. I started to feel & fondle them. It was a great feeling. I was getting really turned on. She then reached for my bra & literally pulled it off. She began to fondle my boobs with her big hands. She was gently squeezing, caressing & stroking my boobs & I was doing the same to hers. We were both enjoying this.
She picked me up & we started to kiss each other again. As we kissed, my hands were all over her hard muscular body. Her whole body was covered in muscle. She was gently squeezing my buttocks whilst kissing which was really turning me on. Also whilst kissing, she was squeezing my body close to hers & our boobs were squashed together. At times I tried to push her off me, as it was getting too much, but it was no use. As much as I was enjoying it, I was no match for this AMAZON. I was like a twig compared to her. Several times, I took my mouth away from hers, to reach for some air, but it was no use as she pulled me back. The both of us were moaning & groaning & at times I was also screaming, with pain & pleasure; pain when she accidently/purposely squeezed me too hard. I am sure she wanted to dominate me, but with her size & build she was anyway.
She then put me down & asked me do you want to worship my muscle, to which I nodded yes. She turned round & did a pose of her back. From her waist, it formed a v-shape. It was wide & huge. As I felt it, what can I say except that it was solid, like a big slab of beef. I squeezed & pinched her back, but she didn’t feel a thing. She relaxed & turned back round. She did a double bicep pose. Her arms looked big & hard. As she was so tall, I stood on the sofa & reached to feel her biceps. Again her biceps like her back were huge & hard. I would say that her biceps were bigger than my waist & 10 times as hard. I just couldn’t pinch them as they were pure muscle. This AMAZON relaxed & put her hands on her waist & did a pose of her muscular traps, chest & pecs. What can I say, except that again they were huge? I firstly felt her abs. as I stroked & felt them, they were solid. Then I went up to her boobs. As before, they were huge & hard. As I caressed them, this AMAZON started to groan, as she enjoyed it. As for her pecs, they were unbelievably hard, nearly as hard as Arnie’s were, but not as big. I mean this AMAZON was one big woman, with hard female muscles.
She then said that I want to feel your body. I jokingly replied that you do know that I am nowhere near muscular as you. She said I know, but I find your body irresistible & your figure really sexy. She then came towards me & started to feel & play with my boobs. She gently caressed & squeezed them, before lifting me up & shoving her head into my tits & squashing them. This feeling was nice.
Feb 10, 2012 - permalink
She then threw me onto the sofa. Her huge topless muscular body came towards me & started to feel & stroke my thighs. She then lifted my knickers from my pussy & started to kiss it. It felt wonderful. I was cumin erratically. The more she licked & kissed me, the more I came. She then started to kiss me on my stomach & worked her way onto my big boobs. She started to juggle them about, before starting to kiss & suck them, whilst at the same time squeezing them. I loved what she was doing to them, when suddenly she squeezed them hard. I screamed & told her to ease off, but she wouldn’t as she was enjoying herself. She eased slightly and then said that I want to milk your tits, as they look so suck able. I thought either she is going to ‘milk’ my tits dry or she is going to bust one. The strength she was showing was immense. Also, parts of her big muscular body were on top of my, so there was nowhere I could run. I had no choice but to let this AMAZON enjoy herself, as she was so much bigger & stronger than me. One part of me was in pain, but one part of me was enjoying this.     
After a while, she eased off my boobs & started to snog me. She was careful not to let her body rest on mine; otherwise she would have crushed me. As we kissed, I was feeling her chest & pecs & they felt huge & hard. She got off me & said let me lie down & you get on top me, I said ok. Casually, she picked me up & gave me a kiss & put me back down. She laid on the sofa & asked me to take off her knickers. As I took them off, was she wet down there or what. I think she had orgasm, just as much as me. I felt her tree trunk sized thighs & my god were they huge, bigger than my waist. I squeezed them & they were rock hard. There was some muscle on them. I then went to kiss & lick her pussy. I had never done this before. It was wet & soft. As I kissed & licked it, this AMAZON began to groan. She said more, gimme more & don’t stop. I carried on kissing & she was cuming in droves. I couldn’t believe a woman of this size could cum this much.
After a while I stopped & she gave one hell of a groan. I gently caressed & kissed her lean abs & went up to her boobs. Even as she was lying down, they were huge. I placed my hands on her boobs & started to squeeze & caress them. This AMAZON started to groan again, as she loved it & so did I. I then started to kiss & suck them. Whilst doing this, she was pushing my face into them. I thought I was going suffocate. I could feel the strength in her hands at the back of my head. It was too much. I persuaded her to ease off, which she did.
