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my best experience of muscle....

Jun 13, 2010 - permalink
Hi guys. I must tell you the first part of a great encounter with a strong girl...

I was contacted by a girl some years ago that I hadn´t met since high school. The last encounters with this girl that I remembered was that she always loved to win over me in every thing. I mean, she really enjoyed winning and continued to challenge me in all different events from sports to games. We can add to this that she had never lost to any guy her age in armwrestling for example. I remember challenging her on evening when we were alone and she sure did defeat me good with both right and left. And I was kind of known to be one of the stronger guys in school. I had already at that time developed a fetish for strong girls and this was the first real encounter with me really getting beaten by this girl! And she celebrated her victory soundly and cheerfully. I begged her to keep it a secret and she teased me all high school about it but never told anyone else. I remembered that night waking up several times in sweat and high pulse thinking about the loss. And of course I had to satisfy myself several times that night....

So this was the experience I had and then one evening about 15 years later she called me up. We talked several times and finally I gathered some courage to tell her about my fetish. And she was resentful because she had a crush on me and told that she would had gladly dominated me both with sexual roleplaying and especially through her physical superiority... And then from there on I woke her interrest about heavy weight training. She was quite over weight att that time, and this would give her exactly the motivation to start training hard.

After a couple of months she called me and I was ofcourse thinking that she didn´t make it but she gave me some rather impressive stats about her fat loss and strength gains at the gym!! So we started to keep in touch daily and challenging each other in different gym excersizes.. And her number kept on closing rapidly and some of them actually exceeded mine!! I hadn´t even met her all this time as we kept on updating our stats..

We started to develop sexual fantasies together through the net and all of them included strength comparisons and also developed to heavy s/m-material! I told her that it was a huge fantasy for me to be dominated and she naturally started to like it too.. and after a while she was obsessed with the thought of dominating me sexually and physically!!! She was almost harrassing me with her updates and her stats at the gym were getting scary!! And all this took place in just 9 months!!

But then one night we finally met after she had been out dancing at a club and she talked me over to meet her. I was a bit anxious I remember. I had planned for an easy night at home with good food and a film, but I found myself desperately pouring a couple of steady drinks trying to get a bit relaxed before she came. After just 20minutes I heard the door bell and I opened the door.....

I got a huge shock!! There she stood in her "clubbing attire" that was actually exactly my dream dominatrix outfit on! High boots, leather thights, leather top, long leather gloves and a short leather jacket on!! She noticed my reaction and just stepped inside my appartment and walked straight in to the living room and sat herself down in the couch. She looked great and really buff!! I tried to make small talk but it all ended when she suddenly asked "wanna armwrestle?".. I said ok, with a stammering voice and then we sat down by the table. It felt like she could read my mind easily after our many sexstories we had shared the 9 months we had had talked.. As soon as we sat down, she said "Finally I can beat you once more and show You who is boss!". I locked hands with her leatherclad hand and she took command and stated right away "No cheating and no half-hearted attemts now! I wanna really know who is stronger and how much!". I said ok and then she counted down 1,2,3!!! and I started to add quite a pressure but her arm didn´t go too far down, because she stopped her arm right away and laughed a bit. She said "I wanna enjoy this moment for a while, so I will not add full pressure just yet! First I wanna feel how much You got! So come on, give me all you have!". And I applied full pressure, but she held her position!! In this moment she lifted up her booted foot against my groin and started to massage in a up and down-motion and at the same time adding more pressure and inch by inch pressing my arm closer down to he table. It was as frustrating as it gets, wanting to win over her and at the same time hoping her to win! And she pumped my groin even harder and at the same time pressing my arm harder and then my arm was down!! She had won!! "I knew I would win easily once more and I will do the same with my left arm too!", she stated with confidence. And that match went even easier for her. And jus before she would apply full pressure she did the same thing, pumping with her boot against my groin and banged my arm against the table!!

Then she stood up and made me stand up too and pressed me against the wall, face against the wall, like she was about to frisk me. She was extremely aroused as I was too. I could hear her heavy breathing and suddenly she started rub herself against me from behind... I was only standing in my underwear so I could actually feel her erect clitoris against my ass!!! And she continued rubbing against me almost as she was getting closer to a climax!!! I was totally blown away by this experience!!

But we didn´t do much more after that because she couldn´t stay longer.. So I walked her to the door and just as she was leaving I felt her biceps and muscular legs of steel and I don´t really know what flew into her as she just pushed me off balance and jumped quickly on top of me, but she didn´t want me on my back, but instead turned me over to my stomach. I didn´t try to resist too much, so I just wanted to go with the flow. I know that I had asked her about what she thought about the thought of raping a guy with a strap-on instead for a change. And she did first not react too much in the discussions about it but after a while she talked about it a lot and even had bought a couple of strap-ons for herself. And this was clearly a "dry" fantasy about "raping" me from behind, because she really started grinding against my ass harder and faster!! Her breathing became heavier and I could almost feel that she was really near climaxing of it!! But then all of a sudden she quit. She was already late so she had to leave. We said good bye and of course texted each other many times about the experience that night.....
Jun 13, 2010 - permalink
nice girl, nice story.
Are you still in contact with her?
Jun 13, 2010 - permalink
I do have some contact but we haven´t met in that way in a year sadly..
Jun 13, 2010 - permalink
I'm crying with you :'(
Jun 14, 2010 - permalink
And I do have some more x-rated info about some more encounters with her after that..
Sep 05, 2020 - permalink
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