As I came up for a breather, she kissed me & said sorry, but you are really turning me on & I can’t get enough of you. I said to her don’t worry, we won’t be disturbed, so relax & let’s enjoy ourselves. As you are massively bigger than me, be gentle with me, as at times you are forgetting your own strength. She said ok, I’ll try & be more careful. Then she asked you sure your hubby won’t be back. I said no he has gone to work, but what can he do if he did walk in. You can easily take care of him. She blushed & said that don’t you care about him, to which I replied in all the years I have been with him, I have never had this much fun.
All this time, I was lying on top of her muscular body & it felt good. I went back to kiss & suck her boobs. Whilst sucking, I accidently bit them, but this AMAZON either didn’t feel it or just enjoyed it, as she didn’t say or do anything. I worked myself up to her pecs. They were unbelievably solid, hard & big. I kissed & licked them. It felt great. I then started to kiss her on her neck. By now, my boobs were squashed against hers & it felt very nice.
All of a sudden, this AMAZON stood up, grabbed me & started to snog me. She then turned me upside down into a ‘69’ position. She reached for my knickers & literally ripped them off. I put my knees on her shoulders, while she held me around my waist & we both started to kiss each other’s pussy. I was cuming like a waterfall as she licked & kissed mine & she was also cuming as I kissed her’s. This feeling was absolutely awesome. We were in this position for quite a while. I was being hurled about by this mighty bodybuilder, but at the same time I loved it. This AMAZON was not purposely hurting me, not that I could do anything to stop her. 
She turned me back round & I wrapped my legs around her waist & we started to snog each other again, including tongues. We were like a couple of lesbians. As we snogged, my hands were all over her muscular body. I was feeling, squeezing & caressing any part of her body I could get my hands on. She was bouncing me up & down with her huge muscular hands & arms. I was no effort for her as she tossed me around. In fact I had to tell her several times to ease off, as she was getting carried away.
Whilst she carried me, she went onto the sofa & lied down with me on top of her. She gently pulled me up & made me sit on her face & she started to lick & kiss my pussy. Ooh, I couldn’t stop cuming. I was bouncing up & down & so were my big tits, when she suddenly reached up to grab them. She began to squeeze & caress them & at times I gave loud screams when she squeezed them too hard. She was handling them like she would handle the weights in the gym. The feeling was wonderful as I came all over her mouth & face. Like me, she was also enjoying it. I wanted this moment to last forever. 
Eventually, we eased off each other to have a breather. I had cum all over her face & I was still wet. I could see that this AMAZON had cum in gallons, as it was all over the sofa. She sat up & I sat in her lap. I asked her how she was feeling & like me she felt wonderful. I was tired by now, with all the fun & excitement. I couldn’t believe how I had managed to keep up with this huge & muscular AMAZON of a woman.  As we talked, she gently caressed & fondled my boobs. She said to me, lets’ go again to which I replied I don’t think I have any energy left in me. All of a sudden she started to snog me. Whilst snogging, I thought what if she doesn’t take no for an answer, what will I do. As much as I wanted to go it again, I was knackered. On the other hand, I’m sure she could go again being the size that she was, nothing would be difficult for her, but I was a lot smaller than her. Luckily she eased off.   
I couldn’t believe that I had spent an intimate sexual moment with a huge female bodybuilder & enjoyed every moment of it. I think this AMAZON of muscle was also feeling the same. As she was getting dressed, she apologised for ripping my bra & knickers. I said don’t worry about it, I can buy some more. I then asked her, can I see you again, she replied of course. Then I said, can we do this again, to which she replied definitely, but why don’t we make it a bit exciting next time, to which I asked how do you mean. Well she said how about I bring a big black strap-on, or better still a big black muscular bodybuilder. I said maybe, but who do you have in mind. She said I have a friend called Henry, who is opening a gym locally with his friend Arnie, he may oblige to come! I said isn’t Arnie a bodybuilder, as he recently came here looking to sign up members. I remember he was huge. She said if you thought Arnie was huge, you should see Henry. I asked what you mean. She said Henry is enormous; he is built like a truck, pure muscle & lots of it. He has competed in bodybuilding contests, in the super heavyweight class. He is one big black bodybuilder, not to be messed with. So you are saying that Henry is bigger than Arnie? To this she replied definitely yes.
Wow I thought, I wouldn’t mind checking him out, but if he is bigger than Arnie, how will I handle him, I mean he will rip me apart or worse still crush me. But still I want to see him; just the sheer size of him is turning me on. I love big muscular guys; I wish I could be with one all the time, instead of being with an 8 stone puny weakling.
Anyhow, I said to this AMAZON that it will be fun being sandwiched between 2 muscular bodybuilders, but you will have to be careful you don’t squash me, as you 2 will be much stronger & heavier than me. The AMAZON said don’t worry as I will take good take care of you, wouldn’t want you to get hurt now would we.
I shall post the threesome soon!
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Oh man that's hot.  :o
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